Bands With Songs That Are Bands

Sometimes bands put out songs that share a name with another band. For instance, Big Audio Dynamite has a song called "Rush", and Rush is a band. What if Rush has a song that's another band? How far could we go with this? Wouldn't it be crazy if we had a chain like, 10 or 15 long?

So I decided to find out. I downloaded the Musicbrainz database, wrote a little Go code, and I was shocked to find, almost immediately, a path of length 7,582. And that only includes songs written in Latin script; with Cyrillic and Japanese I was seeing paths longer than 9,000!

Finding the absolute longest path is NP-complete (aka, really hard), so to find this path I used a simple "random restarts" heuristic. There could easily be longer ones out there, but for now I'm satisfied.

Here's the path I found:

Javi Garcia & Cold Cold Groundhas a song calledBlack Tambourine
Black Tambourinehas a song calledDrown
Drownhas a song calledReflection
has a song called
Waterhas a song calledMy Computer
My Computerhas a song calledLife
Lifehas a song calledOne of Us
OneOfUshas a song calledUniversal
Universalhas a song calledAltitude
Altitudehas a song calledFramework
Frameworkhas a song calledSehnsucht
Sehnsuchthas a song calledTen
Tenhas a song calledThe Phantom
The Phantomhas a song calledCeremony
Ceremonyhas a song calledHotel
Hotelhas a song calledGorgon
Gorgonhas a song calledThe Union
The Unionhas a song calledSaviour
Saviourhas a song calledStrength
Strengthhas a song calledWilderness
Wildernesshas a song calledEmergency
Emergencyhas a song calledJeremiah
Jeremiahhas a song calledHush
Hushhas a song calledMaria
MARIAhas a song calledBreak out
Breakouthas a song calledZa siódmą górą
Za siódmą górąhas a song calledAngel
Angelhas a song calledTower
Towerhas a song calledSilent Scream
Silent Screamhas a song calledSelection
Selectionhas a song calledIntro
Introhas a song calledCome Inside
Come Insidehas a song calledJinx
Jinxhas a song calledBrazil
Brazilhas a song calledIo
iOhas a song calledAttention
Attentionhas a song calledLovesong
Love Songhas a song calledChanges
Changeshas a song calledLegends
Legendshas a song calledRagnarok
Ragnarokhas a song calledFire In The Sky
Fire in the Skyhas a song calledFree to Live
Liar Symphonyhas a song calledRevolution
Revolutionhas a song calledDreams
Dreamshas a song calledCalico
Calicohas a song calledThe Elysian Fields
The Elysian Fieldshas a song calledAs One
As Onehas a song calledSparkle
Sparklehas a song calledShackles
Shackleshas a song calledBehemoth
Behemothhas a song calledDemigod
Demigodhas a song calledCrimson Tears
Crimson Tearshas a song calledAurora
Aurorahas a song calledBeloved
Belovedhas a song calledAllure
Allurehas a song calledNo Question
No Questionhas a song calledI Know
I Knowhas a song calledNew Atlantic
New Atlantichas a song calledHolidays
Holidayshas a song calledMidnight
Midnighthas a song calledDeath Sentence
Death Sentencehas a song calledThe Last
The Lasthas a song calledNo Love
No Lovehas a song calledDisconnected
Disconnectedhas a song calledLeft for Dead
Left for Deadhas a song calledDirt
Dirthas a song calledEssence
Essencehas a song calledDark Angel
Dark Angelhas a song calledWorms
Wormshas a song calledBurn
Burnhas a song calledDecay
Decayhas a song calledRespect
Respecthas a song calledGhostdance
Ghost Dancehas a song calledCelebrate
Celebratehas a song calledFreiheit
Freiheithas a song calledDiana
Dianahas a song calledBorn Again
Born Againhas a song calledSand Castle
Sandcastlehas a song calledNorway
Norwayhas a song calledSurrender
Surrenderhas a song calledCarrie
Carriehas a song calledEco
Ecohas a song calledOmega
Omegahas a song calledMetamorphosis
Metamorphosishas a song calledThe Birth
The Birthhas a song calledScience
Sciencehas a song calledMasquerade
Masqueradehas a song calledFaith
Faithhas a song calledSlowly
Slowlyhas a song calledMing
Minghas a song calledRed
Redhas a song calledNever Be the Same
Never Be the Samehas a song calledJens
Jenshas a song calledThe Choice
The Choicehas a song calledAlex
Alexhas a song calledSiempre
Siemprehas a song calledRose
Rosehas a song calledCiao bella
Ciao Bellahas a song calledIn
Inhas a song calledBlops
Blopshas a song calledLocomotora
Locomotorahas a song calledFranz Kafka
Franz Kafkahas a song calledPoseidon
Poseidonhas a song calledDesolate
Desolatehas a song calledPain
Painhas a song calledMonster
Monsterhas a song calledCharlatan
Charlatanhas a song calledWild West
Wild Westhas a song calledCitric
Citrichas a song calledVision
Visionhas a song calledOld Man
Old Manhas a song calledSouthside
Southsidehas a song calledSuicide
Suicidehas a song calledCadillac
Cadillachas a song calledValentino
Valentinohas a song calledFlying
Flyinghas a song calledReborn
Rebornhas a song calledBreak
Breakhas a song calledFood for Thought
Food for Thoughthas a song calledInnocent Exile
Innocent Exilehas a song calledStrange World
Strange Worldhas a song calledCrystal Rain
Crystal Rainhas a song calledHey Ma Ma
Hey Mamahas a song calledCold Cold Ground
Cold Cold Groundhas a song calledLamb
Lambhas a song calledB-Line
B-Linehas a song calledCast
Casthas a song calledSnail
Snailhas a song calledCommitted
Committedhas a song calledThis Love
This Lovehas a song calledThe Beginning
The Beginninghas a song calledSoul Revolution
Soul Revolutionhas a song calledOne More Time
One More Timehas a song calledHighland
Highlandhas a song calledAngelo
Angelohas a song calledNoise
Noisehas a song calledRudolf
Rudolfhas a song calledStalker
Stalkerhas a song calledHelium
Heliumhas a song calledSuperball
Superballhas a song calledMonkey
Monkeyhas a song calledTrain Wreck
Trainwreckhas a song calledHome Sweet Home
Home Sweet Homehas a song calledJerusalem
Jerusalemhas a song calledFrustration
Frustrationhas a song calledBlind
Blindhas a song calledLittle Sister
Little Sisterhas a song calledGreen House
Greenhousehas a song calledGeordie
Geordiehas a song calledNo Sweat
No Sweathas a song calledGeneration
Generationhas a song calledHunger
Hungerhas a song calledWorkshop
Workshophas a song calledPiper
Piperhas a song calledThe Road
The Roadhas a song calledPois
Poishas a song calledEther
Etherhas a song calledCrystal Rock
Crystal Rockhas a song calledLiza
Lizahas a song calledHallelujah
Hallelujahhas a song calledFriend
Friendhas a song calledCrank
Crankhas a song calledWithin
Withinhas a song calledAdoration
Adorationhas a song calledFade Away
Fadeawayhas a song calledDrift
Drifthas a song calledInfusion
Infusionhas a song calledDead Souls
Dead Soulshas a song calledStars
Starshas a song calledHeart
Hearthas a song calledAlone
Alonehas a song calledFlat Earth Society
Flat Earth Societyhas a song calledTrap
Traphas a song calledCrimson Moon
Crimson Moonhas a song calledCarpe Noctem
Carpe Noctemhas a song calledArs Moriendi
Ars Moriendihas a song calledBreathless
Breathlesshas a song calledAnoxia
Anoxiahas a song calledShortcut
Shortcuthas a song calledNouvelle
Nouvellehas a song calledBewitched
Bewitchedhas a song calledBlade of the Ripper
Blade of the Ripperhas a song calledRevenge
Revengehas a song calledState of Shock
State of Shockhas a song calledLast Call
Last Callhas a song calledBlue in the Face
Blueinthefacehas a song calledForbidden
Forbiddenhas a song calledFocus
Focushas a song calledBrother
Brotherhas a song calledFalling
Fallinghas a song calledNorthern Light
Northern Lighthas a song calledThe Pain
The Painhas a song calledAmbulance
Ambulancehas a song calledEvelyn
Evelynhas a song calledSmoke & Mirrors
Smoke & Mirrorshas a song calledOcean
Oceanhas a song calledPaw
Pawhas a song calledTexas
Texashas a song calledGirl
Girlhas a song called19
19has a song calledcorona
Coronahas a song calledBaby baby
Baby Babyhas a song calledFire
Firehas a song calledFlames
Flameshas a song calledBeloved Dead
Beloved Deadhas a song calledTwist of Fate
Twist of Fatehas a song calledTime after time
Time After Timehas a song calledBabylon
BABYLONhas a song calledGush
Gushhas a song calledNo Way
No Wayhas a song calledJeopardy
Jeopardyhas a song calledHead
Headhas a song calledAmerican Classic
American Classichas a song calledAge of Reason
Age of Reasonhas a song calledMagnet
Magnethas a song calledNemesis
Nemesishas a song calledSonar
Sonarhas a song calledCosmic Rays
Cosmic Rayshas a song calledSummertime
Summertimehas a song calledElegy
Elegyhas a song calledKilling Time
Killing Timehas a song calledBrightside
Brightsidehas a song calledOutbreak
Outbreakhas a song calledSquare One
Square Onehas a song calledLa La
Lalahas a song calledJohnny
Johnnyhas a song calledSweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Georgia Brownhas a song calledBlack Cat Bone
Black Cat Bonehas a song calledWake Up Call
Wake Up Callhas a song calledJohn Mayall
John Mayallhas a song calledCounting the Days
Counting the Dayshas a song calledFlatline
Flatlinehas a song calledLove
Lovehas a song called7 and 7 Is
7 and 7 ishas a song calledBackstab
Backstabhas a song calledEl tiempo
El Tiempohas a song calledNada
Nadahas a song calledSom
SOMhas a song calledSun Set
Sunsethas a song calledMoonlight
Moonlighthas a song calledCircus
Circushas a song calledAmsterdam
Amsterdamhas a song calledLonely Boy
Lonely Boyhas a song calledBetween the Lines
Between the Lineshas a song calledBroken hearted
Broken Heartedhas a song calledClose Your Eyes
Close Your Eyeshas a song calledWolves
Wolveshas a song called13
13has a song calledHollow
Hollowhas a song calledRain
Rainhas a song calledDragonfly
Dragonflyhas a song calledAngel Dust
Angeldusthas a song calledFear
Fearhas a song calledHey
Heyhas a song calledVanitas
Vanitashas a song calledDaimonion
Daimonionhas a song calledWiatr
Wiatrhas a song calledIII
IIIhas a song calledUnited Forces
United Forceshas a song calledHeaven & Hell
Heaven & Hellhas a song calledI
Ihas a song calledWarrior
Warriorhas a song calledRuler
Rulerhas a song calledMayday
May Dayhas a song calledKinder
Kinderhas a song calledAbsorber
Absorberhas a song calledDestiny
Destinyhas a song calledSacrilege
Sacrilegehas a song calledCrucified
Crucifiedhas a song calledProblem Child
Problem Childhas a song calledNuclear Device
Nuclear Devicehas a song calledDesperados
Desperadoshas a song calledMolly
Mollyhas a song calledTroll
Trollhas a song calledArmy
Armyhas a song calledArise
Arisehas a song calledDead Silence
Dead Silencehas a song calledSally
Sallyhas a song calledOut of control
Out of Controlhas a song calledLie
Liehas a song calledPanic
Panichas a song calledLighthouse
Lighthousehas a song calledLoaded
Loadedhas a song calledCriminal
Criminalhas a song calledPsychopath
Psychopathhas a song calledPhysics
Physicshas a song calledDark Age
Dark Agehas a song calledThe Great Escape
The Great Escapehas a song calledWork
Workhas a song calledChocolate
Chocolatehas a song calledCalavera
Calaverahas a song calledWinter
Winterhas a song calledThe Fall
The Fallhas a song calledReturn
Returnhas a song calledTonight
Tonighthas a song calledNebula
Nebulahas a song calledOrbit
Orbithas a song calledRising Sun
Rising Sunhas a song calledHaze
Hazehas a song calledMirage
Miragehas a song calledTime Machine
Time Machinehas a song calledNight Lights
Nightlightshas a song calledFoxhole
Foxholehas a song calledAt Right Angles
At Right Angleshas a song calledHere Comes Everybody
Here Comes Everybodyhas a song calledSuburbia
Suburbiahas a song calledAlways
Alwayshas a song calledMetroland
Metrolandhas a song calledThe Passenger
The Passengerhas a song calledPlanet Earth
Planet Earthhas a song calledFinale
Finalehas a song calledBrother's Keeper
Brother's Keeperhas a song calledFacade
Facadehas a song calledThe Groove
The Groovehas a song calledDream On
Dreamonhas a song calledThe Beat
The Beathas a song calledDrowning
Drowninghas a song calledArson
Arsonhas a song calledThe Best
The Besthas a song calledTraci Lords
Traci Lordshas a song calledFly
Flyhas a song calledStrange
Strangehas a song calledJimi
Jimihas a song calledPostman Pat
Postman Pathas a song calledRobots
ROBOTShas a song calledJUMPING JACK
Jumping Jackhas a song calledBlow
Blowhas a song calledGo
Gohas a song calledBleed
Bleedhas a song calledLiar
Liarhas a song calledSoulreaper
Soulreaperhas a song calledFall From Grace
Fall From Gracehas a song calledGone
Gonehas a song calledParasite
Parasitehas a song calledAgony
Agonyhas a song calledFallen
Fallenhas a song calledQuiet
Quiethas a song calledMorphine
Morphinehas a song calledAnita
Anitahas a song calledFernando
Fernandohas a song calledDecadance
Decadancehas a song calledLatin Lover
Latin Loverhas a song calledDr. Love
Dr. Lovehas a song calledFirst Choice
First Choicehas a song calledBreakaway
Breakawayhas a song calledLamb of God
Lamb of Godhas a song calledRequiem
Requiemhas a song calledRevival
Revivalhas a song calledKing of Kings
King of Kingshas a song calledStone by Stone
Stone by Stonehas a song calledGhost
GHOSThas a song calledCANDY
Candyhas a song calledThe First Time
The First Timehas a song calledSundown
Sundownhas a song calledSilencer
Silencerhas a song calledFantasy
Fantasyhas a song calledVelocity
Velocityhas a song calledFuture
Futurehas a song calledParachute
Parachutehas a song calledThe Other Side
The Other Sidehas a song calledReflections
Reflectionshas a song calledAncient of Days
Ancient Of Dayshas a song calledInnocence
Innocencehas a song calledMatter of Fact
Matter of Facthas a song calledDestination
Destinationhas a song calledCrossover
Crossoverhas a song calledFarewell
Farewellhas a song calledManilla
Manillahas a song calledRaymond
Raymondhas a song calledNonsense
NONSENSEhas a song calledHighlander
Highlanderhas a song calledHomeland
Homelandhas a song calledPlaces
Placeshas a song calledSun
Sunhas a song calledEvolution
Evolutionhas a song calledAnnie
Anniehas a song calledSweet
Sweethas a song calledLaura Lee
Laura Leehas a song calledAt Last
At Lasthas a song calledDream
dreamhas a song calledJealousy
Jealousyhas a song calledStop
Stophas a song calledDiapason
Diapasonhas a song calledDay Dream
Daydreamhas a song calledMoonflower
Moonflowerhas a song calledMiracle
Miraclehas a song calledBounce
Bouncehas a song calledWhy
Whyhas a song calledForever
Foreverhas a song calledTumbleweed
Tumbleweedhas a song calledCarousel
Carouselhas a song calledMarika
Marikahas a song calledSelah
Selahhas a song calledJoy
Joyhas a song calledHello
Hellohas a song calledSlow Motion
Slow Motionhas a song calledJuvenile
Juvenilehas a song calledWhat's Happenin'
What's Happenin'has a song calledSunshine
Sunshinehas a song calledVenom
Venomhas a song calledPandemonium
Pandemoniumhas a song calledDestruction
Destructionhas a song calledCarnivore
Carnivorehas a song calledArmageddon
Armageddonhas a song calledGodforsaken
God Forsakenhas a song calledLoveless
Lovelesshas a song calledJabberwocky
Jabberwockyhas a song calledTwo of a Kind
Two of a Kindhas a song calledLittle by Little
little by littlehas a song calledLove & Peace
LOVE & PEACEhas a song calledDRIFTER
Drifterhas a song calledDust to Dust
Dust to Dusthas a song calledSubmission
Submissionhas a song calledLords of Chaos
Lords of Chaoshas a song calledMachine Head
Machine Headhas a song calledSpine
spinehas a song calledroots
Rootshas a song calledNight Train
Nighttrainhas a song calledElisabeth
Elisabethhas a song calledKitsch
Kitschhas a song calledFinal
Finalhas a song calledOpen Air
Open Airhas a song calledThe Creation
The Creationhas a song calledUnited
Unitedhas a song calledWalk on Water
Walk on Waterhas a song calledTime
Timehas a song calledEquality
Equalityhas a song calledLithium
Lithiumhas a song calledBlackout
Blackouthas a song calledRivals
RIVALShas a song calledWax
Waxhas a song calledMarie Claire
Marie Clairehas a song calledNitty Gritty
Nitty Grittyhas a song calledFalse Alarm
False Alarmhas a song calledHeavenly
Heavenlyhas a song calledEvil
Evilhas a song calledNight Drive
Night Drivehas a song calledDrones
Droneshas a song calledMother Tongue
Mother Tonguehas a song calledTides
Tideshas a song calledThe Invisible
The Invisiblehas a song calledThe Wall
The Wallhas a song calledUniforms
Uniformshas a song calledNote to Self
Note to Selfhas a song calledSimple
Simplehas a song calledFairy Tale
Fairy Talehas a song calledTheo
The Ohas a song calledTouch
Touchhas a song calledBlack Star
Blackstarhas a song calledNew Song
NewSonghas a song calledWelcome
Welcomehas a song calledSirs
Sirshas a song calledParading
Paradinghas a song calledRadio 5
Radio5has a song calledEverything
Everythinghas a song calledSmile
Smilehas a song calledBoys
Boyshas a song calledOne Way
One Wayhas a song calledPush
Pushhas a song calledEye to Eye
Eye To Eyehas a song calledWasted
Wastedhas a song calledVictims
Victimshas a song calledAnnette
Annettehas a song calledTall Paul
Tall Paulhas a song calledPeep Show
Peepshowhas a song calledDelirious
Delirioushas a song calledFrantic
Frantichas a song calledShe
shehas a song calledReality
Realityhas a song calledSoweto
Sowetohas a song calledHoney Ryder
Honey Ryderhas a song calledNever Say Never
Never Say Neverhas a song calledOut of Sight
Out of Sighthas a song calledHeadlights
Headlightshas a song calledLions
LIONShas a song calledMachine
Machinehas a song called3
3has a song calledIt's Alive
It's Alivehas a song calledSelfless
Selflesshas a song calledClarity
Clarityhas a song calledParallels
Parallelshas a song calledSalome
Salomehas a song calledThe Witness
The Witnesshas a song called11th Hour
11th Hourhas a song calledAwakening
Awakeninghas a song calledThe Answer
The Answerhas a song calledTornado
Tornadohas a song calledDiva
Divahas a song calledWolverine
Wolverinehas a song calledDusk
Duskhas a song calledMass Grave
Mass Gravehas a song calledBlack Death
Blackdeathhas a song calledInferno
Infernohas a song calledNightingale
Nightingalehas a song calledShadowman
Shadowmanhas a song calledCount Me Out
Count Me Outhas a song calledFew and Far Between
Few and Far Betweenhas a song calledEdison
Edisonhas a song calledJarr
Jarrhas a song calledDeadstar
Deadstarhas a song calledVeronica
Veronicahas a song calledStay
Stayhas a song calledOne Love
One Lovehas a song calledMicro Dub
Microdubhas a song calledLive Wire
Livewirehas a song calledWired
Wiredhas a song calledTransition
Transitionhas a song calledMelody
Melodyhas a song calledBandolero
Bandolerohas a song calledEl Tiburón
El Tiburónhas a song calledProyecto Uno
Proyecto Unohas a song calledThe jam
The Jamhas a song calledGhosts
Ghostshas a song calledMy Town
Mytownhas a song calledTime Will Tell
Time Will Tellhas a song calledThe One
The Onehas a song calledUndying
Undyinghas a song calledEchoes
Echoeshas a song calledLullaby
Lullabyhas a song calledSupreme Majesty
Supreme Majestyhas a song calledSpellbound
Spellboundhas a song calledIn Mourning
In Mourninghas a song calledThe Smoke
The Smokehas a song calledJack Is Back
Jack Is Backhas a song calledProud Mary
Proud Maryhas a song calledLove and Light
Love and Lighthas a song calledAll That's Left
All That's Lefthas a song calledButterfly
Butterflyhas a song calledRainbow
Rainbowhas a song calledBlues
Blueshas a song calledMardröm
Mardrömhas a song calledWhy?
Why?has a song calledDrop
Drophas a song calledDeath in the Afternoon
Death in The Afternoonhas a song calledFandango
Fandangohas a song calledMexico
Mexicohas a song calledAntarctica
Antarcticahas a song calledAbsence
Absencehas a song calledPower
Powerhas a song calledHiroshima
Hiroshimahas a song calledCyanide
Cyanidehas a song calledTourist
Touristhas a song calledRiver
Riverhas a song calledThe Bridge
The Bridgehas a song calledSteamroller
Steamrollerhas a song calledShotgun
Shotgunhas a song calledMutha Funk
Muthafunkhas a song calledTrue Love
True Lovehas a song calledNow
NOWhas a song calledSource
SOURCEhas a song called7DAYS
7dayshas a song calledUnder the Sun
Under the Sunhas a song calledTracer
Tracerhas a song calledHangman
Hangmanhas a song calledAngels
Angelshas a song calledPersona
Personahas a song calledTinnitus
Tinnitushas a song calledShapeshifter
Shapeshifterhas a song calledDNA
DNAhas a song calledDetached
Detachedhas a song calledHorizons
Horizonshas a song calledOnce Upon a Time
Once Upon A Timehas a song calledNathan
Nathanhas a song calledSecrets
Secretshas a song calledGenesis
Genesishas a song calledPigeons
Pigeonshas a song calledPure
Purehas a song calledPelt
Pelthas a song calledStill
Stillhas a song calledAtrophy
Atrophyhas a song calledMissing Link
Missing Linkhas a song calledSorcery
Sorceryhas a song calledMass Murder
Massmurderhas a song calledMisanthrope
Misanthropehas a song calledAeternitas
Aeternitashas a song calledGraduate
Graduatehas a song calledAmbition
Ambitionhas a song calledAge of Agony
Age of Agonyhas a song calledEternal
Eternalhas a song calledManhunt
Manhunthas a song calledM.a.d.
M.A.D.has a song calledFree
Freehas a song calledChild
Childhas a song calledJapan
Japanhas a song calledAlien
Alienhas a song calledWolf Boy
Wolfboyhas a song calledThe Drones
The Droneshas a song calledThe City
The Cityhas a song calledWalk Away
walk awayhas a song calledStraight No Chaser
Straight No Chaserhas a song calledHome
Homehas a song calledMy Passion
My Passionhas a song calledThanks for Nothing
Thanks for Nothinghas a song calledSalt
Salthas a song calledMosaik
Mosaikhas a song calledRubik
Rubikhas a song calledBuildings
Buildingshas a song calledIlluminate
Illuminatehas a song calledHorizont
Horizonthas a song calledOceanus
Oceanushas a song calledOra
Orahas a song calledInk Well
Inkwellhas a song calledLiason
Liasonhas a song calledMan With A Mission
MAN WITH A MISSIONhas a song calledTrick or Treat
Trick or Treathas a song calledPremonition
Premonitionhas a song calledNervous Breakdown
Nervous Breakdownhas a song calledHygiene
Hygienehas a song calledTV Girl
TV Girlhas a song calledMirror Mirror
Mirror Mirrorhas a song calledNever Was
Neverwashas a song calledKick Back
Kickbackhas a song calledNo One Gets Out Alive
No One Gets Out Alivehas a song calledDISINTEGRATE
Disintegratehas a song calledThe Architect
The Architecthas a song calledInside Out
Inside Outhas a song calledI'm Talking
I'm Talkinghas a song calledDisaster
Disasterhas a song calledKill Your Idols
Kill Your Idolshas a song calledFall Out
Fallouthas a song calledThe Morning After
The Morning Afterhas a song calledLost in Time
LOST IN TIMEhas a song calledNews
Newshas a song calledFreedom
Freedomhas a song calledSummer Love
Summer Lovehas a song calledBy the Wayside
By The Waysidehas a song calledTry
Tryhas a song calledThe Return
The Returnhas a song calledNew Day
New Dayhas a song calledOne Voice
OneVoicehas a song calledAll Rise
AllRisehas a song calledBleeding Heart
Bleeding Hearthas a song calledDead Man Walking
Dead Man Walkinghas a song calledBroken Mirrors
Broken Mirrorshas a song calledAquarius
Aquariushas a song calledFantasia
Fantasiahas a song calledIn Deep
Indeephas a song calledFrom the Depths
From the Depthshas a song calledEpidemic
Epidemichas a song calledPatience
Patiencehas a song calledGrand Agent
Grand Agenthas a song calledWorst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenariohas a song calledBlackness
Blacknesshas a song calledDarkside
Darksidehas a song calledMetatron
Metatronhas a song calledThe Risk
The Riskhas a song calledMissiles
Missileshas a song calledBlitzkrieg Bop
Blitzkrieg Bophas a song calledPinky
Pinkyhas a song calledStillwaters
Stillwatershas a song calledSometime Sunday
Sometime Sundayhas a song calledCrawl
Crawlhas a song calledServant
Servanthas a song calledSudden Death
Sudden Deathhas a song calledAll or Nothing
All or Nothinghas a song calledTuff
Tuffhas a song calledSpit Like This
Spit Like Thishas a song calledAct of God
Act of Godhas a song calledThe Doors
The Doorshas a song calledHorse Latitudes
Horse Latitudeshas a song calledForest
Foresthas a song calledRaven
Ravenhas a song calledJuggernaut
Juggernauthas a song calledVengeance
Vengeancehas a song calledSoul Collector
Soul Collectorhas a song calledThe Nomad
The Nomadhas a song calledMilly
Millyhas a song calledTic Tac
TIC TAChas a song calledTripswitch
Tripswitchhas a song calledExiled
Exiledhas a song calledUnder
Underhas a song calledJessica
Jessicahas a song calledDaniel
Danielhas a song calledLucky Star
Luckystarhas a song calledGollum
Gollumhas a song calledThe Core
The Corehas a song calledZaire
Zairehas a song calledRoom
Roomhas a song calledAndromeda
Andromedahas a song calledEquilibrium
Equilibriumhas a song calledMana
Manahas a song calledTi
TIhas a song calledKen
Kenhas a song calledBrothers in Arms
Brothers In Armshas a song calledSo Far Away
So Far Awayhas a song calledFinal Cut
Final Cuthas a song calledTestament
Testamenthas a song calledThe Haunting
The Hauntinghas a song calledCreation
Creationhas a song calledSound Dimension
Sound Dimensionhas a song calledMoon Hop
Moonhophas a song calledDemon
Demonhas a song calledStreets
Streetshas a song calledBroken Glass
Broken Glasshas a song calledLost and Found
Lost and Foundhas a song calledBaby
Babyhas a song calledSlow Down
Slowdownhas a song calledWhite
WHITEhas a song calledSpring House
Springhousehas a song calledA-Ha
a-hahas a song calledVelvet
Velvethas a song calledMi Amore
Mi Amorehas a song calledAdonis
Adonishas a song calledNo Way Out
NoWayOuthas a song calledWho Cares
Who Careshas a song calledHoly Water
Holywaterhas a song calledCalm
Calmhas a song calledNord
Nordhas a song calledLego
LEGOhas a song calledNo Name
No Namehas a song calledHorizon
Horizonhas a song calledThe End
The Endhas a song calledCalifornia
Californiahas a song calledLost Highway
Lost Highwayhas a song calledLittle Annie
Little Anniehas a song calledStrange Love
Strangelovehas a song calledThe Greatest Show on Earth
The Greatest Show on Earthhas a song calledAngelina
Angelinahas a song calledBorderline
Borderlinehas a song calledBroken
Brokenhas a song called1995
1995has a song calledJet Lag
Jet Laghas a song calledSleepless
Sleeplesshas a song calledSands of Time
Sands of Timehas a song calledThe Mall
The Mallhas a song calledAcrid
Acridhas a song calledCollapse
Collapsehas a song calledWarfare
Warfarehas a song calledCollision
Collisionhas a song calledJuicy Lucy
Juicy Lucyhas a song calledPretty Woman
Pretty Womanhas a song calledSweet Heart
Sweethearthas a song calledTools of the Trade
Tools of The Tradehas a song calledFake
Fakehas a song calledDig
Dighas a song calledAnymore
Anymorehas a song calledCaroline
Carolinehas a song calledWaltz
Waltzhas a song calledVanish
Vanishhas a song calledForsaken
Forsakenhas a song calledSlip Stream
Slipstreamhas a song calledClouds
Cloudshas a song calledColourblind
Colourblindhas a song calledFragile
Fragilehas a song calledDaisy
Daisyhas a song calledMasterplan
Masterplanhas a song calledEnemy
Enemyhas a song calledTarget
Targethas a song calledWish
Wishhas a song calledSalvation
Salvationhas a song calledSea of Dreams
Sea of Dreamshas a song calledPoint Of No Return
Point of No Returnhas a song calledTela
Telahas a song calledSuccess
Successhas a song calledTell Us
Tellushas a song calledFlap
Flaphas a song calledDown Here
downherehas a song calledVertical
Verticalhas a song calledMinotaurus
Minotaurushas a song calledDark Ruler
Dark Rulerhas a song calledHall of Fame
Hall of Famehas a song calledThe Chase
The Chasehas a song calledFires
Fireshas a song calledRedefine
Redefinehas a song calledDaisychain
Daisy Chainhas a song calledHate
Hatehas a song calledLiving Sacrifice
Living Sacrificehas a song calledDistorted
Distortedhas a song calledRedemption
Redemptionhas a song calledThe Sons
The Sonshas a song calledNightshade
Nightshadehas a song calledThe Quest
The Questhas a song calledOn Top
On Tophas a song calledUnity
Unityhas a song calledA New Horizon
A New Horizonhas a song calledIndifference
Indifferencehas a song calledEnemy Mine
Enemyminehas a song calledNo Comply
NoComplyhas a song calledSilencio
Silenciohas a song calledHindsight
Hindsighthas a song calledLowdown
Lowdownhas a song calledBreakdown
Breakdownhas a song calledAnti
Antihas a song calledAcid Test
Acid Testhas a song calledShake
Shakehas a song calledDay of Reckoning
Day of Reckoninghas a song calledClockwork
Clockworkhas a song calledMandatory
Mandatoryhas a song calledArchitect
Architecthas a song calledSilly
Sillyhas a song calledHexen
Hexenhas a song calledBlast Radius
Blast Radiushas a song calledSight Unseen
Sight Unseenhas a song calledLooking for an Answer
Looking for an Answerhas a song calledLos Olvidados
Los Olvidadoshas a song calledMarie Myriam
Marie Myriamhas a song calledNostalgia
Nostalgiahas a song calledThe Entity
The Entityhas a song calledWisdom
Wisdomhas a song calledNefertiti
Nefertitihas a song calledBirth
Birthhas a song calledSeek
Seekhas a song calledRise
Risehas a song calledHotline
Hotlinehas a song calledJabulani
Jabulanihas a song calledFamily
Familyhas a song calledProcession
Processionhas a song calledWhite Coffin
White Coffinhas a song calledBullet
Bullethas a song calledChronos
Chronoshas a song calledGagarin
Gagarinhas a song calledDirty Sweet
Dirty Sweethas a song calledDelilah
Delilahhas a song calledShades of Grey
Shades of Greyhas a song calledStraight Jacket
Straight Jackethas a song calledPromise
Promisehas a song calledThe Promise
The Promisehas a song calledThe Unwanted
The Unwantedhas a song called1984
1984has a song calledPurple Haze
Purple Hazehas a song calledSamson
Samsonhas a song calledNo Turning Back
No Turning Backhas a song calledMy Revenge
My Revengehas a song calledRenegade
Renegadehas a song calledDark
Darkhas a song calledAfter Dark
After Darkhas a song calledAfrica
Africahas a song calledWidow
Widowhas a song calledBitch
Bitchhas a song calledNana
Nanahas a song calledRed Wine
Red Winehas a song calledWasted Time
Wasted Timehas a song calledWhite Noise
White Noisehas a song calledDreamtime
DreamTimehas a song calledChrysalis
Chrysalishas a song calledOutspoken
Outspokenhas a song calledShadow
Shadowhas a song calledSurvival
Survivalhas a song calledForeshadow
Foreshadowhas a song calledMeaning of Life
Meaning of Lifehas a song calledHopeless
Hopelesshas a song calledBeyond
Beyondhas a song calledOrange
Orangehas a song calledAttitude
Attitudehas a song calledBig Time
Bigtimehas a song calledNocturna
Nocturnahas a song calledNo Fear
No Fearhas a song calledVico C
Vico Chas a song calledFuego
Fuegohas a song calledMisa Criolla
Misa Criollahas a song calledSanctus
Sanctushas a song calledNovember
Novemberhas a song calledCaravan
Caravanhas a song calledWarlock
Warlockhas a song calledTouch of Evil
Touch of Evilhas a song calledCleopatra
Cleopatrahas a song calledNumber One Fan
Number One Fanhas a song calledCome On
Come Onhas a song calledMona Lisa
Mona Lisahas a song calledSouvenirs
Souvenirshas a song calledShades of Blue
Shades of Bluehas a song calledMillionaire
Millionairehas a song calledChampagne
Champagnehas a song calledDeep
DEEPhas a song calledBoss
Bosshas a song calledDeeper
Deeperhas a song calledDeconstruction
Deconstructionhas a song calledPerfect Vision
Perfect Visionhas a song calledDamnation
Damnationhas a song calledLiving Stone
Livingstonehas a song calledGangsta
Gangstahas a song calledLove Sick
Lovesickhas a song calledCrown
Crownhas a song calledMare
Marehas a song calledTropics
Tropicshas a song calledNavajo
Navajohas a song calledDriven
Drivenhas a song calledFeel
Feelhas a song calledMother
Motherhas a song calledTrain of Thought
Train of Thoughthas a song calledArrival
Arrivalhas a song calledPrelude
Preludehas a song calledPlatinum Blonde
Platinum Blondehas a song calledAnimal
Animalhas a song calledRebellion
Rebellionhas a song calledLoki
Lokihas a song calledSecond
Secondhas a song calledAccident
Accidenthas a song calledValerie
Valeriehas a song calledZeit
Zeithas a song calledTrace
Tracehas a song calledProgression
Progressionhas a song calledStranger
Strangerhas a song calledWoman
Womanhas a song calledMyself
Myselfhas a song calledStereotype
Stereotypehas a song calledWipeout
Wipeouthas a song calledFinally
Finallyhas a song calledCece Peniston
Ce Ce Penistonhas a song calledNobody Else
Nobody Elsehas a song calledSleepwalker
Sleepwalkerhas a song calledAb Ovo
Ab Ovohas a song calledInner Space
Innerspacehas a song calledJack
Jackhas a song calledPablo
Pablohas a song calledBarracuda
Barracudahas a song calledOverdose
Overdosehas a song calledKama sutra
Kamasutrahas a song called9mm
9MMhas a song calledDon't Forget
Don't Forgethas a song calledAgainst You
Against Youhas a song calledI Hate People
I Hate Peoplehas a song calledBiohazard
Biohazardhas a song calledDevotion
Devotionhas a song calledFrozen
Frozenhas a song calledDogzilla
Dogzillahas a song calledBrain
Brainhas a song calledThe Swamp
The Swamphas a song calledInsane
Insanehas a song calledHuman
Humanhas a song calledLemonade
Lemonadehas a song calledUnreal
Unrealhas a song calledReplicants
Replicantshas a song calledDestination Unknown
Destination Unknownhas a song calledCoordinates
Coordinateshas a song calledMagnetics
Magneticshas a song calledPale
Palehas a song calledHere
Herehas a song calledLanes
Laneshas a song calledArea 51
Area 51has a song calledSilverstar
Silver Starhas a song calledLove Shack
LoveShackhas a song calledRelax
Relaxhas a song calledBittersweet
Bitter Sweethas a song calledLately
Latelyhas a song calledTaxman
Taxmanhas a song calledEmbalmer
Embalmerhas a song calledBlood Sucking Freaks
Blood Sucking Freakshas a song calledStand Aside
Stand Asidehas a song calledCondemned
Condemnedhas a song calledOverhead
Overheadhas a song calledPoint of View
Point of viewhas a song calledBleak
Bleakhas a song calledDarkness
Darknesshas a song calledBloodbath
Bloodbathhas a song calledVirus
Virushas a song calledRoad
Roadhas a song calledEl dorado
ElDoradohas a song calledHEAVEN
Heavenhas a song calledTemptation
Temptationhas a song calledWork it
Work Ithas a song calledWorkidz
Workidzhas a song calledHappiness
Happinesshas a song calledShining
Shininghas a song calledHysteria
Hysteriahas a song calledOblivion
Oblivionhas a song calledLost
Losthas a song calledOut of Focus
Out of Focushas a song calledX
Xhas a song calledWeek End
Weekendhas a song calledHazel
Hazelhas a song calledAscension
Ascensionhas a song calledAmok
Amokhas a song calledSectioned
Sectionedhas a song calledDatura
Daturahas a song calledShine
Shinehas a song calledParadise
Paradisehas a song calledSee the Light
See The Lighthas a song calledLifeless
Lifelesshas a song calledRetaliation
Retaliationhas a song calledAnother Dead Hero
Another Dead Herohas a song calledDeon
Deonhas a song calledJust
Justhas a song calledDenver
Denverhas a song calledSleep
Sleephas a song calledPerfume
Perfumehas a song calledDream Land
Dreamlandhas a song calledCurse
Cursehas a song calledSeance
Seancehas a song calledSkinless
Skinlesshas a song calledEnslavement
Enslavementhas a song calledSuffering
Sufferinghas a song calledEndless Journey
Endless Journeyhas a song calledMelancholy
Melancholyhas a song calledInsomnia
Insomniahas a song calledFreebase
Freebasehas a song calledFilter
Filterhas a song calledDose
Dosehas a song calledLost Inside
Lost Insidehas a song calledI Hate Myself
i hate myselfhas a song calledNot Waving but Drowning
Not Waving but Drowninghas a song calledSick
Sickhas a song calledHologram
Hologramhas a song calledBird
birdhas a song calledGAME
Gamehas a song calledMoney
Moneyhas a song calledAll Time High
All Time Highhas a song calledPollyanna
Pollyannahas a song calledElevators
Elevatorshas a song calledRiff
Riffhas a song calledLittle Girls
Little Girlshas a song calledBandana
Bandanahas a song calledMio
MIOhas a song calledLUNA
Lunahas a song calledSlide
Slidehas a song calledShooting Star
Shooting Starhas a song calledWinner
Winnerhas a song calledCars
Carshas a song calledDrive
Drivehas a song calledSnake Eyes
Snake Eyeshas a song calledSaid and Done
Said and Donehas a song calledOvercome
Overcomehas a song calledApathy
Apathyhas a song calledOmnicron
Omnicronhas a song calledThe Elements
The Elementshas a song calledWithin Temptation
Within Temptationhas a song calledEnter
Enterhas a song calledMoon
Moonhas a song calledSabbat
Sabbathas a song calledCharisma
Charismahas a song calledKarma
Karmahas a song calledPachelbel
Pachelbelhas a song calledCanon
Canonhas a song calledStupid
Stupidhas a song calledNo One
No Onehas a song calledNothing
Nothinghas a song calledSuperglue
Supergluehas a song calledOne Day
One dayhas a song calledApollo
Apollohas a song calledTrauma
Traumahas a song calledParty Time
Party Timehas a song calledArco Iris
Arco Irishas a song calledVasudeva
Vasudevahas a song calledRitual
Ritualhas a song calledDelusion
Delusionhas a song calledDown
Downhas a song calledThe Path
The Pathhas a song calledPsychonaut
Psychonauthas a song calledRosemary's Baby
Rosemary's Babyhas a song calledOm
Omhas a song calledPeace of Mind
Peace Of Mindhas a song calledI Am
IAMhas a song calledMurs
Murshas a song calledCatch 22
Catch 22has a song calledAlone in a Crowd
Alone in a Crowdhas a song calledWhen Tigers Fight
When Tigers Fighthas a song calledHung Jury
Hung Juryhas a song calledChoice
Choicehas a song calledPayback
Paybackhas a song calledScum
SCUMhas a song calledWitchHunt
Witch Hunthas a song calledObscenity
Obscenityhas a song calledInfanticide
Infanticidehas a song calledPlague
Plaguehas a song calledUltraviolent
Ultra Violenthas a song calledSynchro
Synchrohas a song calledJuice
Juicehas a song calledVertigo
Vertigohas a song calledInterstellar
Interstellarhas a song calledThe Sun
The Sunhas a song calledSandy
Sandyhas a song calledSara
Sarahas a song calledCrush
Crushhas a song calledKing for a Day
King for a Dayhas a song calledLost & Found
Lost & Foundhas a song calledOctane
Octanehas a song called+1
+1has a song calledNevermore
Nevermorehas a song calledNoumenon
Noumenonhas a song calledFissure
Fissurehas a song calledAlbino
Albinohas a song calledNotausgang
Notausganghas a song calledZeitgeist
Zeitgeisthas a song calledXenophobia
Xenophobiahas a song calledEncounter
Encounterhas a song calledPan
Panhas a song calledCake
Cakehas a song called36
36has a song calledJuliet
Juliethas a song calledAu
Auhas a song calledSolid Gold
Solid Goldhas a song calledDanger Zone
Danger Zonehas a song calledLine of Fire
Line of Firehas a song calledFade
Fadehas a song calledThe Future
The Futurehas a song calledCairo
Cairohas a song calledThe Prophecy
The Prophecyhas a song calledAshes
Asheshas a song calledHeretic
Heretichas a song calledImpulse
Impulsehas a song calledWarm
Warmhas a song calledOn Line
Onlinehas a song calledAutomatic
Automatichas a song calledApple Seed
Appleseedhas a song calledBlack Orchid
Black Orchidhas a song calledInertia
Inertiahas a song calledExpo
EXPOhas a song called76
76has a song calledSparks
Sparkshas a song calledRoger
Rogerhas a song calledHurry Up
Hurry Uphas a song calledGuillotine
Guillotinehas a song calledGrave Desecrator
Grave Desecratorhas a song calledBaphomet
Baphomethas a song calledMedian
Medianhas a song calledCollage
Collagehas a song calledInformation
Informationhas a song calledTaiga
Taigahas a song calledStellar
Stellarhas a song calledUFO
UFOhas a song calledBorn to Lose
Born to Losehas a song calledFall on Your Sword
Fall on Your Swordhas a song calledThe End of the World
The End of the Worldhas a song calledFaces
Faceshas a song calledStone
Stonehas a song calledAdrift
Adrifthas a song calledIntegrity
Integrityhas a song calledEmpty Shell
Empty Shellhas a song calledHumanoid
Humanoidhas a song calledCry Baby
Crybabyhas a song calledVeils
Veilshas a song calledFrequency
Frequencyhas a song calledSerenity
Serenityhas a song calledBlack Tears
Black Tearshas a song calledDunkelziffer
Dunkelzifferhas a song calledQ
Qhas a song calledSushi
Sushihas a song calledOut of Hand
Out of Handhas a song calledPride
Pridehas a song calledI.O.U.
I.O.U.has a song calledLee Greenwood
Lee Greenwoodhas a song calledAmerica
Americahas a song calledMiniature
Miniaturehas a song calledDink
Dinkhas a song calledReason
Reasonhas a song calledNo Time
notimehas a song calledSeven
Sevenhas a song calledInvasion
Invasionhas a song calledAlchemy
Alchemyhas a song calledOctober
Octoberhas a song calledSpandex
Spandexhas a song calledBermuda Triangle
Bermuda Trianglehas a song calledStrawberry Girl
Strawberry Girlhas a song calledMoonbeam
Moonbeamhas a song calledCocoon
Cocoonhas a song calledHummingbird
Hummingbirdhas a song calledAnaconda
Anacondahas a song calledInfinity
Infinityhas a song calledSkyline
Skylinehas a song calledABC
ABChas a song calledLight Years
Light Yearshas a song calledGhost Stories
Ghost Storieshas a song calledCatacombs
Catacombshas a song calledThe Fallen
The Fallenhas a song calledHarbinger
Harbingerhas a song calledMorningstar
Morning Starhas a song calledGravity
Gravityhas a song calledObsession
Obsessionhas a song calledMarshall Law
Marshall Lawhas a song calledHell On Earth
Hell on Earthhas a song calledLiving Hell
Living Hellhas a song calledLeviathan
Leviathanhas a song calledSubmersed
Submersedhas a song calledIn Due Time
In Due Timehas a song calledDeath Before Dishonor
Death Before Dishonorhas a song calledTorn Apart
Torn Aparthas a song calledKnuckle Sandwich
Knuckle Sandwichhas a song calledSucker
Suckerhas a song calledSad but True
Sad But Truehas a song calledSupernova
Supernovahas a song calledAngel Hair
Angel Hairhas a song calledKisses
Kisseshas a song calledHuddle
Huddlehas a song calledClear
Clearhas a song calledFlash
Flashhas a song calledThe Day After
The Day Afterhas a song calledCar Crash
Car Crashhas a song calledPersonality Crisis
Personality Crisishas a song calledDouble Take
DoubleTakehas a song calledToxic
Toxichas a song calledThe Gathering
The Gatheringhas a song calledLeaves
Leaveshas a song calledBreathe
Breathehas a song calledAll That Jazz
All That Jazzhas a song calledDAYS
Dayshas a song calledMotion
Motionhas a song calledXXL
XXLhas a song calledCharlie
Charliehas a song calledEma
EMAhas a song calledBreakfast
Breakfasthas a song calledBloom
Bloomhas a song calledJackass
Jackasshas a song calledWreckage
Wreckagehas a song calledBelieve
Believehas a song calledWords
Wordshas a song calledSuicide Nation
Suicide Nationhas a song calledNation
Nationhas a song calledWaterloo
Waterloohas a song calledBethlehem
Bethlehemhas a song calledRigor Mortis
Rigor Mortishas a song calledRe-Animator
Re-Animatorhas a song calledChain of Command
Chain of Commandhas a song calledStress
Stresshas a song calledAventura
Aventurahas a song calledDeja Vu
Deja Vuhas a song calledUnder Fire
Underfirehas a song calledThe Enemy
The Enemyhas a song calledImages
Imageshas a song calledSoliloquy
Soliloquyhas a song calledUncle Tom
Uncle Tomhas a song calledSavannah
Savannahhas a song calledSpirit
Spirithas a song calledSunrise
Sunrisehas a song calledBloody Tears
Bloody Tearshas a song calledEclipse
Eclipsehas a song calledThe Music
The Musichas a song calledFloat
Floathas a song calledEndless
Endlesshas a song calledUnder Water
Underwaterhas a song calledNightlife
Nightlifehas a song calledUnchained
Unchainedhas a song calledSuns
Sunshas a song calledGladys
Gladyshas a song calledReunion
Reunionhas a song calledIgnition
Ignitionhas a song calledWanted
Wantedhas a song called2nd Best
2nd Besthas a song calledYankee
Yankeehas a song calledZombie
Zombiehas a song calledLiving Dead
Living Deadhas a song calledDeadbeat
Deadbeathas a song calledMiso
Misohas a song calledBang Bang
Bang Banghas a song calledTao
Taohas a song calledHeliotrope
Heliotropehas a song calledHellion
Hellionhas a song calledThe Warning
The Warninghas a song calledSocial Disease
Social Diseasehas a song calledToday
Todayhas a song calledLady
LADYhas a song calledLittle Wing
Little Winghas a song calledReverie
Reveriehas a song calledIndian Summer
Indian Summerhas a song calledSugar Pill
Sugar Pillhas a song calledRush
Rushhas a song calledBass Unlimited
Bass Unlimitedhas a song calledLittle Drummer Boy
Little Drummer Boyhas a song calledI Love You
I Love Youhas a song calledWhitehouse
Whitehousehas a song calledGuru
Guruhas a song calledPlenty
plentyhas a song calledDRIP
Driphas a song calledSmoke on the Water
Smoke On The Waterhas a song calledFireball
Fire Ballhas a song calledBIRDMAN
Birdmanhas a song calledR.I.P.
R.I.P.has a song calledMechanix
Mechanixhas a song calledLife Lines
LifeLineshas a song calledBig Deal
Big Dealhas a song calledListen
Listenhas a song calledJourney
Journeyhas a song calledGhost Radio
Ghost Radiohas a song calledVII
VIIhas a song calledPost mortem
Post Mortemhas a song calledIRA
Irahas a song calledJustine
Justinehas a song calledOld Boy
OldBoyhas a song calledDeath
Deathhas a song calledSlaughterhouse
Slaughterhousehas a song calledDie
Diehas a song calledBone Crusher
Bonecrusherhas a song calledCrime Wave
Crimewavehas a song calledCertified
Certifiedhas a song calledCherry
Cherryhas a song called7 Seconds
7 Secondshas a song calledNo Authority
No Authorityhas a song calledAwake
Awakehas a song calledTrust
Trusthas a song calledVarsovie
Varsoviehas a song calledDelirium Tremens
Delirium Tremenshas a song calledWar Machine
Warmachinehas a song calledEye For An Eye
Eye for an Eyehas a song calledAllstars
All Starshas a song calledTurbonegro
Turbonegrohas a song calledSix Pack
Six Packhas a song calledLa musique
La Musiquehas a song calledLatex
Latexhas a song calledEncore
Encorehas a song calledThe Situation
The Situationhas a song calledLatchkey Kids
Latch Key Kidshas a song calledGirlfriend
Girlfriendhas a song calledUpside
Upsidehas a song calledSeptember
Septemberhas a song calledSacrifice
Sacrificehas a song calledAnthem
Anthemhas a song calledSteeler
Steelerhas a song calledBad to the Bone
Bad to the Bonehas a song calledLost Generation
Lost Generationhas a song calledLSD
LSDhas a song calledOrion
Orionhas a song calledSolid
Solidhas a song calledHappy Ending
Happy Endinghas a song calledThe Hermit
The Hermithas a song calledPulse
Pulsehas a song calledTrouble
Troublehas a song calledAssassin
Assassinhas a song calledStraight
Straighthas a song calledDealer
Dealerhas a song calledSon of a Bitch
Son of a Bitchhas a song calledDrivin' Sideways
Drivin' Sidewayshas a song calledBoy Wonder
Boy Wonderhas a song calledX-Large
X-Largehas a song calledSunglasses
Sunglasseshas a song calledNamesake
Namesakehas a song calledJames
Jameshas a song calledWhat For
Whatforhas a song calledPeople
Peoplehas a song calledPrologue
Prologuehas a song calledShort Circuit
Short Circuithas a song calledAttack
Attackhas a song calledPanik
Panikhas a song calledTestify
Testifyhas a song calledRide
Ridehas a song calledDead Man
deadmanhas a song calledimp
Imphas a song calledO
Ohas a song calledRapid Fire
Rapid Firehas a song calledRestless Soul
Restless Soulhas a song calledAfter Hours
After Hourshas a song calledRound Midnight
Round Midnighthas a song calledGrey Skies
Grey Skieshas a song calledCold
Coldhas a song calledBlack Sunday
Black Sundayhas a song calledTerror
Terrorhas a song calledDead End
DEAD ENDhas a song calledI Spy
I Spyhas a song calledMurder
Murderhas a song calledSwingers
Swingershas a song calledAyatollah
Ayatollahhas a song calledThe Chase Scene
The Chase Scenehas a song calledBombs Away
Bombs Awayhas a song calledSwagger
Swaggerhas a song calledSkye
Skyehas a song calledDissolve
Dissolvehas a song calledStrand
Strandhas a song calledPrince
Princehas a song calledAnnie Christian
Annie Christianhas a song calledTransmission
Transmissionhas a song calledBeyond Light
Beyond Lighthas a song calledEmpty
Emptyhas a song calledBlue
Bluehas a song calledSweet Thing
Sweet Thinghas a song calledSpider
Spiderhas a song calledCrossfire
Crossfirehas a song calledMalice In Wonderland
Malice in Wonderlandhas a song calledBecause
Becausehas a song calledOrientation
Orientationhas a song calledFata Morgana
Fata Morganahas a song calledStargazer
Stargazerhas a song calledInfernal
Infernalhas a song calledGunshot
Gunshothas a song calledReign of Terror
Reign of Terrorhas a song calledBite the Bullet
Bite the Bullethas a song calledSick of Society
Sick of Societyhas a song calledThe Truth
The Truthhas a song calledAfraid of the Dark
Afraid of the Darkhas a song calledAnimosity
Animosityhas a song calledThieves
Thieveshas a song calledBlack Lipstick
Black Lipstickhas a song calledNo Shame
No Shamehas a song calledEast of Eden
East of Edenhas a song calledSpiral Dance
Spiral Dancehas a song calledMagick
Magickhas a song calledTorn
Tornhas a song calledIntimate
Intimatehas a song calledHeartbeat
Heartbeathas a song calledThe Chant
The Chanthas a song calledRelativity
Relativityhas a song calledCut
CUThas a song calledHellbound
Hellboundhas a song calledThe Legacy
The Legacyhas a song calledMan Overboard
Man Overboardhas a song calledMontrose
Montrosehas a song calledConnection
Connectionhas a song calledMagic Feet
Magic Feethas a song calledUnconditional
Unconditionalhas a song calledThe Journey
The Journeyhas a song calledJunkfood Junkies
Junkfood Junkieshas a song calledThe Game
The Gamehas a song calledAyo
Ayohas a song calledFlowers
Flowershas a song calledCold Turkey
Cold Turkeyhas a song calledSunflower
Sunflowerhas a song calledKC
KChas a song calledSpace Cadet
Space Cadethas a song calledUnsaid
Unsaidhas a song calledDeparture
Departurehas a song calledRendezvous
Rendezvoushas a song calledClocks
Clockshas a song calledHeadache
Headachehas a song calledSpawn
Spawnhas a song calledTension
Tensionhas a song calledWrecking Crew
Wrecking Crewhas a song calledJudgement
Judgementhas a song calledHeart of Darkness
Heart of Darknesshas a song calledLost Cause
Lost Causehas a song calledNo Justice
No Justicehas a song calledRed Dress
Red Dresshas a song calledFatso
Fatsohas a song calledDistance
Distancehas a song calledTwilight
Twilighthas a song calledStar
Starhas a song calledRemote Control
Remote Controlhas a song calledMaktub
Maktubhas a song calledIntuition
Intuitionhas a song calledNowhere
Nowherehas a song calledResound
Resoundhas a song calledIdlers
Idlershas a song calledYis
YIShas a song calledMessage
Messagehas a song calledSwing
Swinghas a song calledSweet Dreams
Sweet Dreamshas a song calledHoney honey
honeyhoneyhas a song called1979
1979has a song calledAlkaline
Alkalinehas a song calledRambo
Rambohas a song calledApocalypse
Apocalypsehas a song calledCemetery
Cemeteryhas a song calledHope
Hopehas a song calledMoonshine
Moonshinehas a song calledDead Ringer
Dead Ringerhas a song calledCare
Carehas a song calledMisericorde
Misericordehas a song calledGaia
Gaiahas a song called24
24has a song calledThe Longest Day
The Longest Dayhas a song calledHemisphere
Hemispherehas a song calledBlack
Blackhas a song calledKeno
Kenohas a song calledHighway
Highwayhas a song calledMelanie
Melaniehas a song calledShine On
Shine Onhas a song calledPassion
Passionhas a song calledKindness
Kindnesshas a song calledThrough and Through
Through and Throughhas a song calledResistance
Resistancehas a song calledHail
Hailhas a song calledSuspended
Suspendedhas a song calledShambala
Shambalahas a song calledDivine Intervention
Divine Interventionhas a song calledSandman
Sandmanhas a song calledLayla
Laylahas a song calledMaverick
Maverickhas a song calledVulnerable
Vulnerablehas a song calledClosure
Closurehas a song calledSebastian
SebastiAnhas a song calledYes
Yeshas a song calledAmbience
Ambiencehas a song calledThe Adored
The Adoredhas a song calledSkeptics
Skepticshas a song calledPressure
Pressurehas a song calledThe Fire
The Firehas a song calledEmily
emiLyhas a song calledBeef
Beefhas a song calledNitrous
Nitroushas a song calledCrash and Burn
Crash and Burnhas a song calledGraveyard Shift
Graveyard Shifthas a song calledReveal
Revealhas a song calledEvil Empire
Evil Empirehas a song calledScam
SCAMhas a song calledKiller
Killerhas a song calledWall of Sound
Wall of Soundhas a song calledPenetration
Penetrationhas a song calledMovement
Movementhas a song calledUs
UShas a song calledRollercoaster
Roller Coasterhas a song calledtriangle
Trianglehas a song calledBulldozer
Bulldozerhas a song calledThe Cave
The Cavehas a song calledThe King
The Kinghas a song calledVoodoo Child
Voodoo Childhas a song calledLast
LASThas a song calledRage
Ragehas a song calledCarved in Stone
Carved in Stonehas a song calledRuins
Ruinshas a song calledEssential Logic
Essential Logichas a song calledAlbert
Alberthas a song called667
667has a song calledSkirt
Skirthas a song calledAshes to Ashes
Ashes to Asheshas a song calledThe Ride
The Ridehas a song calledRemain
Remainhas a song calledFTF
FTFhas a song calledStockholm Syndrome
Stockholm Syndromehas a song calledPurple Hearts
Purple Heartshas a song calledFriends Again
Friends Againhas a song calledSunkissed
Sunkissedhas a song calledEmbrace
Embracehas a song calledBrothers and Sisters
Brothers and Sistershas a song calledLos Angeles
Los Angeleshas a song calledJenny
Jennyhas a song calledIrrational
Irrationalhas a song calledEuphoria
Euphoriahas a song calledBoardwalk
Boardwalkhas a song calledOh Well
Oh Wellhas a song calledStop the World
Stop the Worldhas a song calledThe Burning
The Burninghas a song calledCarnivora
Carnivorahas a song calledApotheosis
Apotheosishas a song calledSplendid
Splendidhas a song calledCry
Cryhas a song calledLonewolf
Lonewolfhas a song calledBlack Heaven
Black Heavenhas a song calledVeitstanz
Veitstanzhas a song calledBueno
Buenohas a song calledLiberty
Libertyhas a song calledThought Police
Thought Policehas a song calledPictures
Pictureshas a song calledBus Stop
Bus Stophas a song calledLight Shine
Lightshinehas a song calledNightmare
Nightmarehas a song calledSortilège
Sortilègehas a song calledGladiator
Gladiatorhas a song calledDaddy
Daddyhas a song calledRobert Smith
Robert Smithhas a song calledWitchcraft
Witchcrafthas a song calledWhale
Whalehas a song calledSmoke
Smokehas a song calledFreestyle
Freestylehas a song calledMission Impossible
Mission Impossiblehas a song calledPicture This
Picture Thishas a song calledThe Hunger
The Hungerhas a song calledIf
Ifhas a song calledUpstairs
Upstairshas a song calledOperator Please
Operator Pleasehas a song calledJealous
Jealoushas a song calledLet Go
Let Gohas a song calledLouise
Louisehas a song calledLove Letter
Loveletterhas a song calledPenelope
Penelopehas a song calledPawn Shop
Pawnshophas a song calledBaby Bitch
Baby Bitchhas a song calledRock It
Rock Ithas a song calledFreezone
Freezonehas a song calledA Moment in Time
A Moment In Timehas a song calledChain Gang
Chain Ganghas a song calledJump
Jumphas a song calledOpium
Opiumhas a song calledPerfect Stranger
Perfect Strangerhas a song calledSlope
Slopehas a song calledJust Add Water
Just Add Waterhas a song calledHoliday
Holidayhas a song calledSilence
Silencehas a song calledFuse Box
Fuseboxhas a song calledKing
KINGhas a song calledSupernatural
Supernaturalhas a song calledThe Dream
The Dreamhas a song calledIn Heaven
In Heavenhas a song calledLife After Death
Life After Deathhas a song calledHome Grown
Home Grownhas a song calledOne Night Stand
One Night Standhas a song calledNothing More
Nothing Morehas a song calledAlibi
ALiBihas a song calledPeace
Peacehas a song calledYour Hand in Mine
Your Hand In Minehas a song calledSiren
Sirenhas a song calledPotlatch
Potlatchhas a song calledI Wish
I WiSHhas a song calledTomorrow
Tomorrowhas a song calledSphere
Spherehas a song calledDETOUR
Detourhas a song calledBypass
Bypasshas a song calledTunnel
Tunnelhas a song calledLiquid Sky
Liquid Skyhas a song calledWishful Thinking
Wishful Thinkinghas a song calledVictoria
Victoriahas a song calledBreath
BREATHhas a song calledMary Jane
Mary Janehas a song calledEve
EVEhas a song calledCity
Cityhas a song calledCasablanca
Casablancahas a song calledDowntown
Downtownhas a song calledFallen Angels
Fallen Angelshas a song calledEvent Horizon
Event Horizonhas a song calledZero
Zerohas a song calledComplete Control
Complete Controlhas a song calledFreedom Fighters
Freedom Fightershas a song calledRessurection
Ressurectionhas a song calledSuffocate
Suffocatehas a song calledNo More
No Morehas a song calledHiroshima Mon Amour
Hiroshima Mon Amourhas a song calledLa casa
La Casahas a song calledSwirl
Swirlhas a song calledGoing Home
Going Homehas a song calledEvery Second Counts
Every Second Countshas a song calledPrecedent
Precedenthas a song calledSimon Says
Simon Sayshas a song calledSlider
Sliderhas a song calledSymmetry
Symmetryhas a song calledMidnight Sun
Midnight Sunhas a song calledYou and I
You and Ihas a song calledRevision
Revisionhas a song calledHocus Pocus
Hocus Pocushas a song calledCamille
Camillehas a song calledRuby
Rubyhas a song calledHeidi
Heidihas a song calledSwitch
Switchhas a song calledFever
Feverhas a song calledVanity
Vanityhas a song calledPretty Mess
Pretty Messhas a song calledAstronaut
Astronauthas a song calledIdaho
Idahohas a song calledRope
Ropehas a song calledBushfire
Bushfirehas a song calledThe Fiend
The Fiendhas a song calledStand Alone
Stand Alonehas a song calledParalyzed
Paralyzedhas a song calledBerenice
Berenicehas a song calledInside
Insidehas a song calledTorture
Torturehas a song calledDeceiver
Deceiverhas a song calledLegacy
Legacyhas a song calledKhz
KHZhas a song calledBegin
BEGINhas a song calledYOU
youhas a song calledoneself
Oneselfhas a song calledBlue Bird
Bluebirdhas a song calledChristmas
Christmashas a song calledGut
GUThas a song calledLive
Livehas a song calledThe Distance
The Distancehas a song calledFiller
Fillerhas a song calledBlade
Bladehas a song calledExit
Exithas a song calledPlease
Pleasehas a song calledSignal to Noise
Signal to Noisehas a song calledThe Wolves
The Wolveshas a song calledLament
Lamenthas a song calledFresh
Freshhas a song calledChainsaw
Chainsawhas a song calledThe beast
The Beasthas a song calledLeave
Leavehas a song calledJojo
JoJohas a song calledBack Words
Backwordshas a song calledHotels
Hotelshas a song calledHydra
Hydrahas a song calledNitro
Nitrohas a song calledDanger
Dangerhas a song calledBlahzay Blahzay
Blahzay Blahzayhas a song calledJackpot
Jackpothas a song calledSideways
Sidewayshas a song calledLights Out!
Lights Out!has a song calledOrigin
Originhas a song calledMental Torment
Mental Tormenthas a song calledMaelstrom
Maelstromhas a song calledArctica
Arcticahas a song calledThe North Sea
The North Seahas a song calledSnap Dragon
Snapdragonhas a song calledOrangecrush
Orange Crushhas a song calledThe Stream
The Streamhas a song calledBlue Skies
Blue Skieshas a song calledAlaska
Alaskahas a song calledEvergreen
Evergreenhas a song calledMoustache
Moustachehas a song calledMata Hari
Mata Harihas a song calledCarpenters
Carpentershas a song calledEventide
Eventidehas a song calledThe Spectacle
The Spectaclehas a song calledMourning
Mourninghas a song calledThe Force
The Forcehas a song calledIt's OK
It's OKhas a song calledCool
Coolhas a song calledBrain Surgery
Brain Surgeryhas a song calledSystem
Systemhas a song calledPitch Black
Pitch Blackhas a song calledHarmonia
Harmoniahas a song calledDino
Dinohas a song calledRomeo
ROMEOhas a song calledDevil
Devilhas a song calledThe Arrival
The Arrivalhas a song calledThe Decline
The Declinehas a song calledAddison
Addisonhas a song calledThe Search
The Searchhas a song calledBlack Rainbow
Black Rainbowhas a song calledVenus in Furs
Venus in Furshas a song calledThe Purist
The Puristhas a song calledChange
Changehas a song calledCeasefire
Ceasefirehas a song calledSister
Sisterhas a song calledSatellite
Satellitehas a song calledFight
Fighthas a song calledMouthpiece
Mouthpiecehas a song calledCinder
Cinderhas a song calledMirror
Mirrorhas a song calledmori
Morihas a song calledStairwell
Stairwellhas a song calledBoxcar
Boxcarhas a song calledDust
Dusthas a song calledOne
Onehas a song calledShout
Shouthas a song calledIn Your Face
In Your Facehas a song calledXerox
Xeroxhas a song calledOut Of The Blue
Out of the Bluehas a song calledTribute
Tributehas a song calledUncle Bob
Uncle Bobhas a song calledStanding Still
Standing Stillhas a song calledBrand New
Brand Newhas a song calledMorrissey
Morrisseyhas a song calledKing Lear
King Learhas a song calledFollow Me
Follow Mehas a song calledTeeth
Teethhas a song calledDead Boys
Dead Boyshas a song calledDown in Flames
Down in Flameshas a song calledFTW
FTWhas a song calledChildren
Childrenhas a song calledRiot
Riothas a song calledThe Law
The Lawhas a song calledNature of the Beast
Nature of the Beasthas a song calledAir Tight
Airtighthas a song calledBeyond Blue
Beyond Bluehas a song calledDr. Feelgood
Dr. Feelgoodhas a song calledSpy vs. Spy
Spy vs. Spyhas a song calledHooligans
Hooliganshas a song calledEcho
Echohas a song calledPlazma
Plazmahas a song calledForever Young
Forever Younghas a song calledBoys Don't Cry
Boys Don't Cryhas a song calledLipstick
Lipstickhas a song calledFlashlight
Flashlighthas a song calledLuftwaffe
Luftwaffehas a song calledBloodline
Bloodlinehas a song calledThe Storm
The Stormhas a song calledCall Me
Call Mehas a song calledDjumbo
Djumbohas a song calledHide & Seek
Hide & Seekhas a song calledThe Eternal
The Eternalhas a song calledEverlasting
Everlastinghas a song calledSubmarine
Submarinehas a song calledPollen
Pollenhas a song calledBicycle
Bicyclehas a song calledEarthquake
Earthquakehas a song calledFace Up
Faceuphas a song calledChump
Chumphas a song calledBoulevard
Boulevardhas a song calledMissing Persons
Missing Personshas a song calledFace to Face
Face to Facehas a song calledAll for Nothing
All for Nothinghas a song calledThree Sixty
ThreeSixtyhas a song calledSpektrum
Spektrumhas a song calledFreefall
Free Fallhas a song calledAttila
Attilahas a song calledHellraiser
Hellraiserhas a song calledWitch
Witchhas a song calledGive up the Ghost
Give Up the Ghosthas a song calledDead and Gone
Dead and Gonehas a song calledDesperate
Desperatehas a song calledAll Hell Breaks Loose
All Hell Breaks Loosehas a song calledThe Angel
The Angelhas a song calledFlashback
FlashBackhas a song calledLa vache
La Vachehas a song calledCream
Creamhas a song calledToad
Toadhas a song calledWho Knows
Who Knowshas a song calledRed Eyes
Redeyeshas a song calledSugar
Sugarhas a song calledJ.C. Auto
J.C. Autohas a song calledDeepthroat
Deep Throathas a song calledClaude Von Stroke
Claude VonStrokehas a song calledMonster Island
Monster Islandhas a song calledFidel Castro
Fidel Castrohas a song calledNu
Nuhas a song calledSan Francisco
SanFranciscohas a song calledSkeletons
Skeletonshas a song calledNo
Nohas a song calledQuantum Leap
Quantum Leaphas a song calledUltraviolet
Ultraviolethas a song calledColder
Colderhas a song calledVersion
Versionhas a song called12 Gauge
12 Gaugehas a song calledWarzone
Warzonehas a song calledThe Mission
The Missionhas a song calledAbsolution
Absolutionhas a song calledSeven Deadly Sins
Seven Deadly Sinshas a song calledLust
Lusthas a song calledSpear of Destiny
Spear of Destinyhas a song calledLast Man Standing
Lastmanstandinghas a song calledMomentum
Momentumhas a song calledMercy
Mercyhas a song calledJudgement Day
Judgement Dayhas a song calledAltair
Altairhas a song calledLost Eden
Lost Edenhas a song calledPlanetoid
Planetoidhas a song calledEnd Transmission
End Transmissionhas a song calledWork of Art
Work of Arthas a song calledThe Rain
The Rainhas a song calledEllipsis
Ellipsishas a song calledVortex
Vortexhas a song calledThe Flow
The Flowhas a song calledParadox
Paradoxhas a song calledMonza
Monzahas a song calledLobby
Lobbyhas a song calledQuestion
Questionhas a song calledA1
A1has a song calledNothing in Common
Nothing in Commonhas a song calledBetter days
Better Dayshas a song calledInvisible
Invisiblehas a song calledNightshift
Nightshifthas a song calledCommodores
Commodoreshas a song calledJanet
Janethas a song calledNasty
Nastyhas a song calledChosen Few
Chosen Fewhas a song calledManiac
Maniachas a song calledCaptain
Captainhas a song calledClear Cut
clearcuthas a song calledBody and Soul
Body and Soulhas a song calledTimebomb
Time Bombhas a song calledBetrayed
Betrayedhas a song calledAddiction
Addictionhas a song calledOut of Order
Out of Orderhas a song calledSlow Dance
Slowdancehas a song calledBoyfriend
Boyfriendhas a song calledJet
Jethas a song calledAntler
Antlerhas a song calledDevil Doll
Devil Dollhas a song calledMr. Doctor
Mr. Doctorhas a song calledJoyride
Joyridehas a song calledColour Girl
Colour Girlhas a song calledJoyrider
Joyriderhas a song calledThe Deadline
The Deadlinehas a song calledOur Daily Bread
Our Daily Breadhas a song calledAll Things Bright And Beautiful
All Things Bright and Beautifulhas a song calledSpeaking in Tongues
Speaking in Tongueshas a song calledTurbulence
Turbulencehas a song calledWhatever It Takes
Whatever It Takeshas a song calledSpace Invaders
Space Invadershas a song calledPhaser
Phaserhas a song calledPacific
Pacifichas a song calledStray Light Run
Straylight Runhas a song calledCostello
Costellohas a song calledMi sound
Misoundhas a song calledThe Gates
The Gateshas a song calledChaos
ChAOShas a song calledKiss Kiss
Kiss Kisshas a song calledVagabond
Vagabondhas a song calledWonder
Wonderhas a song calledOxygen
Oxygenhas a song calledEvasion
Evasionhas a song calledMadrigal
Madrigalhas a song calledSurvivors
Survivorshas a song calledRawhide
Rawhidehas a song calledWhite Trash
White Trashhas a song calledCatalepsy
Catalepsyhas a song calledConsumed
Consumedhas a song calledSunnyside Up
Sunny Side Uphas a song calledManna
Mannahas a song calledWishing Well
Wishing Wellhas a song calledConvicted
Convictedhas a song calledVictimizer
Victimizerhas a song calledPiranha
Piranhahas a song calledDead Ends
Dead Endshas a song calledWasteland
Wastelandhas a song calledThe Plague
The Plaguehas a song calledBig City
Big Cityhas a song calledPumuky
Pumukyhas a song calledPuzzle
Puzzlehas a song calledState of Mind
State of Mindhas a song calledFlashpoint
Flashpointhas a song calledSun Dogs
Sundogshas a song calledAll Wound Up
All Wound Uphas a song calledSeventhirty
Seventhirtyhas a song calledFor What It's Worth
For What It's Worthhas a song calledGo On
Goonhas a song calledAction
Actionhas a song calledDead to Me
Dead to Mehas a song calledUndertow
Undertowhas a song calledForced Entry
Forced Entryhas a song calledMiasma
Miasmahas a song calledBeads
Beadshas a song calledAlligator
Alligatorhas a song calledSneakers
Sneakershas a song calledSignal
Signalhas a song calledPulsar
Pulsarhas a song calledWindows
Windowshas a song calledSand Box
Sandboxhas a song calledGrief
Griefhas a song calledRhinoceros
Rhinoceroshas a song calledSatin Doll
Satin Dollhas a song calledTerry Callier
Terry Callierhas a song calledPeople Get Ready
People Get Readyhas a song calledCathedral
Cathedralhas a song calledAutumn Twilight
Autumn Twilighthas a song calledExodus
Exodushas a song calledOpen Season
Open Seasonhas a song calledHidden Agenda
Hidden Agendahas a song calledControl
Controlhas a song calledAffliction
Afflictionhas a song calledThe Cause
The Causehas a song calledRaid
Raidhas a song calledAbove the Law
Above the Lawhas a song calledWicked
Wickedhas a song calledRadiation Sickness
Radiation Sicknesshas a song calledRuthless
Ruthlesshas a song calledMadness
Madnesshas a song calledRainbows
Rainbowshas a song calledHoly Fuck
Holy Fuckhas a song calledStilettos
Stilettoshas a song calledLolita
Lolitahas a song calledTriana
Trianahas a song calledFin
Finhas a song calledPrecious
Precioushas a song calledRewind
Rewindhas a song calledNatural
Naturalhas a song calledAncient History
Ancient Historyhas a song calledClover Honey
Clover Honeyhas a song calledOmar
Omarhas a song calledGoodness
Goodnesshas a song calledThe River
The Riverhas a song calledAmber
Amberhas a song calledNoah
Noahhas a song calledDroid
Droidhas a song calledScotty
Scottyhas a song calledSesame Street
Sesame Streethas a song calledImagination
Imaginationhas a song calledParanoia
Paranoiahas a song calledKaos
KAOShas a song calledRize
RIZEhas a song calledROCKS
Rockshas a song calledGuts
Gutshas a song calledMetis
Metishas a song calledRiddim
Riddimhas a song calledConquering Lion
Conquering Lionhas a song calledPower of Trinity
Power of Trinityhas a song called11
11has a song calledCrash
CRASHhas a song calledScream
Screamhas a song calledNo Escape
No Escapehas a song calledDowntime
Downtimehas a song calledRestless
Restlesshas a song calledAndalusia
Andalusiahas a song calledFailure
Failurehas a song calledBlank
Blankhas a song calledBalance
Balancehas a song calledYoung Man
Young Manhas a song calledFive
Fivehas a song calledInvincible
Invinciblehas a song calledShiver
Shiverhas a song calledGray
Grayhas a song calledMantra
Mantrahas a song calledWelkin
Welkinhas a song calledDownfall
Downfallhas a song calledBlank Generation
Blank Generationhas a song calledAnother Victim
Another Victimhas a song calledThe Undertaker
The Undertakerhas a song calledFlatliner
Flatlinerhas a song calledBig Bang
BIGBANGhas a song calledCafe
Cafehas a song calledTreat Her Right
Treat Her Righthas a song calledLove Me
Love Mehas a song calledSticky
Stickyhas a song calledTea for Two
Tea for Twohas a song called101
101has a song calledWhat If?
wHaT iF?has a song calledHide and Seek
Hide and Seekhas a song calledHey Tiger
Hey Tigerhas a song calledAtmosphere
Atmospherehas a song calledDreamer
Dreamerhas a song calledSea
Seahas a song calledSparrow
Sparrowhas a song calledThe Early Years
The Early Yearshas a song calledRats
Ratshas a song calledQueen
Queenhas a song calledUnder Pressure
Under Pressurehas a song calledSafety
Safetyhas a song calledPiece of Mind
Piece of Mindhas a song calledIron Maiden
Iron Maidenhas a song calledWhere Eagles Dare
Where Eagles Darehas a song calledIntensive Care Unit
Intensive Care Unithas a song calledVoyager
Voyagerhas a song calledStasis
Stasishas a song calledExpress
Expresshas a song calledDina Carroll
Dina Carrollhas a song calledHeaven Sent
Heaven Senthas a song calledBaby Love
Baby Lovehas a song calledJack and Jill
Jack and Jillhas a song calledAddict
Addicthas a song calledHeavy
HEAVyhas a song calledCountdown
Countdownhas a song calledJam
Jamhas a song calledTu
TUhas a song calledSumo
Sumohas a song calledFree Bass
Freebasshas a song calledPlan B
Plan Bhas a song calledBroke
Brokehas a song calledSwell
Swellhas a song calledDisdain
Disdainhas a song calledScarred
Scarredhas a song calledProcess
Processhas a song calledFiction
Fictionhas a song calledMuseum
Museumhas a song calledPoison
Poisonhas a song calledStand
Standhas a song calledAnorak
Anorakhas a song calledVain
Vainhas a song calledNo Respect
No Respecthas a song calledSubculture
Subculturehas a song calledHarmonics
Harmonicshas a song calledEverybody Everybody
Everybody Everybodyhas a song calledII
iihas a song calledMerzbow
Merzbowhas a song calledBlack Swan
Black Swanhas a song calledAeterna
Aeternahas a song calledWave
WAVEhas a song calledENTERPRISE
Enterprisehas a song calledEniac
Eniachas a song calledNapoleon
Napoleonhas a song calledCinderella
Cinderellahas a song calledFire and Ice
Fire and Icehas a song calledMirrors
Mirrorshas a song calledMixtape
Mixtapehas a song calledLast Forever
Last Foreverhas a song calledCasey Jones
Casey Joneshas a song calledBlue Tears
Blue Tearshas a song calledFast Times
Fast Timeshas a song calledRiot Act
Riot Acthas a song calledStomp
Stomphas a song calledSnakes
Snakeshas a song calledGadget
Gadgethas a song calledUnrest
Unresthas a song calledSeparation
Separationhas a song calledDivision
Divisionhas a song calledTapping the Vein
Tapping the Veinhas a song calledInclined
Inclinedhas a song calledAtom
Atomhas a song calledHana
Hanahas a song calledAbsent
Absenthas a song calledTruth
Truthhas a song calledLab Rat
Lab Rathas a song calledGardenia
Gardeniahas a song calledIskra
Iskrahas a song calledOka
OKAhas a song calledJava
Javahas a song calledLa Guerre
La Guerrehas a song calledOvercoat
OverCoathas a song calledLight Pollution
Light Pollutionhas a song calledFever Dreams
feverdreamshas a song calledpart 2
Part 2has a song calledNote
Notehas a song calledPM
PMhas a song calledIndia
Indiahas a song calledSolitude
Solitudehas a song calledTwisted
Twistedhas a song calledAlbion
Albionhas a song calledLiquid Flow
Liquid Flowhas a song calledSecond Coming
Second Cominghas a song calledSoft
Softhas a song calledSympathy
Sympathyhas a song calledInsurrection
Insurrectionhas a song calledFear Tomorrow
Fear Tomorrowhas a song calledIn Cold Blood
In Cold Bloodhas a song calledScars of Life
Scars of Lifehas a song calledLemon
Lemonhas a song calledBackseat
Backseathas a song calledThe Poet
The Poethas a song calledThe Men From Del Bosca
The Men From Del Boscahas a song calledMass Hysteria
Mass Hysteriahas a song calledZion
Zionhas a song calledAmor
Amorhas a song called24 Hours
24Hourshas a song calledFuzz
Fuzzhas a song calledRaise
Raisehas a song calledIn Between the Lines
In Between the Lineshas a song calledHeroes
Heroeshas a song called666
666has a song calledDiablo
Diablohas a song calledRenaissance
Renaissancehas a song calledBy the Way
By The Wayhas a song calledCarry On
Carry Onhas a song calledThe View
The Viewhas a song calledGrace
Gracehas a song calledDesire
Desirehas a song calledDawn
Dawnhas a song calledMurphy's Law
Murphy's Lawhas a song calledStay Gold
Stay Goldhas a song calledBlack Eyes
Black Eyeshas a song calledDrums
Drumshas a song calledGiants
Giantshas a song calledVessels
Vesselshas a song calledDescent
Descenthas a song calledCrime
Crimehas a song calledSamurai
Samuraihas a song calledMoto
Motohas a song calledHiLo
Hilohas a song calledThe Sleep of Reason
The Sleep of Reasonhas a song calledAlabaster
Alabasterhas a song calledFate
Fatehas a song calledSimone
Simonehas a song calledMoon River
Moon Riverhas a song calledVisions
Visionshas a song calledPassage
Passagehas a song calledFable
Fablehas a song calledBuster Blue
Buster Bluehas a song calledIsabelle
Isabellehas a song calledEsperanza
Esperanzahas a song calledRio
Riohas a song calledFiori
Fiorihas a song calledMarseille
Marseillehas a song calledCan Can
Can Canhas a song calledEskimo
Eskimohas a song calledLV
LVhas a song calledDL
DLhas a song calledJosephine
Josephinehas a song calledIdentity
Identityhas a song calledCuba Libre
Cuba Librehas a song calledAlegria
Alegriahas a song calledLa Luna
La Lunahas a song calledNebel
NEBELhas a song calledMartyrium
Martyriumhas a song calledPromises
Promiseshas a song calledEmptiness
Emptinesshas a song calledOblivion II
Oblivion IIhas a song calledSword
Swordhas a song calledCaught In The Act
Caught in the Acthas a song calledBabe
Babehas a song calledWonderboy
Wonderboyhas a song calledTaken
Takenhas a song calledThe Duke
The Dukehas a song calledElizabeth
Elizabethhas a song calledWhen All Else Fails
When All Else Failshas a song calledRoom With a View
Room With a Viewhas a song calledDepartures
Departureshas a song calledContempt
Contempthas a song calledFrank Sinatra
Frank Sinatrahas a song calledSay It
Sayithas a song calledJohn Doe
Johndoehas a song calledKonflikt
Konflikthas a song calledRebel
Rebelhas a song calledNobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfecthas a song calledCelebration
Celebrationhas a song calledLost Souls
Lost Soulshas a song calledSkid Row
Skid Rowhas a song calledInto Another
Into Anotherhas a song calledRobot Whales
Robot Whaleshas a song calledVehicle
Vehiclehas a song calledRevelation
Revelationhas a song calledThe Real Thing
The Real Thinghas a song calledSpark
Sparkhas a song calledFlower
Flowerhas a song calledCALL
Callhas a song calledFlesh
Fleshhas a song calledInternal
Internalhas a song calledDeliverance
Deliverancehas a song calledFlesh & Blood
Flesh & Bloodhas a song calledMedieval
Medievalhas a song calledHype
Hypehas a song calledMichelle
Michellehas a song calledBossa Nova
Bossa Novahas a song calledBrigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardothas a song calledSaint Tropez
Saint Tropezhas a song calledMonaca
MONACAhas a song calledVS
Vshas a song calledDemons
Demonshas a song calledHellstorm
Hellstormhas a song calledForked
Forkedhas a song calledVehemence
Vehemencehas a song calledNo One Wins
No One Winshas a song calledMartyr
Martyrhas a song calledArs Nova
Ars Novahas a song calledAnkh
Ankhhas a song calledEscape
Escapehas a song calledCrisis de Fe
Crisis de Fehas a song calledKingdom Come
Kingdom Comehas a song calledOutsider
Outsiderhas a song calledBring Me the Horizon
Bring Me the Horizonhas a song calledMemorial
Memorialhas a song calledEthereal
Etherealhas a song calledRebirth
Rebirthhas a song calledA Forest Mighty Black
A Forest Mighty Blackhas a song calledLittle Princess
Little Princesshas a song calledMystery
Mysteryhas a song calledSubmerged
Submergedhas a song calledAlive
Alivehas a song calledNo More Excuses
No More Excuseshas a song calledIgnite
Ignitehas a song calledBlack Light
Black Lighthas a song calledArena
Arenahas a song calledDouble Vision
Double Visionhas a song calledIncognito
Incognitohas a song calledToo Far Gone
Too Far Gonehas a song calledHalfway Home
Half Way Homehas a song calledBeautiful Day
Beautiful Dayhas a song calledMind Games
Mindgameshas a song calledSagittarius
Sagittariushas a song calledExplorer
Explorerhas a song calledRabbits
Rabbitshas a song calledRot
ROThas a song calledDrunk Driver
Drunkdriverhas a song calledProduct
Producthas a song calledVicious Circle
Vicious Circlehas a song calledHavana
Havanahas a song calledShift
Shifthas a song calledEl Diablo
El Diablohas a song calledEquus
Equushas a song calledEpona
Eponahas a song calledIndigo
INDIGOhas a song calledDesafinado
Desafinadohas a song calledVacuum
Vacuumhas a song calledIcaros
Icaroshas a song calledElevator
Elevatorhas a song calledSteal
Stealhas a song calledLove Life
Lovelifehas a song calledOdyssey
Odysseyhas a song calledPyramids
Pyramidshas a song calledDelta
Deltahas a song calledElephant Man
Elephant Manhas a song calledBumper
Bumperhas a song calledDetroit
Detroithas a song calledKing Kong
King Konghas a song calledBlack Hole
Blackholehas a song calledPoker Face
Poker Facehas a song calledFather
Fatherhas a song calledOrigins
Originshas a song calledEnchanter
Enchanterhas a song calledThor
Thorhas a song calledCreature Feature
Creature Featurehas a song calledBuried Alive
Buried Alivehas a song calledNumb
Numbhas a song calledWake
Wakehas a song calledMalefaction
Malefactionhas a song calledUnjust
Unjusthas a song calledFace Down
Facedownhas a song calledWartime
Wartimehas a song calledThe Drifter
The Drifterhas a song calledLovers
Lovershas a song calledTransparent
Transparenthas a song calledHusk
Huskhas a song calledLodestar
Lodestarhas a song calledAftertaste
Aftertastehas a song calledHeart & Soul
Heart & Soulhas a song calledElaine
Elainehas a song calledRochelle
Rochellehas a song calledMouth
Mouthhas a song calledMedusa
Medusahas a song calledNavigator
Navigatorhas a song calledBlood
BLOODhas a song calledVICE
Vicehas a song calledSpectrum
Spectrumhas a song calledCrossroads
Crossroadshas a song calledMobile
Mobilehas a song calledTroika
Troikahas a song calledThe Chariot
The Chariothas a song calledNot
NOThas a song calledSen
SENhas a song calledJem
Jemhas a song calledEasy Way Out
Easy Way Outhas a song calledSophia
Sophiahas a song calledGenius
Geniushas a song calledCold World
ColdWorldhas a song calledCancer
Cancerhas a song calledSlight Return
Slight Returnhas a song calledStockholm
Stockholmhas a song calledGoodbye Tomorrow
Goodbye Tomorrowhas a song calledBy a Thread
By a Threadhas a song calledFashion
Fashionhas a song calledHurricane
Hurricanehas a song calledBaby Snakes
Baby Snakeshas a song calledOrmen
Ormenhas a song calledCirkus
Cirkushas a song calledBell
Bellhas a song calledPlayground
Playgroundhas a song calledDolphins
Dolphinshas a song calledLenny Bruce
Lenny Brucehas a song calledLawrence Ferlinghetti
Lawrence Ferlinghettihas a song calledDog
Doghas a song calledBliss
Blisshas a song calledLifetime
Lifetimehas a song calledAmpersand
Ampersandhas a song calledUndecided
Undecidedhas a song calledGargoyle
Gargoylehas a song calledEnigma
Enigmahas a song calledCamera Obscura
Camera Obscurahas a song calledDory Previn
Dory Previnhas a song calledAftershock
AFTeRSHOCKhas a song calledGod Complex
God Complexhas a song calledOverflow
Overflowhas a song calledUnion
Unionhas a song calledDead
DEADhas a song calledAnyway
Anywayhas a song calledUseless
Uselesshas a song calledC.O.R.
C.O.R.has a song calledBastard
Bastardhas a song calledMisery
Miseryhas a song calledComa
Comahas a song calledCycle
Cyclehas a song calledExist One
Existonehas a song calledWounded Soul
Wounded Soulhas a song calledWillow
Willowhas a song calledWelcome Mat
Welcome Mathas a song calledPlay Me
Playmehas a song calledRazor
Razorhas a song calledHypertension
Hypertensionhas a song calledDeath Wish
Death Wishhas a song calledBane
Banehas a song calledTruth Inside
Truth Insidehas a song calledAbstain
Abstainhas a song calledLoner
Lonerhas a song calledSoho
Sohohas a song calledHawk
Hawkhas a song calledBattle Zone
Battle Zonehas a song calledEngland
Englandhas a song calledParadise Lost
Paradise Losthas a song calledDaylight Torn
Daylight Tornhas a song calledMoments
Momentshas a song calledBen Sims
Ben Simshas a song calledTribe
Tribehas a song calledOutside
Outsidehas a song calledBlue Sky
Blue Skyhas a song calledBebe
Bebehas a song calledElla
Ellahas a song calledDemi
Demihas a song calledD-Drive
D-Drivehas a song calledVersus
Versushas a song calledScientists
Scientistshas a song calledSolid Gold Hell
Solid Gold Hellhas a song calledHearse
Hearsehas a song calledNaked Truth
Naked Truthhas a song calledRed River
Red Riverhas a song calledCheap Thrills
Cheap Thrillshas a song calledWe're All Broken
We're All Brokenhas a song calledAmbrosia
Ambrosiahas a song calledIce Age
Ice Agehas a song calledHowl
Howlhas a song calledHigh Hopes
High Hopeshas a song calledRavenous
Ravenoushas a song calledAbhor
Abhorhas a song calledWizard
Wizardhas a song calledUnicorn
Unicornhas a song calledEasy
Easyhas a song calledHorisont
Horisonthas a song calledThe Unseen
The Unseenhas a song calledDisgust
Disgusthas a song calledMother Earth
Mother Earthhas a song calledDragster
Dragsterhas a song calledAmbitions
Ambitionshas a song calledIn Between
In Betweenhas a song calledDuncan Sheik
Duncan Sheikhas a song calledAltered
Alteredhas a song calledSinister
Sinisterhas a song calledCrown of Thorns
Crown of Thornshas a song calledOnly One
Onlyonehas a song calledSavage
Savagehas a song calledOn the Rocks
On the Rockshas a song calledDisco Inferno
Disco Infernohas a song calledElephant
Elephanthas a song calledWolf Cry
Wolfcryhas a song calledVanguard
Vanguardhas a song calledScarlet
Scarlethas a song calledChemistry
CHEMISTRYhas a song calledIndependence
In Dependencehas a song calledNobody
Nobodyhas a song calledHarmony
Harmonyhas a song calledKingdom
Kingdomhas a song calledCorpse
Corpsehas a song calledDiversions
Diversionshas a song calledSunday Brunch
Sunday Brunchhas a song calledFesten
Festenhas a song calledFamily Tree
Family Treehas a song calledVirgo
Virgohas a song calledBaby Doll
Babydollhas a song calledMuletrain
Muletrainhas a song calledBack Door
Back Doorhas a song calledFolk Song
Folk songhas a song calledLondon Bridge
London Bridgehas a song calledPussycat
Pussycathas a song calledBad Boy
Bad Boyhas a song calledElectric
Electrichas a song calledContagious
Contagioushas a song calledLarry
Larryhas a song calledBlack September
Black Septemberhas a song calledDefiance
Defiancehas a song calledPerfect Nothing
Perfect Nothinghas a song calledGod
Godhas a song calledMeat Head
Meatheadhas a song calledLoser
Loserhas a song calledNobody Knows
Nobody Knowshas a song calledFrench Toast
French Toasthas a song calledTreason
Treasonhas a song calledFuneral
Funeralhas a song calledDemise
Demisehas a song calledRavaged
Ravagedhas a song calledMaster
Masterhas a song calledCheater
Cheaterhas a song calledSeconds Away
Seconds Awayhas a song calledDisengage
Disengagehas a song calledExhaust
Exhausthas a song calledIce Storm
Icestormhas a song calledTempesta
Tempestahas a song calledOpposite
Oppositehas a song calledTrees
Treeshas a song calledSomething Wicked
Something Wickedhas a song calledAbstract
Abstracthas a song calledWar
Warhas a song calledTotal War
Total Warhas a song calledThis Is Total War
This is Total Warhas a song calledL.o.v.e.
L.O.V.E.has a song calledBoy
BOYhas a song calledBoris
Borishas a song calledFlood
Floodhas a song calledAphelion
Aphelionhas a song calledSyd
Sydhas a song calledSummer
Summerhas a song calledMorgen
Morgenhas a song calledPurple
Purplehas a song calledBig Light
Big Lighthas a song calledBerlin
Berlinhas a song calledCity Lights
City Lightshas a song calledAll the Right Moves
All the Right Moveshas a song calledWasted Youth
Wasted Youthhas a song calledBucket Head
Bucketheadhas a song calledCrack the Sky
Crack the Skyhas a song calledSafety in Numbers
Safety in Numbershas a song calledSleuth
Sleuthhas a song calledBulletproof
Bulletproofhas a song calledSyria
Syriahas a song called1968
1968has a song calledMorgenrot
Morgenrothas a song calledHelden
Heldenhas a song calledHolding On
Holding Onhas a song calledFool's Gold
Fool's Goldhas a song calledLantern
Lanternhas a song calledRevenant
Revenanthas a song calledAgent Orange
Agent Orangehas a song calledSign of the Times
Sign of the Timeshas a song calledPoint Blank
Point Blankhas a song calledOut of Darkness
Out of Darknesshas a song calledMoses
Moseshas a song calledDehydrated
Dehydratedhas a song calledDie Angst
Die Angsthas a song calledEngelmacher
Engelmacherhas a song calledBirds of a Feather
Birds of a Featherhas a song calledAs It Is
As It Ishas a song calledEvermore
Evermorehas a song calledReal Life
Real Lifehas a song calledSkin
Skinhas a song calledPleasure
Pleasurehas a song calledJoyous
Joyoushas a song calledSame as You
Sameasyouhas a song calledMontana
Montanahas a song calledFreaks
Freakshas a song calledMute
Mutehas a song calledShredder
Shredderhas a song calledFacelift
Facelifthas a song calledHeadcrash
HeadCrashhas a song calledShelter
Shelterhas a song calledAfter Forever
After Foreverhas a song calledDiscord
Discordhas a song calledRampage
Rampagehas a song calledMassacra
Massacrahas a song calledZero Tolerance
Zero Tolerancehas a song calledThe Alarm
The Alarmhas a song calledThe Crescent
The Crescenthas a song calledParallel
Parallelhas a song calledParallax
Parallaxhas a song calledDeep Purple
Deep Purplehas a song calledWild Dogs
Wild Dogshas a song calledTwo Wrongs
Two Wrongshas a song calledSuffer
Sufferhas a song calledCarpe Diem
Carpe Diemhas a song calledThe Buzz
The Buzzhas a song calledInsanity
Insanityhas a song calledBlood for Blood
Blood for Bloodhas a song calledAce of Spades
Ace of Spadeshas a song calledIron Fist
Iron Fisthas a song calledPrison
Prisonhas a song calledPunishment
Punishmenthas a song calledStigmata
Stigmatahas a song calledPhobos
Phoboshas a song called1969
1969has a song calledWednesday
Wednesdayhas a song calledRoses Are Red
Roses Are Redhas a song calledAngela
angelahas a song calledLink
Linkhas a song calledThe Originator
The Originatorhas a song calledKings Highway
Kings Highwayhas a song calledGod's Child
God's Childhas a song calledWolf
Wolfhas a song calledNight Stalker
Nightstalkerhas a song calledThe Light
The Lighthas a song calledPhantom
PHANTOMhas a song calledIce
Icehas a song calledThe Swimmer
The Swimmerhas a song calledStand By
Standbyhas a song calledRetrospect
Retrospecthas a song calledOne In A Million
One in a Millionhas a song calledHugo
Hugohas a song calledRita
Ritahas a song calledBo
Bohas a song calledSaké
Sakéhas a song calledLa spirale
La Spiralehas a song calledLes Enfants des ténèbres
Les Enfants des Ténèbreshas a song calledPoltergeist
Poltergeisthas a song calledWriting on the Wall
Writing on the Wallhas a song calledLadybird
Ladybirdhas a song calledDelight
Delighthas a song calledMore
Morehas a song calledThe Eye
The Eyehas a song calledHigh
Highhas a song calledAlbatross
Albatrosshas a song calledThree
Threehas a song calledJust Friends
Just Friendshas a song calledAvalanche
Avalanchehas a song calledFriendzone
Friendzonehas a song calledAdore
Adorehas a song calledAfterlife
Afterlifehas a song calledBreather
Breatherhas a song calledAnchor
Anchorhas a song calledSearch
Searchhas a song calledMusafir
Musafirhas a song calledYad
YaDhas a song calledSuperstar
Super Starhas a song calledAirwaves
Air Waveshas a song calledKnock Out
KnockOuthas a song calledNever Said
Neversaidhas a song calledShooting Gallery
Shooting Galleryhas a song calledDandelion
Dandelionhas a song calledWhatever
Whateverhas a song calledTin Soldiers
Tin Soldiershas a song calledFive By Five
Five By Fivehas a song calledSoul Man
Soulmanhas a song calledGhost in the Machine
Ghost in the Machinehas a song calledBacklash
Backlashhas a song calledAlter Ego
Alter Egohas a song calledDeviate
Deviatehas a song calledMalefactor
Malefactorhas a song calledMetal Church
Metal Churchhas a song calledOver My Dead Body
Over My Dead Bodyhas a song calledTunnel Vision
Tunnelvisionhas a song calledParasites
Parasiteshas a song calledRefuge
Refugehas a song calledDream State
dreamSTATEhas a song calledWatershed
Watershedhas a song calledTherapy
Therapyhas a song calledSarasvati
SARASVATIhas a song calleddioxide
Dioxidehas a song calledVenus
Venushas a song calledSouth
Southhas a song calledNine Lives
Nine Liveshas a song calledDelmar
Del Marhas a song calledFlight
Flighthas a song calledReal Estate
Real Estatehas a song calledOut of Tune
Out of Tunehas a song calledPhone Call
PhoneCallhas a song calledChampion
Championhas a song calledMonument
Monumenthas a song calledPortraits
Portraitshas a song calledD
Dhas a song calledArabesque
Arabesquehas a song calledFreaking
Freakinghas a song calledHypnosis
Hypnosishas a song calledFull Bloom
Full Bloomhas a song calledStrangers
Strangershas a song calledNOMA
Nomahas a song calledSoon
Soonhas a song calledAnchorage
Anchoragehas a song calledTragedy
Tragedyhas a song calledThe Waiting
The Waitinghas a song calledThe Last Cry
The Last Cryhas a song calledRebekka
Rebekkahas a song calledEvensong
Even Songhas a song calledMysterium
Mysteriumhas a song calledSirrah
Sirrahhas a song calledIridium
Iridiumhas a song calledGracie
Graciehas a song calledSisters
Sistershas a song calledHappy New Year
Happy New Yearhas a song calledBig Stick
Big Stickhas a song calledHellfire
Hellfirehas a song calledNightbreed
Nightbreedhas a song calledThe Theme
The Themehas a song calledSyncopate
Syncopatehas a song calledAndroid
Androidhas a song calledInteractive
Interactivehas a song calledDildo
Dildohas a song calledDomingo
Domingohas a song calledSimon
Simonhas a song calledSig
SIGhas a song calledNocturne
Nocturnehas a song calledShock
Shockhas a song calledOverseas
Overseashas a song calledDown Below
Down Belowhas a song calledFrei
Freihas a song calledSouvenir
Souvenirhas a song calledEvangeline
Evangelinehas a song calledWe Will Fly
We Will Flyhas a song calledFervid
Fervidhas a song calledThe Reason
The Reasonhas a song calledTortoise
Tortoisehas a song calledSeneca
Senecahas a song calledPalehorse
Palehorsehas a song calledThe Deed
The Deedhas a song calledPortland
Portlandhas a song calledCale
Calehas a song calledThe Family
The Familyhas a song calledFathead
Fatheadhas a song calledGrimace
Grimacehas a song calledCamouflage
Camouflagehas a song calledThief
Thiefhas a song calledAtlantic
Atlantichas a song calledIn Time
InTimehas a song calledApplause
Applausehas a song calledThe Woods
The Woodshas a song calledSlut
Sluthas a song calledGround
Groundhas a song calledInsomniac
Insomniachas a song calledMinority
Minorityhas a song calledFind Me
Find Mehas a song calledOne Soul
One Soulhas a song calledBeauty
Beautyhas a song calledExit Wound
Exit Woundhas a song calledDamage
Damagehas a song calledTrendy
Trendyhas a song calledPipe Dream
PIPEDREAMhas a song calledSink
Sinkhas a song calledNecropolis
Necropolishas a song calledAsh
Ashhas a song calledPolaris
Polarishas a song calledAfterglow
Afterglowhas a song calledMorning
Morninghas a song calledError
Errorhas a song calledDevastation
Devastationhas a song calledDesolation
Desolationhas a song calledSeverance
Severancehas a song calledBlack Heart
Blackhearthas a song calledAirbag
Airbaghas a song calledColours
Colourshas a song calledRazzia
Razziahas a song calledDepression
Depressionhas a song calledThe Ritual
The Ritualhas a song calledSpeed Freak
Speedfreakhas a song calledIron Horse
Iron Horsehas a song calledSupernaut
Supernauthas a song calledEli
eLihas a song calledValleys
Valleyshas a song calledTan Lines
Tanlineshas a song calledZ
Zhas a song calledPolar Bear
Polar Bearhas a song calledFarm
farmhas a song calledDiamond
Diamondhas a song calledThe Hiatus
the HIATUShas a song calledDoom
DOOMhas a song calledYikes
Yikeshas a song calledCarol Ann
Carol Annhas a song calledNewborn
Newbornhas a song calledPrometheus
Prometheushas a song calledOscar
Oscarhas a song calledNeedles
Needleshas a song calledAutumn Leaves
Autumn Leaveshas a song calledSerpent
Serpenthas a song calledSlave
Slavehas a song calledComing Soon
Coming Soonhas a song calledMemento Mori
Memento Morihas a song calledFear of God
Fear of Godhas a song calledAll That Remains
All That Remainshas a song calledErase
Erasehas a song calledThe Machine
The Machinehas a song calledUs and Them
Us and Themhas a song calledThe Trial
The Trialhas a song calledMake-Up
MAKE-UPhas a song calledREPLY
Replyhas a song calledBe
Behas a song calledBlack Rain
Black Rainhas a song calledSteel Warrior
Steel Warriorhas a song calledPower Metal
Power Metalhas a song calledGila
Gilahas a song calledAround Midnight
Around Midnighthas a song calledMysteria
Mysteriahas a song calledLift
Lifthas a song calledSimplicity
Simplicityhas a song calledMagdalena
Magdalenahas a song calledLeft Alone
Left Alonehas a song calledPorcelain
Porcelainhas a song calledFound
FOUNDhas a song calledShallow
Shallowhas a song calledTitanic
Titanichas a song calledHalf Breed
Halfbreedhas a song calledCritical Impact
Critical Impacthas a song calledTall Order
Tall Orderhas a song calledOverkill
Overkillhas a song calledIn Vain
In Vainhas a song calledDiscontinued
Discontinuedhas a song calledThe Shakes
The Shakeshas a song calledCrocodile Tears
Crocodile Tearshas a song calledVillage Idiot
Village Idiothas a song calledWither
Witherhas a song calledSin
Sinhas a song calledJulia
Juliahas a song calledMiosis
Miosishas a song calledFlow
FLOWhas a song calledHands
Handshas a song calledIgnorance
Ignorancehas a song calledThe Garden
The Gardenhas a song calledNeverland
Neverlandhas a song calledThe Devil
The Devilhas a song calledJack In The Box
Jack in the Boxhas a song calledBlack flag
Black Flaghas a song calledObliteration
Obliterationhas a song calledRepent
Repenthas a song calledThe Undead
The Undeadhas a song calledUndead
Undeadhas a song calledSanctuary
Sanctuaryhas a song calledEpitaph
Epitaphhas a song calledReflexion
Reflexionhas a song calledAnguish
Anguishhas a song calledThe Veil
The Veilhas a song calledSway
Swayhas a song calledFaceless
Facelesshas a song calledSweet Baby
Sweet Babyhas a song calledDaddy Cool
Daddy Coolhas a song calledLollipop
Lollipophas a song calledDown Down Down
Down Down Downhas a song calledMiles Away
Miles Awayhas a song calledGhostwriter
Ghostwriterhas a song calledClock
Clockhas a song calledUnderdog
Underdoghas a song calledSpecial Forces
Special Forceshas a song calledPropaganda
Propagandahas a song calledCount Zero
Count Zerohas a song calledRoach Motel
Roach Motelhas a song calledMore Beer
More Beerhas a song calledFar
Farhas a song calledBurns
BURNShas a song calledTurbo
Turbohas a song calledEmbryo
Embryohas a song calledRaft
Rafthas a song calledLeisure
Leisurehas a song calledLevity
Levityhas a song calledGrave
Gravehas a song calledDeformed
Deformedhas a song calledChristian Death
Christian Deathhas a song calledBefore the Rain
Before the Rainhas a song calledFrail
Frailhas a song calledIdeal
Idealhas a song calledSchwein
Schweinhas a song calledSpank the Monkey
Spank the Monkeyhas a song calledBabysitter
babysitterhas a song calledAngel of Death
Angel of Deathhas a song calledRadio Music
Radio Musichas a song calledJohnny Angel
Johnny Angelhas a song calledThe Fever
The Feverhas a song calledMr. Baby
Mr. Babyhas a song calledA Death In The Family
A Death in the Familyhas a song calledTraffic
Traffichas a song calledRainmaker
Rainmakerhas a song calledRenegade Master
Renegade Masterhas a song calledWild Child
Wildchildhas a song calledCode Red
Code Redhas a song calledWhiplash
Whiplashhas a song calledMary Mary
Mary Maryhas a song calledBoom
Boomhas a song calledMiłość
Miłośćhas a song calledThe Impossible
The Impossiblehas a song calledWidowmaker
Widowmakerhas a song calledCircles
Circleshas a song calledThe Frontline
The Frontlinehas a song calledThe Rich
The Richhas a song calledEl Greco
El Grecohas a song calledSouvlaki
Souvlakihas a song calledNadadora
Nadadorahas a song calledClaudia
Claudiahas a song calledKindergarten
Kindergartenhas a song calledCrisis
Crisishas a song calledAfter the Flood
After the Floodhas a song calledHerald
Heraldhas a song calledThe Sentinel
The Sentinelhas a song calledDig Deeper
Dig Deeperhas a song calledTalk Show
Talk Showhas a song calledHide
hidehas a song calledSCANNER
Scannerhas a song calledRoscoe
Roscoehas a song calledYou Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Mehas a song calledYouth
Youthhas a song calledHalf Moon
Half Moonhas a song calledHero
Herohas a song calledGwendolyn
Gwendolynhas a song calledWide Awake
Wideawakehas a song calledBoston
Bostonhas a song calledAudience
Audiencehas a song calledJackdaw
Jackdawhas a song calledPieces
Pieceshas a song calledGinger
Gingerhas a song calledBulb
Bulbhas a song calledHitman
Hitmanhas a song calledHell Train
Helltrainhas a song calledKingsize
Kingsizehas a song calledAerosol
Aerosolhas a song calledSummer Rain
Summer Rainhas a song calledATB
ATBhas a song calledFahrenheit 451
Fahrenheit 451has a song calledBlack Dahlia
Black Dahliahas a song calledEncryption
Encryptionhas a song calledAnimal Kingdom
Animal Kingdomhas a song calledEverything at Once
Everything at Oncehas a song calledHit the Deck
Hit the Deckhas a song calledMRR
Mr Rhas a song called1, 2, 3
1,2,3has a song calledConfetti
Confettihas a song calledCorduroy
Corduroyhas a song calledEvolver
Evolverhas a song calledInc.
inc.has a song calledCareful
Carefulhas a song calledQuite
Quitehas a song calledAim
Aimhas a song calledAberdeen
Aberdeenhas a song calledFlorida
Flo Ridahas a song calledLow
Lowhas a song calledLong Long Long
Long Long Longhas a song calledGeorge Harrison
George Harrisonhas a song calledT
thas a song calledThe Dark
The Darkhas a song calledTaste
Tastehas a song calledCatfish
Catfishhas a song calledStand Off
Stand Offhas a song calledInner Strength
Inner Strengthhas a song calledDespair
Despairhas a song calledJoy Division
Joy Divisionhas a song calledShadowplay
Shadowplayhas a song calledFoam
Foamhas a song calledGather
Gatherhas a song calledEscalate
Escalatehas a song calledThe Softies
The Softieshas a song calledFortune
Fortunehas a song calledBad Blood
Bad Bloodhas a song calledFeed Me
Feed Mehas a song calledChain Smoker
Chainsmokerhas a song calledAluminium
Aluminiumhas a song calledAstro
Astrohas a song calledPanda
Pandahas a song calledLino
Linohas a song calledWolfgang
Wolf Ganghas a song calledThe Kill
The Killhas a song calledTechnohead
Technoheadhas a song calledHappy Birthday
HAPPY BIRTHDAYhas a song calledK
Khas a song calledHard Times
Hard Timeshas a song calledSense
Sensehas a song calledKeiko
KEIKOhas a song calledHUMANRACE
Human Racehas a song calledGrey Boy
Greyboyhas a song calledPanacea
Panaceahas a song calledTequila
Tequilahas a song calledIsrael
Israelhas a song calledRescue
Rescuehas a song calledThe Difference
The Differencehas a song calledNo Man's Land
No Man's Landhas a song calledMalédiction
Malédictionhas a song calledAbsynthe
AbSynthehas a song calledPurity
Purityhas a song calledDark Water
Darkwaterhas a song calledShattered
Shatteredhas a song calledJade
Jadehas a song calledMade of Steel
Made of Steelhas a song calledSnow
Snowhas a song calledCaterpillar
Caterpillarhas a song calledRed Eye
Red Eyehas a song calledOoh La La
Ooh La Lahas a song calledFree at Last
Free at Lasthas a song calledRosie
Rosiehas a song calledBad Taste
Bad Tastehas a song calledMag
MAGhas a song calledAmbush
Ambushhas a song calledSheep
Sheephas a song calledBurning Sky
Burning Skyhas a song calledNative funk
Native Funkhas a song calledSolo
Solohas a song calledRawmania
Rawmaniahas a song calledRiff Raff
Riff Raffhas a song calledSpeed
SPEEDhas a song calledEternity
ETERNITYhas a song calledEmmanuel
Emmanuelhas a song calledParade
Paradehas a song calledSerpentina
Serpentinahas a song calledMercurio
Mercuriohas a song calledAcoustic
Acoustichas a song calledTease
Teasehas a song calledUprising
Uprisinghas a song calledSensi
Sensihas a song calledBop
Bophas a song calledUniversum
Universumhas a song calledWar of Ages
War of Ageshas a song calledThe Awakening
The Awakeninghas a song calledSelf
Selfhas a song calledPaper Route
Paper Routehas a song calledThe Sound
The Soundhas a song calledHeartland
Heartlandhas a song calledBuilt to Last
Built to Lasthas a song calledMan Down
Mandownhas a song calledFor the Better
For the Betterhas a song calledUnfold
Unfoldhas a song calledCoaxial
Coaxialhas a song calledIllusion
Illusionhas a song calledAsia
Asiahas a song calledThe Prophet
The Prophethas a song calledSpiral
Spiralhas a song calledHybrid
Hybridhas a song calledMr Smith
Mr Smithhas a song calledFar Away
Farawayhas a song calledApple
Applehas a song calledPsycho Daisies
Psycho Daisieshas a song calledLove Supreme
Love Supremehas a song calledV
Vhas a song calledBlood, Sweat &Tears
Blood, Sweat & Tearshas a song calledMirror Image
Mirror Imagehas a song calledLonestar
Lonestarhas a song calledMountains
Mountainshas a song calledSimmer
Simmerhas a song calledRedrum
Redrumhas a song calledAftermath
Aftermathhas a song calledStrain
Strainhas a song calledAltar
Altarhas a song calledProtest
Protesthas a song calledTroubles
Troubleshas a song calledSt. Paul
St. Paulhas a song calledSensation
Sensationhas a song calledThe Virus
The Virushas a song calledVicious Rumors
Vicious Rumorshas a song calledImmortal
Immortalhas a song calledOne by One
One by Onehas a song calledKneejerk
Kneejerkhas a song calledSolace
Solacehas a song calledNaga
Nagahas a song calledClone
Clonehas a song calledMist
Misthas a song calledSlow Man
Slowmanhas a song calledThe silent years
The Silent Yearshas a song calledSharks
Sharkshas a song called22
22has a song calledFlux
Fluxhas a song calledAnimal Logic
Animal Logichas a song calledElijah
Elijahhas a song calledIt's a Beautiful Day
It's a Beautiful Dayhas a song calledGalileo
Galileohas a song calledSeize The Day
Seize the Dayhas a song calledMass Destruction
Mass Destructionhas a song calledBajo Tierra
Bajo Tierrahas a song called1997
1997has a song calledCandle
Candlehas a song calledMusic Machine
Music Machinehas a song calledSecret Music
Secret Musichas a song calledGulliver
Gulliverhas a song calledCasanova
Casanovahas a song calledSuperfly
Superflyhas a song calledManifest
Manifesthas a song calledUnderworld
Underworldhas a song calledDirty
Dirtyhas a song calledAlabama
Alabamahas a song calledGreen River
Green Riverhas a song calledBarbara Ann
Barbara Annhas a song calledDomino
Dominohas a song calledHennessey
Hennesseyhas a song calledCosmonaut
Cosmonauthas a song calledSerenade
Serenadehas a song calledquake
Quakehas a song calledWhore
Whorehas a song calledStill Life
Still Lifehas a song calledSunrise Sunset
Sunrise Sunsethas a song calledCentral Line
Central Linehas a song calledBreaking Point
Breaking Pointhas a song called27
27has a song calledApril
Aprilhas a song calledBurning Flames
Burning Flameshas a song calledScrew
SCREWhas a song calledBRAINSTORM
Brainstormhas a song calledHour Glass
Hourglasshas a song calledAltered State
Altered Statehas a song calledGet Real
Get Realhas a song calledFuck Off
Fuck Offhas a song calledCyclone
Cyclonehas a song calledSlavery
Slaveryhas a song calledFirefly
Fire Flyhas a song calledBlink
Blinkhas a song calledCello
Cellohas a song calledIntentions
Intentionshas a song calledDrowned
Drownedhas a song calledThe Curse
The Cursehas a song calledEat Me
EatMehas a song calledThis One
This Onehas a song calledKevlar
Kevlarhas a song calledLaughing Stock
Laughing Stockhas a song calledHardcore Superstar
Hardcore Superstarhas a song calledSpit It Out
Spit It Outhas a song calledDebris
Debrishas a song calledPinhead
Pinheadhas a song calledTikkle
Tikklehas a song calledOuter Limits
Outer Limitshas a song calledPangea
Pangeahas a song calledI Ran
Iranhas a song calledBuddy
Buddyhas a song calledWestgate
West Gatehas a song calledGrudge
Grudgehas a song calledLavinia
Laviniahas a song calledWindmills
Windmillshas a song calledKiss
KISShas a song calledUnholy
Unholyhas a song calledThe Blinding Light
The Blinding Lighthas a song calledViolator
Violatorhas a song calledMassacre
Massacrehas a song calledGate
Gatehas a song calledFreak
Freakhas a song calledAntipope
Antipopehas a song calledStormbringer
Stormbringerhas a song calledNightfall
Nightfallhas a song calledStellar Parallax
Stellar Parallaxhas a song calledSpace Cowboy
Space Cowboyhas a song calledRaise the Roof
Raise The Roofhas a song calledNaima
Naimahas a song calledBody & Soul
Body & Soulhas a song calledCloser
Closerhas a song calledEmergence
Emergencehas a song calledDefenestration
Defenestrationhas a song calledGlory
Gloryhas a song calledExhibition
EXHIBITIONhas a song calledDark Horizon
Dark Horizonhas a song calledThe Glory
The Gloryhas a song calledBoots
Bootshas a song calledRPM
RPMhas a song calledFatal
Fatalhas a song calledOutlaws
Outlawshas a song calledGhost Town
Ghost Townhas a song calledMagic
Magichas a song calledSoldier
Soldierhas a song calledStand Your Ground
Stand Your Groundhas a song calledDispatch
Dispatchhas a song calledBats in the Belfry
Bats in the Belfryhas a song calledSanatorium
Sanatoriumhas a song calledRed Moon
Red Moonhas a song calledSunny Face
Sunny Facehas a song calledStereo Motion
Stereomotionhas a song calledTorment
Tormenthas a song calledSad Man
Sadmanhas a song calledDrama
Dramahas a song calledExcalibur
Excaliburhas a song called1945
1945has a song calledVietnam
VietNamhas a song calledPrincess
Princesshas a song calledMad
MADhas a song calledEl postre
El Postrehas a song calledWir
WIRhas a song calledKatrin
Katrinhas a song calledWheel
Wheelhas a song calledLilith
Lilithhas a song calledClay
Clayhas a song calledDragon
Dragonhas a song calledThe Dragon
The Dragonhas a song calledNoodles
noodleshas a song calledNIAGARA
Niagarahas a song calledNow or Never
Now or Neverhas a song calledBrothers
Brothershas a song calledThe Moon
The Moonhas a song calledPapers
Papershas a song calledGirl Talk
Girl Talkhas a song calledOh No
Oh Nohas a song calledThe Calling
The Callinghas a song calledOur Lives
Ourliveshas a song calledSandra
Sandrahas a song calledHeatwave
Heatwavehas a song calledGroove Line
Groovelinehas a song calledBOX
Boxhas a song calledPuls
Pulshas a song calledFreax
Freaxhas a song calledSlow
Slowhas a song calledLoma
Lomahas a song calledRitz
Ritzhas a song calledOuto
Outohas a song calledWarriors
Warriorshas a song calledWar Paint
Warpainthas a song calledMajesty
Majestyhas a song calledFist of Steel
Fist of Steelhas a song calledThe Power & The Glory
The Power & the Gloryhas a song calledEast
Easthas a song calledLea
Leahas a song calledAnother Sunny Day
another sunnydayhas a song calledblanket
Blankethas a song calledThreats
Threatshas a song calledNo Rules
No Ruleshas a song calledSan
Sanhas a song calledStroke
Strokehas a song calledOut
Outhas a song calledLove Like Blood
Love Like Bloodhas a song calledFeedback
Feedbackhas a song calledAsha
Ashahas a song calledGloria
Gloriahas a song calledEnchantment
Enchantmenthas a song calledGod Send
Godsendhas a song calledGothic
Gothichas a song calledIn Blood We Trust
In Blood We Trusthas a song calledOn Thin Ice
On Thin Icehas a song calledAs Good as Dead
As Good as Deadhas a song calledThe Cost
The Costhas a song calledCaptain America
Captain Americahas a song calledWow!
Wow!has a song calledWild
Wildhas a song calledReload
Reloadhas a song calledTeque
Tequehas a song calledTimewarp
Timewarphas a song calledStarseed
Starseedhas a song calledStarr
Starrhas a song calledSunstroke
Sunstrokehas a song calledEnvy
Envyhas a song calledStatus Quo
Status Quohas a song calledBad Company
Bad Companyhas a song calledSweet Little Sister
Sweet Little Sisterhas a song calledCauterized
Cauterizedhas a song calledDelirium
Deliriumhas a song called1985
1985has a song calledJournal
Journalhas a song calledAffinity
Affinityhas a song calledThe Preacher
The Preacherhas a song calledLove Train
Lovetrainhas a song calledThe Professionals
The Professionalshas a song calledPayola
Payolahas a song calledMary Prankster
Mary Pranksterhas a song calledTempest
Tempesthas a song calledStonehenge
Stonehengehas a song calledNotre-Dame de Paris
Notre-Dame de Parishas a song calledBelle
Bellehas a song calledBroken Toy
Broken Toyhas a song calledPlay Dead
Play Deadhas a song calledChains
Chainshas a song calledBlack Clouds
Black Cloudshas a song calledBarcelona
Barcelonahas a song calledColors
colorshas a song calledKEY
KEYhas a song calledSilver
Silverhas a song calledSon of Sam
sonofsamhas a song calledBen
Benhas a song calledEngel
Engelhas a song calledScythe
Scythehas a song calledMonarch
Monarchhas a song calledAgnes
Agneshas a song calledAngeline
Angelinehas a song calledSolid Ground
Solid Groundhas a song calledTurkish Delight
Turkish Delighthas a song calledLogo
Logohas a song calledJacob
Jacobhas a song calledIce Pick
Icepickhas a song calledGold Rush
Goldrushhas a song calledLandscape
Landscapehas a song calledAgainst
AgainSThas a song calledRoll the Dice
Roll the Dicehas a song calledIdle Hands
Idle Handshas a song calledThe Collectors
The Collectorshas a song calledDifferent World
Different Worldhas a song calledFlame
Flamehas a song calledMan
Manhas a song calledAda
Adahas a song calledLovestoned
Lovestonedhas a song calledRising Girl
Rising Girlhas a song calledBitches
BITCHEShas a song calledSleep Walk
Sleepwalkhas a song calledVoice
Voicehas a song calledValhalla
Valhallahas a song calledAliens
Alienshas a song calledStow Away
Stowawayhas a song calledMultiple Choice
Multiple choicehas a song calledElevation
Elevationhas a song calledStruggle
Strugglehas a song calledCulture
Culturehas a song calledOutcast
Outcasthas a song calledIsolation
Isolationhas a song calledBrazen Bull
Brazen Bullhas a song calledIota
iOTAhas a song calledVisitor
Visitorhas a song calledRNB
rnbhas a song calledSpontaneous
Spontaneoushas a song calledLas Salinas
Las Salinashas a song calledSpace
Spacehas a song calledPluto
Plutohas a song calledFilm
Filmhas a song calledMontage
Montagehas a song calledLibre
Librehas a song calledSaoco
Saocohas a song calledChango
Changohas a song calledEl guapo
El Guapohas a song calledFair to Midland
Fair to Midlandhas a song calledTimbuktu
Timbuktuhas a song calledNorthface
Northfacehas a song calledEntity
Entityhas a song calledGame Over
Game Overhas a song calledWeak
Weakhas a song calledAnxiety
ANXIETYhas a song calledPawn
Pawnhas a song calledField
Fieldhas a song calledTalk
Talkhas a song calledGlide
Glidehas a song calledKraken
Krakenhas a song calledHeat
Heathas a song calledWarhead
Warheadhas a song calledDriver
DRIVERhas a song calledChange of Heart
Change of Hearthas a song calledFrown
Frownhas a song calledMoan
Moanhas a song calledEndymion
Endymionhas a song calledBio
Biohas a song calledUnderstand
Understandhas a song calledSouthend
South Endhas a song calledUtopia
Utopiahas a song calledHeavy Metal Kids
Heavy Metal Kidshas a song calledEldar
Eldarhas a song calledVanilla Sky
Vanilla Skyhas a song calledThe Fight
The Fighthas a song calledMr. President
Mr. Presidenthas a song calledF.B.I.
F.B.I.has a song calledHell on Wheels
Hell on Wheelshas a song calledSoda
Sodahas a song calledMotorcity
Motor Cityhas a song calledEnsemble
Ensemblehas a song calledCarmine
Carminehas a song calledTenebrae
Tenebraehas a song calledAnima
Animahas a song calledTapes
Tapeshas a song calledFade to Black
Fade to Blackhas a song calledEon
Eonhas a song calledFemme Fatale
Femme Fatalehas a song calledAvant Garde
Avantgardehas a song calledIn Me
InMehas a song called7 Weeks
7 Weekshas a song calledAcid Rain
Acid Rainhas a song calledCardinal Sin
Cardinal Sinhas a song calledThe Cardinal Sin
The Cardinal Sinhas a song calledSwarm
Swarmhas a song calledSour Ground
Sourgroundhas a song calledCatalyst
Catalysthas a song calledA Net
Anethas a song calledNormal
Normalhas a song calledAlbumen
Albumenhas a song calledCannon Fodder
Cannon Fodderhas a song calledMemoria
Memoriahas a song calledEternal Flight
Eternal Flighthas a song calledAll We Are
All We Arehas a song calledRed Sky
Red Skyhas a song calledRegeneration
Regenerationhas a song calledGesu Bambino
Gesu Bambinohas a song calledMarilyn Horne
Marilyn Hornehas a song calledShenandoah
Shenandoahhas a song calledCabin Fever
Cabinfeverhas a song calledDelusions
Delusionshas a song calledEight
Eighthas a song calledProphet
Prophethas a song calledBlou
Blouhas a song calledLa mer
La Merhas a song calledLemongrass
Lemongrasshas a song calledPacifique
Pacifiquehas a song calledElliot
Elliothas a song calledBubble
Bubblehas a song calledEye
Eyehas a song calledThe Key
The Keyhas a song calledThe Golden Age
The Golden Agehas a song calledDirty Bird
Dirty Birdhas a song calledBlight
Blighthas a song calledBludgeon
Bludgeonhas a song calledSmoke Screen
Smokescreenhas a song calledWay Down
Way Downhas a song calledDrain
Drainhas a song calledSwamp Thing
Swamp Thinghas a song calledBones
Boneshas a song calledFILTH
FILTHhas a song calledTwist
Twisthas a song calledFeed
Feedhas a song calledLucifer
Luciferhas a song calledFriends
Friendshas a song calledHair
Hairhas a song calledBlondes
Blondeshas a song calledAeon
Aeonhas a song calledTranse Modulaire
Transe Modulairehas a song calledOsho
Oshohas a song calledNamasté
Namastéhas a song calledBora
Borahas a song calledBattery Cage
Battery Cagehas a song calledSingle
Singlehas a song calledHoney
Honeyhas a song calledForce Majeure
Force Majeurehas a song calledChambers
Chambershas a song calledBone Dance
Bone Dancehas a song calledNo Sun
No Sunhas a song calledArea
Areahas a song calledRail
Railhas a song calledStarchild
Starchildhas a song calledEarthless
Earthlesshas a song calledCherry Red
Cherry Redhas a song calledDreamscape
Dreamscapehas a song calledCradle
Cradlehas a song calledReprise
Reprisehas a song calledBlackbird
Blackbirdhas a song calledQuicksand
Quicksandhas a song calledBlister
Blisterhas a song calledSuspicious Minds
Suspicious Mindshas a song calledLord Have Mercy
Lord Have Mercyhas a song calledCharge
Chargehas a song calledBrave New World
Brave New Worldhas a song calledSoma
Somahas a song calledThe Golden Dawn
The Golden Dawnhas a song calledThe Temple
The Templehas a song calledBankrupt
Bankrupthas a song calledSidewinder
Sidewinderhas a song calledHelp Yourself
Help Yourselfhas a song calledVirginia
Virginiahas a song calledOuter Space
OuterSpacehas a song calledPredators
Predatorshas a song calledObject
Objecthas a song calledMu cephei
Mu Cepheihas a song calledPerseus
Perseushas a song calledCool Runnings
Coolrunningshas a song calledBurnout
Burnouthas a song calledOil
Oilhas a song calledMonolith
Monolithhas a song calledAscend
Ascendhas a song calledDivine
Divinehas a song calledGang Bang
Gang Banghas a song calledTrans
Transhas a song calledJubilee
Jubileehas a song calledL.A.
L.A.has a song calledPerfect Combination
Perfect Combinationhas a song calledFriction
Frictionhas a song calledSkin Deep
Skin Deephas a song calledWorld of Pain
World of Painhas a song calledEnd Result
End Resulthas a song calledSlash
Slashhas a song calledSlither
Slitherhas a song calledDistorted Minds
Distorted Mindshas a song calledWar Cry
Warcryhas a song calledSynthetic
Synthetichas a song calledPatch
Patchhas a song calledNom
NOMhas a song calledSasha
Sashahas a song calledMongoose
Mongoosehas a song calledKing Cobra
King Cobrahas a song calledCadence
Cadencehas a song calledSpinning Wheel
Spinning Wheelhas a song calledU.P.
U.P.has a song calledGateway
Gatewayhas a song calledModified
Modifiedhas a song calledBionic
Bionichas a song calledMan Alive
Manalivehas a song calledHyena
Hyenahas a song calledPuma
Pumahas a song calledSub Rosa
Subrosahas a song calledPretend
Pretendhas a song calledFlairs
Flairshas a song calledFrench Cowboy
French Cowboyhas a song calledSupermarket
Supermarkethas a song calledCruel
Cruelhas a song calledSyberia
Syberiahas a song calledTidal Waves
Tidal Waveshas a song calledFarmer John
Farmer Johnhas a song calledDifferences
Differenceshas a song calledThe Melody
The Melodyhas a song calledCrave
Cravehas a song calledReality check
Reality Checkhas a song calledPlastic
Plastichas a song calledWonderful
Wonderfulhas a song calledAdrianne
Adriannehas a song calledDecember
Decemberhas a song calledHost
Hosthas a song calledSurface
surfacehas a song calledKitto
Kittohas a song calledSuperhero
Superherohas a song calledBlame
Blamehas a song calledAsylum
Asylumhas a song calledWarm Up
Warm Uphas a song calledMidnight flyer
Midnight Flyerhas a song calledRough Trade
Rough Tradehas a song calledThreshold
Thresholdhas a song calledStatic
Statichas a song calledHeadphones
Headphoneshas a song calledWise Blood
Wise Bloodhas a song calledRat
Rathas a song calledMatador
Matadorhas a song calledRed Light
Redlighthas a song calledPlanet X
Planet Xhas a song called2012
2012has a song called16mm
16mmhas a song calledLula
Lulahas a song calledCoroner
Coronerhas a song calledNosferatu
Nosferatuhas a song calledThe Witching Hour
The Witching Hourhas a song calledCry No More
Cry No Morehas a song calledTemplar
Templarhas a song calledLong Way Down
Long Way Downhas a song calledSucker Punch
Suckerpunchhas a song calledMagazine
Magazinehas a song calledPhiladelphia
Philadelphiahas a song calledNew Jerusalem
New Jerusalemhas a song calledThe Way
The Wayhas a song calledBlasphemy
Blasphemyhas a song calledDesecration
Desecrationhas a song calledDry Rot
Dry Rothas a song calledHatred
Hatredhas a song calledSoulless
Soullesshas a song calledExile
EXILEhas a song calledYell
Yellhas a song calledCharlotte Sometimes
Charlotte Sometimeshas a song calledPilot
Pilothas a song calledCanada
Canadahas a song calledKevin
Kevinhas a song calledWitching Hour
Witching Hourhas a song calledCarnival Of Souls
Carnival of Soulshas a song calledBellerophon
Bellerophonhas a song calledZodiac
Zodiachas a song calledAssembly Line
Assembly Linehas a song calledPrototype
Prototypehas a song calledBattery
Batteryhas a song calledTransit
Transithas a song calledNew Generation
New Generationhas a song calledStraight Ahead
Straight Aheadhas a song calledSpirit of Youth
Spirit of Youthhas a song calledMeadow
Meadowhas a song calledWill
Willhas a song calledTriumph
Triumphhas a song calledCool Down
Cooldownhas a song calledAbsolute
Absolutehas a song calledDissonant
Dissonanthas a song calledFrequencies
Frequencieshas a song calledBuzz Fuzz
Buzz Fuzzhas a song calledDreamteam
Dream Teamhas a song calledSilver Fox
Silver Foxhas a song calledTimeless
Timelesshas a song calledSeven Oaks
Seven Oakshas a song calledSam
SAMhas a song calledMono Tone
Monotonehas a song calledEquator
Equatorhas a song calledExhale
Exhalehas a song calledAnger
Angerhas a song calledLost Soul
Lost Soulhas a song calledThe Crown
The Crownhas a song calledEarthborn
Earthbornhas a song calledCarrier
Carrierhas a song calledSugarbear
Sugar Bearhas a song calledJuicy
Juicyhas a song calledSergio
Sergiohas a song calledSa Trincha
Sa Trinchahas a song calledAtlantis
Atlantishas a song calledNew York City
New York Cityhas a song calledSanity
Sanityhas a song calledMental Destruction
Mental Destructionhas a song calledWound
Woundhas a song calledMoloch
Molochhas a song calledMona
Monahas a song calledPavement
Pavementhas a song calledBlue Hawaii
Blue Hawaiihas a song calledSweet Tooth
Sweet Toothhas a song calledSugar Kane
Sugar Kanehas a song calledReviver
Reviverhas a song calledThe Call
The Callhas a song calledWhen
Whenhas a song calledEars
EARShas a song calledIn vivo
In Vivohas a song calledDeux
Deuxhas a song calledEurope
Europehas a song calledSeventh Sign
Seventh Signhas a song calledLiquified
Liquifiedhas a song calledSpies
Spieshas a song calledBackwash
Backwashhas a song calledCatfight
Catfighthas a song calledSheila
Sheilahas a song calledLe Couple
Le Couplehas a song calledSofa
Sofahas a song calledArcanum
Arcanumhas a song calledMegaptera
Megapterahas a song calledShadow Land
Shadowlandhas a song calledHall of Mirrors
Hall of Mirrorshas a song calledThe Crossing
The Crossinghas a song calledRefugee
Refugeehas a song calledGatecrasher
Gate Crasherhas a song calledEgo
Egohas a song calledThe Speed of Sound
The Speed of Soundhas a song calledHellfueled
Hellfueledhas a song calledSky Walker
Skywalkerhas a song calledDecadence
Decadencehas a song calledInvert
Inverthas a song calledThe March
The Marchhas a song calledDown to Size
Down to Sizehas a song calledSplit
Splithas a song calledZip
Ziphas a song calledSmak
Smakhas a song calledSava
Savahas a song calledHelios
Helioshas a song calledPaper Tiger
Paper Tigerhas a song calledSinger
Singerhas a song calledLion
Lionhas a song calledAfter the Fire
After the Firehas a song calledJigs
Jigshas a song calledDonna
Donnahas a song calledLover Boy
Loverboyhas a song calledEmotional
Emotionalhas a song calledDaylight
Daylighthas a song calledEnergy
Energyhas a song calledRevelations
Revelationshas a song calledMasochist
Masochisthas a song calledCountess Bathory
Countess Bathoryhas a song calledIndians
Indianshas a song calledMelt
Melthas a song calledWaste
Wastehas a song calledMedicine
Medicinehas a song calledHull
Hullhas a song calledVessel
Vesselhas a song calledDamaged Goods
Damaged Goodshas a song calledContra
Contrahas a song calledGreat Leap Forward
Great Leap Forwardhas a song calledSparta
Spartahas a song calledSyncope
Syncopehas a song calledSky
Skyhas a song calledBurning
Burninghas a song calledHermano
Hermanohas a song calledRoll Over
Rolloverhas a song calledShipwreck
Shipwreckhas a song calledHi-Fi
Hi-Fihas a song calledEvening
Eveninghas a song calledJohn West
John Westhas a song calledPariah
Pariahhas a song calledSub Zero
Subzerohas a song calledBlack Snow
Blacksnowhas a song calledThe Avengers
The Avengershas a song calledJoker's Wild
Joker's Wildhas a song calledOperator
Operatorhas a song calledFrühstück
Frühstückhas a song calledDry
Dryhas a song calledMa vie
maviehas a song calledstasi
Stasihas a song calledDystopia
Dystopiahas a song calledLove/Hate
Love/Hatehas a song calledFuel
Fuelhas a song calledMess
Messhas a song calledBraindead
BrainDeadhas a song calledTo This Day
To This Dayhas a song calledGreenhouse Effect
Green House Effecthas a song calledDeep Cover
Deep Coverhas a song calledNightcrawlers
Nightcrawlershas a song calledBroken Symmetry
Broken Symmetryhas a song calledFirestorm
Firestormhas a song calledRock City
Rock Cityhas a song calledMary
Maryhas a song calledKone
Konehas a song calledTag
TAGhas a song calledPRANA
Pranahas a song calledTaiyo
Taiyohas a song calledSupernature
Supernaturehas a song calledPsycho
Psychohas a song calledPaper
Paperhas a song calledColor
Colorhas a song calledParty People
Party Peoplehas a song calledAmarillo
Amarillohas a song calledSanta Rita
Santa Ritahas a song calledPacífico
Pacíficohas a song calledFotos
Fotoshas a song calledNacht
Nachthas a song calledSvartsinn
Svartsinnhas a song calledYearning
Yearninghas a song calledGrey
Greyhas a song calledHammer of the Gods
Hammer of the Godshas a song calledThe Ocean
The Oceanhas a song calledFluxion
Fluxionhas a song calledFickle
Ficklehas a song calledHeadcase
Headcasehas a song calledSay
Sayhas a song calledDown in the Dumps
Down in the Dumpshas a song calledGeese
GEESEhas a song calledSpool
Spoolhas a song calledAll
ALLhas a song calledReal People
realpeoplehas a song calledThe Concubine
The Concubinehas a song calledOracle
Oraclehas a song calledProdigy
Prodigyhas a song calledSchizoid
Schizoidhas a song calledThorn
Thornhas a song calledThurisaz
Thurisazhas a song calledSymbols
Symbolshas a song calledGod's Gift
God's Gifthas a song calledDiscipline
Disciplinehas a song calledNo Surrender
No Surrenderhas a song calledStreetfighter
Street Fighterhas a song calledTraveller
Travellerhas a song calledLoch Lomond
Loch Lomondhas a song calledKashmir
Kashmirhas a song calledMantaray
Mantarayhas a song calledAnima Mundi
Anima Mundihas a song calledTruce
Trucehas a song calledSurvive
S U R V I V Ehas a song calledDirge
Dirgehas a song calledSandstorm
Sandstormhas a song calledThe Jumpers
The Jumpershas a song calledChariot
Chariothas a song calledHeartless
Heartlesshas a song calledConspiracy
Conspiracyhas a song calledNew World
New Worldhas a song calledJ.R.
J. R.has a song calledState of Grace
State of Gracehas a song calledStabat Mater
Stabat Materhas a song calledGates
gateshas a song calledWalls
Wallshas a song calledGaberdine
Gaberdinehas a song calledPendulum
Pendulumhas a song calledGhostrain
Ghostrainhas a song calledStaff
Staffhas a song calledMetal
Metalhas a song calledFusion
Fusionhas a song calledHuman Nature
Human Naturehas a song calledTrash
Trashhas a song calledAct
Acthas a song calledPing Pong
Ping Ponghas a song calledBanshee
Bansheehas a song calledThe Stranger
The Strangerhas a song calledExhumation
Exhumationhas a song calledDominion
Dominionhas a song calledThe Fugitive Kind
The Fugitive Kindhas a song calledStone Age
Stone Agehas a song calledLiz
Lizhas a song calledMarie
Mariehas a song calledSirius
Siriushas a song calledConfrontation
Confrontationhas a song calledTime Flies
Timeflieshas a song calledTaylor
Taylorhas a song calledGlobular
Globularhas a song calledSubversion
Subversionhas a song calledAlice
Alicehas a song calledIsole
Isolehas a song calledForlorn
Forlornhas a song calledAbuse
Abusehas a song calledBlack Water
Blackwaterhas a song calledLe Breton
LeBretonhas a song calledTribes
Tribeshas a song calledSappho
Sapphohas a song calledCelestine
Celestinehas a song calledMe
MEhas a song calledSurreal
Surrealhas a song calledSky Fall
Skyfallhas a song calledAzazel
Azazelhas a song calledNecro
Necrohas a song calledFirst Blood
First Bloodhas a song calledVictim
Victimhas a song calledStygian
Stygianhas a song calledNeedful Things
Needful Thingshas a song calledFirewall
Firewallhas a song calledWanderlust
Wanderlusthas a song calledSundial
Sun Dialhas a song calledJewel
Jewelhas a song calledThis Way
Thiswayhas a song calledTool
Toolhas a song calledUseful Idiot
Useful Idiothas a song calledSo What
So Whathas a song calledFinal Solution
Final Solutionhas a song calledAllegiance
Allegiancehas a song calledScorn
Scornhas a song calledBlack Box
Black Boxhas a song calledCaviar
Caviarhas a song calledAloha
Alohahas a song calledEquinox
Equinoxhas a song calledForces of Nature
Forces of Naturehas a song calledHive Mind
Hive Mindhas a song calledOmission
Omissionhas a song calledHeld Back
Heldbackhas a song calledUpfront
Up Fronthas a song calledLeft
LeFThas a song calledNon Compos Mentis
Non Compos Mentishas a song calledRelease
Releasehas a song calledFrom the Inside
From The Insidehas a song calledBlessing in Disguise
Blessing in Disguisehas a song calledMorpheus
Morpheushas a song calledWonderland
Wonderlandhas a song calledFairyland
Fairylandhas a song calledThe Storyteller
The Storytellerhas a song calledConviction
Convictionhas a song calledSoul Food
Soulfoodhas a song calledHarvest
Harvesthas a song calledJulie
Juliehas a song calledHere and Now
Here and Nowhas a song calledAddicted
Addictedhas a song calledBrutal Truth
Brutal Truthhas a song calledMalice
Malicehas a song calledBite
Bitehas a song calledRazor Blade
Razorbladehas a song calledDying Breed
Dying Breedhas a song calledPorn
Pornhas a song calledRecycle
Recyclehas a song calledSelfish
Selfishhas a song calledDivisions
Division Shas a song calledHypocrisy
Hypocrisyhas a song calledFearless
Fearlesshas a song calledThe Universe
The Universehas a song calledGrand Central
Grand Centralhas a song calledEdward Shearmur
Edward Shearmurhas a song calledTaxi Ride
Taxiridehas a song calledSplash
Splashhas a song calledNina
Ninahas a song calledHard
Hardhas a song calledNona
NONAhas a song calledQuarter
Quarterhas a song calledLogic
Logichas a song calledNumbers
Numbershas a song calledCrows
Crowshas a song calledFour
Fourhas a song calledBlur
Blurhas a song calledBattle
Battlehas a song calledThe Other Way
The Other Wayhas a song calledDead Head
Dead Headhas a song calledTotal Eclipse
Total Eclipsehas a song calledAbsolute Zero
Absolute Zerohas a song calledPicasso
Picassohas a song calledCinema
Cinemahas a song calledHead Spin
Headspinhas a song calledPhone
Phonehas a song calledLujuria
Lujuriahas a song calledGatillazo
Gatillazohas a song calledVerde
Verdehas a song calledEU
EUhas a song calledSalva
Salvahas a song calledBaroque
Baroquehas a song calledNera
Nerahas a song calledAmerika
Amerikahas a song calledGood luck
GoodLuckhas a song calledHarlem
Harlemhas a song calledKora
Korahas a song calledGalaxy Express
Galaxy Expresshas a song calledForever More
Forevermorehas a song calledCaesura
Caesurahas a song calledObstacles
Obstacleshas a song calledRorschach
Rorschachhas a song calledShanks
Shankshas a song calledExtra Virgin
Extra Virginhas a song calledMy Universe
My Universehas a song calledThe Tribe
The Tribehas a song calledGod Made Me Funky
God Made Me Funkyhas a song calledFunk Off
Funk Offhas a song calledCowboy
Cowboyhas a song calledHouston
Houstonhas a song calledHeave
Heavehas a song calledSpeedway
Speedwayhas a song calledOverdrive
Overdrivehas a song calledDoomwatch
Doomwatchhas a song calledNotorious
Notorioushas a song calledDezire
Dezirehas a song calledDisgrace
Disgracehas a song calledOffering
Offeringhas a song calledEarth
Earthhas a song calledDissolution
Dissolutionhas a song calledOppressor
Oppressorhas a song calledI Despise
I Despisehas a song calledWhite Room
WhiteRoomhas a song calledEnder
Enderhas a song calledPart 1
Part 1has a song calledSalem
Salemhas a song calledArmia
Armiahas a song calledLegenda
Legendahas a song calledAutumnal
Autumnalhas a song calledZoe
Zoehas a song calledHe Said
He Saidhas a song calledScreen
Screenhas a song calledEnd.
end.has a song calledGood Riddance
Good Riddancehas a song calledLibertine
Libertinehas a song calledNext Life
Next Lifehas a song calledBlue Stone
Blue Stonehas a song calledTraveler
Travelerhas a song calledBye Bye Blackbird
Bye Bye Blackbirdhas a song calledUps & Downs
Ups & Downshas a song calledThe Perfect Crime
The Perfect Crimehas a song calledScenery
Sceneryhas a song calledMalleus Maleficarum
Malleus Maleficarumhas a song calledAesma Daeva
Aesma Daevahas a song calledSirens
Sirenshas a song calledPhoenix
Phoenixhas a song calledTamara
Tamarahas a song calledDetalles
Detalleshas a song calledKalimba
Kalimbahas a song calledUndercover
Undercoverhas a song calledPilate
Pilatehas a song calledCollide
Collidehas a song calledDogma
Dogmahas a song calledLimbo
Limbohas a song calledThe Pack
The Packhas a song calledTerrorist
Terroristhas a song calledRed Cloud
RedCloudhas a song calledPow Wow
Pow woWhas a song calledRun On
Run Onhas a song calledDays Away
Days Awayhas a song calledIdeas
Ideashas a song calledThe Envoys
The Envoyshas a song calledSpringtime
Springtimehas a song calledThe Corner
The Cornerhas a song calledSleaze
Sleazehas a song calledGod Damn
God Damnhas a song calledHangover
Hangoverhas a song calledReverse
Reversehas a song calledBitter
Bitterhas a song calledVatican
Vaticanhas a song calledThe Nobility
The Nobilityhas a song calledBianca
Biancahas a song calledStella Maris
Stella Marishas a song calledNorthern Lights
Northern Lightshas a song calledWaiting In Vain
Waiting in Vainhas a song calledInane
Inanehas a song calledSms
SMShas a song calledLeonard
Leonardhas a song calledBig Shot
Bigshothas a song calledBPM
BPMhas a song calledDavid
Davidhas a song calledRuhe
Ruhehas a song calledDove
Dovehas a song calledVigilante
Vigilantehas a song calledJustice
Justicehas a song calledBeat Drop
Beatdrophas a song calledVolition
Volitionhas a song calledPathogen
Pathogenhas a song calledVanishing Point
Vanishing Pointhas a song calledEmbraced
Embracedhas a song calledSaratoga
Saratogahas a song calledDéjà Vu
Déjà Vuhas a song calledMademoiselle
Mademoisellehas a song calledBarry White
Barry Whitehas a song calledLow Rider
Lowriderhas a song calledRiverside
Riversidehas a song calledThe System
The Systemhas a song calledHouse of Rhythm
House of Rhythmhas a song calledRudi
Rudihas a song calledLähtö
Lähtöhas a song calledBlack & White
Black & Whitehas a song calledGeronimo
Geronimohas a song calledCoyote
Coyotehas a song calledDeep Water
Deepwaterhas a song calledDive
Divehas a song calledBlood Feast
Blood Feasthas a song calledBlood Lust
Bloodlusthas a song calledTerminal Velocity
Terminal Velocityhas a song calledReaper
Reaperhas a song calledDaemon
Daemonhas a song calledEternal Bliss
Eternal Blisshas a song called2CB
2CBhas a song calledRuprecht
Ruprechthas a song calledWild Mountain Thyme
Wild Mountain Thymehas a song calledBotany Bay
Botany Bayhas a song calledMeanwhile
Meanwhilehas a song calledIsolée
Isoléehas a song calledSurfers
Surfershas a song calledParadise Island
Paradise Islandhas a song calledDeprogram
Deprogramhas a song calledNova
Novahas a song calledDriftwood
Driftwoodhas a song calledAnything Goes
Anything Goeshas a song calledThe Party's Over
The Party's Overhas a song calledGangrene
Gangrenehas a song calledRansom
Ransomhas a song calledHigher Ground
Higher Groundhas a song calledOpen Road
Openroadhas a song calledAir
Airhas a song calledLava
Lavahas a song calledBeach
Beachhas a song calledLinear
Linearhas a song calledHead Strong
Headstronghas a song calledState
Statehas a song calledSubvert
Subverthas a song calledDevice
Devicehas a song calledPenance
Penancehas a song calledEulogy
Eulogyhas a song calledThe Essence
The Essencehas a song calledOut of Grace
Out of Gracehas a song calledObscura
Obscurahas a song calledSentiment
Sentimenthas a song calledSpotlight Kid
Spotlight Kidhas a song calledSeefeel
Seefeelhas a song calledSignals
Signalshas a song calledSilverfish
Silverfishhas a song calledSpoon
Spoonhas a song calledDecora
Decorahas a song calledThe Gift
The Gifthas a song calledMe Myself and I
Memyselfandihas a song calledSoi
SOIhas a song calledSadetanssi
Sadetanssihas a song calledTuu
Tuuhas a song calledMesh
Meshhas a song calledPersuasion
Persuasionhas a song calledThe Bone
The Bonehas a song calledSpeak
SpeaKhas a song calledInsight
Insighthas a song calledSorrow
Sorrowhas a song calledIntruder
Intruderhas a song calledVicious
Vicioushas a song calledBeast
Beasthas a song calledGuardian
Guardianhas a song calledCuriosity Killed the Cat
Curiosity Killed the Cathas a song calledCascade
CASCADEhas a song calledSupercar
SUPERCARhas a song calledAntenna
Antennahas a song calledDreamy
Dreamyhas a song calledAmanda
Amandahas a song calledIdentity Crisis
Identity Crisishas a song calledBilly the Kid
Billy The Kidhas a song calledEd Gein
Ed Geinhas a song calledAmen
Amenhas a song calledDeformer
Deformerhas a song calledDiabolical
Diabolicalhas a song calledOrtus
Ortushas a song calledGlow
Glowhas a song calledDouble
DOUBLEhas a song calledReflex
Reflexhas a song calledThunder
Thunderhas a song calledLola
Lolahas a song calledRomance
Romancehas a song calledThe Order
The Orderhas a song calledEndlessly
Endlesslyhas a song calledMira
Mirahas a song calledHinterland
Hinterlandhas a song calledConstants
Constantshas a song calledThe Nameless
thenamelesshas a song calledpills
Pillshas a song calledDrugstore
Drugstorehas a song calledSpacegirl
Spacegirlhas a song calledBig in Japan
Big in Japanhas a song calledIntermission
Intermissionhas a song calledTrancemission
Trance Missionhas a song calledMonkfish
Monkfishhas a song calledMonday in London
Monday in Londonhas a song calledSmart Bomb
Smartbombhas a song calledExhibit A
Exhibit Ahas a song calledConscience
Consciencehas a song calledAs If...
As If...has a song calledGame On
Game Onhas a song calledFull Force
Full Forcehas a song calledYour Place or Mine
Your Place or Minehas a song calledAtta Boy
Attaboyhas a song calledBuckfast
Buckfasthas a song calledTurn
Turnhas a song calledForward
Forwardhas a song calledGhoul
Ghoulhas a song calledNumbskull
Numbskullhas a song calledHellride
Hellridehas a song calledThe Great Deceiver
The Great Deceiverhas a song calledRunning With Scissors
Running With Scissorshas a song calledCecilia
Ceciliahas a song calledMea Culpa
Mea Culpahas a song calledThe Child
The Childhas a song calledThe Scientist
The Scientisthas a song calledExorcist
Exorcisthas a song calledPossessed
Possessedhas a song calledSéance
Séancehas a song calledA House
A Househas a song calledCurious
Curioushas a song calledIll
iLLhas a song calledDerek
Derekhas a song calledAntidote
Antidotehas a song calledZero Mentality
Zero Mentalityhas a song calledBlack Rock
Black Rockhas a song calledDowner
Downerhas a song calledSpun
Spunhas a song calledLaugh
Laughhas a song calledPaul McCartney
Paul McCartneyhas a song calledBaby Face
Babyfacehas a song calledTalk to Me
Talk to Mehas a song calledMiles
Mileshas a song calledLustre
Lustrehas a song calledSheer
Sheerhas a song calledFeverish
Feverishhas a song calledEclat
Eclathas a song calledLa machine
La Machinehas a song calledGolden
Goldenhas a song calledNikki
Nikkihas a song calledNaked
Nakedhas a song calledReset
Resethas a song calledDaytona
Daytonahas a song calledOut Of My Hair
Out of My Hairhas a song calledWendy
Wendyhas a song calledRitmo
Ritmohas a song calledRapture
Rapturehas a song calledCadaver
Cadaverhas a song calledThe Misanthrope
The Misanthropehas a song calledEntwined
Entwinedhas a song calledThe Forgotten
The Forgottenhas a song calledHorror Show
Horrorshowhas a song calledTrain
Trainhas a song calledSolution
Solutionhas a song calledKoan
Koanhas a song calledMeredith
Meredithhas a song calledBadger
Badgerhas a song calledOregon
Oregonhas a song calledDeep Six
Deepsixhas a song calledDrill
Drillhas a song calledE
Ehas a song calledStrawberry Blonde
Strawberry Blondehas a song calledGlorious
Glorioushas a song calledElle
Ellehas a song calledYellow Man
Yellowmanhas a song calledGaze
Gazehas a song calledTurquoise
Turquoisehas a song calledFutura
Futurahas a song calledDeluxe
Deluxehas a song calledPony
Ponyhas a song calledFruitcake
Fruitcakehas a song calledEarl Grey
Earl Greyhas a song calledTripper
Tripperhas a song calledBarefoot
Barefoothas a song calledLazy
Lazyhas a song calledDelicious
Delicioushas a song calledStimulator
Stimulatorhas a song calledTechnology
Technologyhas a song calledNomad
Nomadhas a song calledTyphoon
Typhoonhas a song calledYoung Fathers
Young Fathershas a song calledOnly Child
Only Childhas a song calledBreakneck
Breakneckhas a song calledFortress
Fortresshas a song calledCore
Corehas a song calledTricky
Trickyhas a song calledPsychosis
psychosishas a song calledmutation
Mutationhas a song calledProtein
Proteinhas a song calledRefrigerator
Refrigeratorhas a song calledSeth
Sethhas a song calledUntil the End
Until the Endhas a song calledT.C.
T.C.has a song calledJoe
Joehas a song calledNew Man
Newmanhas a song calledArcadia
Arcadiahas a song calledThe Flame
The Flamehas a song calledTrigger
Triggerhas a song calledChatterbox
Chatterboxhas a song calledC
Chas a song calledHymen
Hymenhas a song calledMars
Marshas a song calledUpside Down
Upside Downhas a song calledLove Connection
Love Connectionhas a song calledThe Bomb
The Bombhas a song calledIndecision
Indecisionhas a song calledRag Mama Rag
Rag Mama Raghas a song calledDiddy Wah Diddy
Diddy Wah Diddyhas a song calledHappy Days
Happy Dayshas a song calledAbwärts
Abwärtshas a song calledDer Wahnsinn
Der Wahnsinnhas a song calledFrankenstein
Frankensteinhas a song calledBlack Lung
Black Lunghas a song calledMenticide
Menticidehas a song calledWrong
Wronghas a song calledI.D.
I.D.has a song calledBusted
Bustedhas a song called3am
3AMhas a song calledBrick
Brickhas a song calledThe Farm
The Farmhas a song calledMessiah
Messiahhas a song calledAnarchus
Anarchushas a song calledLabyrinth
Labyrinthhas a song calledColdness
Coldnesshas a song calledNone
Nonehas a song calledDevil Inside
Devilinsidehas a song calledKiss the Cynic
Kiss the Cynichas a song calledBarnburner
Barn Burnerhas a song calledTremors
Tremorshas a song calledNo Return
No Returnhas a song calledArtificial Paradise
Artificial Paradisehas a song calledLes Fleurs Du Mal
Les Fleurs du Malhas a song calledThe Abyss
The Abysshas a song calledCursed
Cursedhas a song calledGuilt Parade
Guilt Paradehas a song calledMonochrome
Monochromehas a song calledSupervisor
Supervisorhas a song calledGalaxy
Galaxyhas a song calledFragment
Fragmenthas a song calledShield
Shieldhas a song calledKaleidoscope
Kaleidoscopehas a song calledKilling Floor
Killing Floorhas a song calledLost Alone
LostAlonehas a song calledElysium
Elysiumhas a song calledElysian Fields
Elysian Fieldshas a song calledMermaid
Mermaidhas a song calledSilver Bullet
Silver Bullethas a song calledRaw Deal
Raw Dealhas a song calledSecret Service
Secret Servicehas a song calledKing & Queen
King & Queenhas a song called1999
1999has a song calledNekropolis
Nekropolishas a song calledChallenger
Challengerhas a song calledBlackouts
Blackoutshas a song calledIndustry
Industryhas a song calledState of the Nation
State of the Nationhas a song calledSeed
Seedhas a song calledNail
Nailhas a song calledThe Feeling
The Feelinghas a song calledAnyone
Anyonehas a song calledBaby Blue
Baby Bluehas a song calledBaby Boom
Babyboomhas a song calledScatterbrain
Scatterbrainhas a song calledBedlam
Bedlamhas a song calledRing of Fire
Ring of Firehas a song calledLaputa
Laputahas a song calledInsatiable
Insatiablehas a song calledStuff
Stuffhas a song calledSubway
Subwayhas a song calledSatellites
Satelliteshas a song calledLove Lies Bleeding
Love Lies Bleedinghas a song calledThe Seduction
The Seductionhas a song calledCorpus Christi
Corpus Christihas a song calledWindwalker
Windwalkerhas a song calledBurning Inside
Burning Insidehas a song calledApparition
Apparitionhas a song calledBetrayal
Betrayalhas a song calledIchabod
Ichabodhas a song calledViolet Sky
Violet Skyhas a song calledGrand Prix
Grand Prixhas a song calledThe Deal
The Dealhas a song calledCool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Lukehas a song calledThe Balancing Act
The Balancing Acthas a song calledAdventure
Adventurehas a song calledLights Out
Lights Outhas a song calledJaded
Jadedhas a song calledTrespass
Trespasshas a song calledTroya
Troyahas a song calledChoke
Chokehas a song calledMy Fate
My Fatehas a song calledI Am the Ocean
I Am the Oceanhas a song calledJim
Jimhas a song calledAnna
Annahas a song calledUnique
Uniquehas a song calledThe Vision
The Visionhas a song calledNo Comment
NoCommenthas a song calledPainkiller
Painkillerhas a song calledPestilence
Pestilencehas a song calledImpure
Impurehas a song calledBile
Bilehas a song calledTourniquet
Tourniquethas a song calledPhantom Limb
Phantom Limbhas a song calledThe Pines
The Pineshas a song calledThe Rest
The Resthas a song calledThe Lodger
The Lodgerhas a song calledThe Conversation
The Conversationhas a song calledAfter School Special
afterschoolspecialhas a song calleddreamers
Dreamershas a song calledAppaloosa
Appaloosahas a song calledPatchwork
Patchworkhas a song calledNight Moves
Night Moveshas a song calledHorses
Horseshas a song calledCheyenne
Cheyennehas a song calledHouses
Houseshas a song calledCarrion
Carrionhas a song calledDex
Dexhas a song calledGroundswell
Groundswellhas a song calledSnatch
Snatchhas a song calledOn
ONhas a song calledLem
Lemhas a song calledRainy Day
Rainy Dayhas a song calledHolocaust
Holocausthas a song calledTranscendence
Transcendencehas a song calledAlpha
Alphahas a song calledMay
MAYhas a song calledLYDIA
Lydiahas a song calledThe Exit
The Exithas a song calledPressure Cooker
Pressure Cookerhas a song calledLast to Know
Last to Knowhas a song calledA.W.O.L.
A.W.o.L.has a song calledElusive
Elusivehas a song calledDestination Zero
Destination Zerohas a song calledIncense
Incensehas a song calledstarlet
Starlethas a song calledAstrid
Astridhas a song calledTrinity
Trinityhas a song calledTradition
Traditionhas a song calledBottom Line
Bottom Linehas a song calledNevertheless
Neverthelesshas a song calledThese Four Walls
These Four Wallshas a song calledNevergreen
Nevergreenhas a song calledDanse Macabre
Danse Macabrehas a song calledNexus
Nexushas a song calledNext
Nexthas a song calledShorty
Shortyhas a song calledPresto
Prestohas a song calledMetamorphose
Metamorphosehas a song calledMorph
Morphhas a song calledSolid Snake
Solid Snakehas a song calledUntamed
Untamedhas a song calledEKG
EKGhas a song calledSession
Sessionhas a song calledMoonstruck
Moonstruckhas a song calledMedicine Wheel
Medicine Wheelhas a song calledAutumn
Autumnhas a song calledFurther
Furtherhas a song calledSickness
Sicknesshas a song calledScavenger
Scavengerhas a song calledGeneration X
Generation Xhas a song calledYouth Youth Youth
Youth Youth Youthhas a song calledGreed
Greedhas a song calledFreeez
Freeezhas a song calledFuture Funk
Future Funkhas a song calledThe Times
The Timeshas a song calledBiff Bang Pow!
Biff Bang Pow!has a song calledClose
CLOSEhas a song calledfalse
Falsehas a song calledKickball
Kickballhas a song calledBarefeet
Bare Feethas a song calledSanta Fe
Santa Fehas a song calledSpazz
Spazzhas a song calledCrop Circles
Crop Circleshas a song calledPentagon
pentagonhas a song calledThe Gate
The Gatehas a song calledTransfer
Transferhas a song calledSiglo XX
Siglo XXhas a song calledThe Room
The Roomhas a song calledICU
ICUhas a song calledWhistle
Whistlehas a song calledSven Wittekind
Sven Wittekindhas a song calledLuxuria
Luxuriahas a song calledCelebrity
Celebrityhas a song calledCamera
Camerahas a song calledHurt
Hurthas a song calledUnkind
Unkindhas a song calledUmbrella
Umbrellahas a song called200
200has a song calledMamma
Mammahas a song calledTelevision
Televisionhas a song calledDouble Exposure
Double Exposurehas a song calledI Declare War
I Declare Warhas a song calledHuman Waste
Human Wastehas a song calledAvsky
Avskyhas a song calledVermin
Verminhas a song calledSkrew
Skrewhas a song calledSam I Am
Samiamhas a song calledLouie
Louiehas a song calledOasis
Oasishas a song calledThe Wake
The Wakehas a song calledCurtain
Curtainhas a song calledMorning After
Morning Afterhas a song calledDenial
Denialhas a song calledKlan
Klanhas a song calledLa ley
La Leyhas a song calledTierra
Tierrahas a song calledSun God
Sungodhas a song calledMesa
Mesahas a song calledEn Garde
En Gardehas a song calledJupiter
Jupiterhas a song calledVox Populi
Vox Populihas a song calledAs I Lay Dying
As I Lay Dyinghas a song calledTorn Within
Torn Withinhas a song calledIcon
Iconhas a song calledNaked Eyes
Naked Eyeshas a song calledEmotion in Motion
Emotion in Motionhas a song calledShining Star
Shining Starhas a song calledStorm
Stormhas a song calledInterface
Interfacehas a song calledParagon of Beauty
Paragon of Beautyhas a song calledThe Company
The Companyhas a song calledAnimal Farm
Animal Farmhas a song calledRookie of the Year
Rookie of the Yearhas a song calledThe Weekend
The Weekendhas a song calledVictory
Victoryhas a song calledHelena
Helenahas a song calledMinimum
Minimumhas a song calledKeine Ahnung
Keine Ahnunghas a song calledHerzschlag
Herzschlaghas a song calledNiemand
Niemandhas a song calledJericho
Jerichohas a song calledCreature
Creaturehas a song calledCuba
Cubahas a song calledAkron
Akronhas a song calledElegia
Elegiahas a song calledWings
Wingshas a song calledWild Life
Wildlifehas a song calledBonnie
BONNIEhas a song called123
123has a song calledBetty
Bettyhas a song calledMetro
Metrohas a song calledNelly
Nellyhas a song calledBay
Bayhas a song calledSiamese
Siamesehas a song calledCombine
Combinehas a song calledLila
Lilahas a song calledVas
Vashas a song calledArc of Ascent
Arc Of Ascenthas a song calledGodhead
Godheadhas a song calledFucked Up
Fucked Uphas a song calledThe Public
The Publichas a song calledConclusion
Conclusionhas a song calledH2O
H2Ohas a song calledFahrenheit
Fahrenheithas a song calledDragon Slayer
Dragonslayerhas a song calledHammerhead
Hammerheadhas a song calledM.I.A.
M.I.A.has a song calledMachine Gun Etiquette
Machine Gun Etiquettehas a song calledImpending Doom
Impending Doomhas a song calledChaos God
Chaos Godhas a song calledRadiant
Radianthas a song calledEleven
Elevenhas a song calledHieronymus
Hieronymushas a song calledElements
Elementshas a song calledHeadline
Headlinehas a song calledAvalon
Avalonhas a song calledGood News
Good Newshas a song calledAustralia
Australiahas a song calledChopper
chopperhas a song calledGreen
Greenhas a song calledNature Boy
Natureboyhas a song calledOver and Out
Over and Outhas a song calledBlack Rose
Black Rosehas a song calledInstants
Instantshas a song calledThe Need
The Needhas a song calledJolly Roger
Jolly Rogerhas a song calledFobia
Fobiahas a song calledPlastico
Plasticohas a song calledResist
Resisthas a song calledThink Again
Think Againhas a song calledThe Damned
The Damnedhas a song calledFish
Fishhas a song calledIncubus
Incubushas a song calledShaft
Shafthas a song calledScorpio Rising
Scorpio Risinghas a song calledWatermelon
Watermelonhas a song calledPrimordial
Primordialhas a song calledEmpire Falls
Empire Fallshas a song calledRazor Wire
Razorwirehas a song calledFull Circle
Full Circlehas a song calledChicago
Chicagohas a song calledMah Jongg
Mahjongghas a song calledMercury
Mercuryhas a song calledSpin
Spinhas a song calledFrench Connection
French Connectionhas a song calledBon Voyage
Bon Voyagehas a song calledDiary
Diaryhas a song calledMadeline
Madelinehas a song called1982
1982has a song calledChurch
Churchhas a song calledResistor
Resistorhas a song calledSegue
Seguehas a song calledVista
Vistahas a song calledSpecial Request
Special Requesthas a song calledBody Armour
Body Armourhas a song calledNo More Lies
No More Lieshas a song calledMigraine
Migrainehas a song calledPoint Zero
Point Zerohas a song calledCoastal
Coastalhas a song calledIvy
Ivyhas a song calledKite
Kitehas a song calledStep Forward
Step Forwardhas a song calledStepping Stone
Stepping Stonehas a song calledCounterpoint
Counterpointhas a song calledLight of the World
Light of the Worldhas a song calledI Shot the Sheriff
I Shot the Sheriffhas a song calledBurden
Burdenhas a song calledConflict
Conflicthas a song calledStatement
Statementhas a song called999
999has a song calledNasty Nasty
Nastynastyhas a song calledDirty Dancing
Dirty Dancinghas a song calledHere and There
Here and Therehas a song calledChalice
Chalicehas a song calledAbsurd
Absurdhas a song calledPermafrost
Permafrosthas a song calledThe Cut
The Cuthas a song calledParis
Parishas a song calledD.O.A.
D.O.A.has a song calledDonnybrook
Donnybrookhas a song calledCaledonia
Caledoniahas a song calledGypsy
Gypsyhas a song calledThe Third Eye
The Third Eyehas a song calledLost Boy
Lost Boyhas a song calledDye
DyEhas a song calledImperator
Imperatorhas a song calledNecronomicon
Necronomiconhas a song calledMachine Gun
Machine Gunhas a song calledTo Be Continued
to be continuedhas a song calledHawke
Hawkehas a song calledAmazon
Amazonhas a song calledGrowing
Growinghas a song calledBlue Angels
Blue Angelshas a song calledSarah
Sarahhas a song calledTake That
Take Thathas a song calledLove Love
Love Lovehas a song calledVomit
Vomithas a song calledBloodshed
Bloodshedhas a song calledKrank
Krankhas a song calledNasty Habits
Nasty Habitshas a song calledDead Flowers
Dead Flowershas a song calledCrack Down
Crackdownhas a song calledOur Hour
Our Hourhas a song calledPanda Riot
Panda Riothas a song calledPlateau
PlatEAUhas a song calledK2
K2has a song calledThe Living Daylights
The Living Daylightshas a song calledThe Sleeping
The Sleepinghas a song calledFleet
FLEEThas a song calledstella
Stellahas a song calledThe WorD
The Wordhas a song calledWithout God
Without Godhas a song calledFaithless
Faithlesshas a song calledAddictive
Addictivehas a song calledDistemper
Distemperhas a song calledDog Star
Dogstarhas a song calledEnemies
Enemieshas a song calledMorse Code
Morse Codehas a song calledCasino
Casinohas a song calledStories
Storieshas a song calledKathleen
Kathleenhas a song calledSatan
Satanhas a song calledNotaufnahme
Notaufnahmehas a song calledHaywire
Haywirehas a song calledBuzz
Buzzhas a song calledStrange Days
strange dAyshas a song calledJames Dean
James Deanhas a song calledMadame
Madamehas a song calledBrian Eno
Brian Enohas a song calledIn Dark Trees
In Dark Treeshas a song calledSatori
Satorihas a song calledDear
Dearhas a song calledscene
Scenehas a song calledExistence
Existencehas a song calledShalom
Shalomhas a song calledCoda
Codahas a song calledKawaii
Kawaiihas a song calledBest Friends
Best Friendshas a song calledWitches
Witcheshas a song calledGift Horse
Gifthorsehas a song calledSmall
Smallhas a song calledDull
Dullhas a song calledVibes
Vibeshas a song calledSilk Flowers
Silk Flowershas a song calledCheap Shot
Cheapshothas a song calledZeus
Zeushas a song calledMan on Fire
Man on Firehas a song calledMajestic
Majestichas a song calledResurrection
Resurrectionhas a song calledCoward
Cowardhas a song calledSwallow
Swallowhas a song calledZoo
ZOOhas a song calledChoo Choo TRAIN
Choo Choo Trainhas a song calledParasol
Parasolhas a song calledClandestine
Clandestinehas a song calledBlack Eyed Susan
Blackeyed Susanhas a song calledIndica
Indicahas a song calledAs If
As Ifhas a song calledSecret Garden
Secret Gardenhas a song calledLotus
Lotushas a song calledKodiak
Kodiakhas a song calledFiasco
Fiascohas a song calledRed Delicious
Red Delicioushas a song calledEden
Edenhas a song calledAdam & Eve
Adam & Evehas a song calledBonE
Bonehas a song calledDanzig
Danzighas a song calledHalloween
Halloweenhas a song calledHell
Hellhas a song calledSuicide Commando
Suicide Commandohas a song calledMorgue
Morguehas a song calledMy Lai
My Laihas a song calledBraille
Braillehas a song calledMolasses
Molasseshas a song calledNo Love Lost
No Love Losthas a song calledLast Laugh
Last Laughhas a song calledCasualty
Casualtyhas a song calledSilo
Silohas a song calledRoot
Roothas a song calledWarning Sign
Warning Signhas a song calledWake the Dead
Wake The Deadhas a song calledBrotherhood
Brotherhoodhas a song calledThree Things
Threethingshas a song calledArc
ARChas a song calledOssuary
Ossuaryhas a song calledPentagram
Pentagramhas a song calledThe Bees
The Beeshas a song calledThe Start
theSTARThas a song calledGorgeous
Gorgeoushas a song calledTruly
Trulyhas a song calledRepulsion
Repulsionhas a song calledSix Feet Under
Six Feet Underhas a song calledInsect
Insecthas a song calledSlammer
Slammerhas a song calledCorruption
Corruptionhas a song calledNo Choice
No Choicehas a song calledPrey
Preyhas a song calledDiscordance
Discordancehas a song calledAgnus Dei
Agnus Deihas a song calledDeus Ex Machina
Deus ex Machinahas a song calledTech Noir
Technoirhas a song calledSea of Sin
Sea of Sinhas a song calledSave Our Souls
Save Our Soulshas a song calledLegion
Legionhas a song calledThe Caravan
The Caravanhas a song calledMesmerize
Mesmerizehas a song calledManowar
Manowarhas a song calledDefender
Defenderhas a song calledThe Redeemer
The Redeemerhas a song calledPitbull
Pitbullhas a song calledRah Rah
Rah Rahhas a song calledCastles
Castleshas a song calledTrivia
Triviahas a song calledCyber Space
Cyber Spacehas a song calledSpace Fly
Spaceflyhas a song calledIndividual
Individualhas a song calledSky High
Sky Highhas a song calledManic Depression
Manic Depressionhas a song calledBlood Money
Blood Moneyhas a song calledDamascus
Damascushas a song calledInterference
Interferencehas a song calledGold
Goldhas a song calledSpleen
Spleenhas a song calledMomo
Momohas a song calledMarina
Marinahas a song calledRevolver
Revolverhas a song calledJunior
Juniorhas a song calledMother Mother
Mother Motherhas a song calledThe Stand
The Standhas a song called33
33has a song calledFrontier
Frontierhas a song calledAether
Aetherhas a song calledVariance
Variancehas a song calledSpacestation
Space Stationhas a song calledBiosphere
Biospherehas a song calledManicure
Manicurehas a song calledAnother Girl
Another Girlhas a song calledFavorite
Favoritehas a song calledIndex
Indexhas a song calledVulcano
Vulcanohas a song calledThe Next
The Nexthas a song calledMy Name
My Namehas a song calledSkerik
Skerikhas a song calledElemental
Elementalhas a song calledDeep Chord
DeepChordhas a song calledBronze
BronZehas a song calledSoul on Ice
Soul on Icehas a song calledThinking
Thin Kinghas a song calledOpen Door
Open Doorhas a song calledLights
Lightshas a song calledDay One
Day Onehas a song calledFlipside
Flipsidehas a song calledStretch
Stretchhas a song calledMiss Jones
Miss Joneshas a song calledSmooth
Smoothhas a song calledJana
Janahas a song calledMore Than Life
More Than Lifehas a song calledAperture
Aperturehas a song calledLengsel
Lengselhas a song calledOpaque
Opaquehas a song calledNine
Ninehas a song calledWise in Time
Wise In Timehas a song calledLord
Lordhas a song calledThe Dreaming
The Dreaminghas a song calledHole
Holehas a song calledDrag
Draghas a song calledh
Hhas a song calledOld
Oldhas a song calledGlitch
Glitchhas a song calledWar Path
Warpathhas a song calledNight on Earth
Night on Earthhas a song calledCrux
Cruxhas a song calledLondon
Londonhas a song calledRadio Stars
Radio Starshas a song calledDear Prudence
Dear Prudencehas a song calledChina Doll
China Dollhas a song calledGlam
Glamhas a song calledMore Than Ever
More Than Everhas a song calledFace Tomorrow
Face Tomorrowhas a song calledThe Fix
The Fixhas a song calledBrooklyn
Brooklynhas a song calledNo Reply
No Replyhas a song calledBad joke
Badjokehas a song calledLeitmotiv
Leitmotivhas a song calledBleu
Bleuhas a song calledEvil Twin
Evil Twinhas a song calledO.N.S.
O.N.S.has a song calledGirls Girls Girls
Girls Girls Girlshas a song calledThe Boys
The Boyshas a song calledOne Way Ticket
One Way Tickethas a song calledThe Needles
The Needleshas a song calledDown the Line
Down the Linehas a song calledDion
Dionhas a song calledSeagull
Seagullhas a song calledSpear
Spearhas a song calledGala
Galahas a song calledCosmos
Cosmoshas a song calledTruxton
Truxtonhas a song calledANTICHRIST
Antichristhas a song calledMinotaur
Minotaurhas a song calledTales of Terror
Tales of Terrorhas a song calledHound Dog
HOUND DOGhas a song calledBULLDOG
Bulldoghas a song calledFalsa identidad
Falsa Identidadhas a song calledU.H.F.
U.H.F.has a song calledUHF
UHFhas a song calledDisconnect
Disconnecthas a song calledTone Poem
Tonepoemhas a song calledOctober Country
October Countryhas a song calledEnd of the Line
End of the Linehas a song calledPerfect
Perfecthas a song calledLooking Glass
Looking Glasshas a song calledBrandy
Brandyhas a song calledApart
Aparthas a song calledM
Mhas a song calledPili Pili
Pili Pilihas a song calledBoogaloo
Boogaloohas a song calledManteca
Mantecahas a song calledDeep Dish
Deep Dishhas a song calledMonsoon
Monsoonhas a song calledMy Head
My Headhas a song calledLog
Loghas a song calledGravedigger
Grave Diggerhas a song calledBlack Widows
Black Widowshas a song calledBlack Sheep
Black Sheephas a song calledGrand Groove
Grand Groovehas a song calledEllos
Elloshas a song called83
83has a song calledLet Loose
Let Loosehas a song calledSad
Sadhas a song calledGong
Gonghas a song calledMandrake
Mandrakehas a song calledInto the Void
Into The Voidhas a song calledDoomed
Doomedhas a song calledSun Eater
Sun Eaterhas a song calledHorse Head
Horseheadhas a song calledCentury
Centuryhas a song calledLobotomy
Lobotomyhas a song calledSeize
Seizehas a song calledCraving
Cravinghas a song calledFlare
Flarehas a song calledArmy of Lovers
Army of Lovershas a song calledSebastien
Sebastienhas a song calledDorian
Dorianhas a song calledLunar
Lunarhas a song calledThe Unknown
The Unknownhas a song calledNation of Fear
Nation of Fearhas a song calledThe Business
The Businesshas a song calledBlind Justice
Blind Justicehas a song calledWeasel
Weaselhas a song calledAbsentee
Absenteehas a song calledHomegroan
Home Groanhas a song calledLandslide
Landslidehas a song calledTommy
Tommyhas a song calledJoana
Joanahas a song calledLa marmotte
La Marmottehas a song calledTournesol
Tournesolhas a song calledHoly Cow
Holy Cowhas a song calledRandom
randomhas a song calledDownstairs
Downstairshas a song calledAll You Can Eat
All You Can Eathas a song calledHeroin
Heroinhas a song calledThe Obvious
The Obvioushas a song calledThumper
Thumperhas a song calledGuilt
Guilthas a song calledGlass Boy
Glass Boyhas a song calledAM
AMhas a song calledBloodshot
Bloodshothas a song calledBoomerang
Boomeranghas a song calledSeawolf
Sea Wolfhas a song calledPriscilla
Priscillahas a song calledBanquise
Banquisehas a song calledThe Bells
The Bellshas a song calledStray
Strayhas a song calledFrost
Frosthas a song calledModesty
Modestyhas a song calledMiranda
Mirandahas a song calledPhenomena
Phenomenahas a song calledFighter
Fighterhas a song calledStar One
Star Onehas a song calledSandrider
Sandriderhas a song calledScatter
Scatterhas a song calledMaroon
Maroonhas a song calledGötterdämmerung
Götterdämmerunghas a song calledGood Things
Good Thingshas a song calledKnowledge
Knowledgehas a song calledCynic
Cynichas a song calledCircle
Circlehas a song calledDrone
Dronehas a song calledHopscotch
Hopscotchhas a song calledBright
Brighthas a song calledOff
Offhas a song calledBad News
Bad Newshas a song calledChristine
Christinehas a song calledConquistador
Conquistadorhas a song calledCazadores
Cazadoreshas a song calledDancer
Dancerhas a song calledNumber Nine
Number Ninehas a song calledDark Moon
Dark Moonhas a song calledGenocide
Genocidehas a song calledDissection
Dissectionhas a song calledOppression
Oppressionhas a song calledAct of Faith
Act of Faithhas a song calledNetwork
Networkhas a song calledDiagrams
Diagramshas a song calledAntelope
Antelopehas a song calledShapes
Shapeshas a song calledLeper
Leperhas a song calledScar
Scarhas a song calledSurgeon
Surgeonhas a song calledRadiance
Radiancehas a song calledSubstance
Substancehas a song calledHeresy
Heresyhas a song calledConsume
Consumehas a song calledWalk the Plank
Walk the Plankhas a song calledSpy Glass
Spyglasshas a song calledLoss
Losshas a song calledLost Regrets
Lost Regretshas a song calledThe Sermon
The Sermonhas a song calledMiss A
miss Ahas a song calledNo Mercy
No Mercyhas a song calledKingfish
Kingfishhas a song calledRight Direction
Right Directionhas a song calledThe Zoo
The Zoohas a song calledSoulmate
Soulmatehas a song calledPlay
Playhas a song calledHula
Hulahas a song calledClear Water
Clearwaterhas a song calledDreamcatcher
Dream Catcherhas a song calledDon't Look Down
Don't Look Downhas a song calledWhat's Left
What's Lefthas a song calledSolaris
SoLaRiShas a song calledPhantasm
Phantasmhas a song calledGlue
Gluehas a song calledAfterparty
Afterpartyhas a song calledDestroyer
Destroyerhas a song calledThe Chosen Few
The Chosen Fewhas a song calledThing
Thinghas a song calledBad Manners
Bad Mannershas a song calledBig 5
Big 5has a song calledJesse James
Jesse Jameshas a song calledHotwired
Hotwiredhas a song calledMake It Count
Make It Counthas a song calledEveryday Life
Every Day Lifehas a song calledBystander
Bystanderhas a song calledArk
Arkhas a song calledAyna
Aynahas a song calledKanka
Kankahas a song calledAnesthesia
Anesthesiahas a song calledShifter
Shifterhas a song calledScrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggshas a song calledThe Same
The Samehas a song calledRoyal Flush
Royal Flushhas a song calledDead Letter
Dead Letterhas a song calledGraceland
Gracelandhas a song calledDeuce
Deucehas a song calledBoyfriend Girlfriend
boyfriendgirlfriendhas a song calledVillain
Villainhas a song calledDissent
Dissenthas a song calledThe Source
The Sourcehas a song calledCastles in the Sky
Castles in the Skyhas a song calledPanama
Panamahas a song calledPeach
Peachhas a song calledDougal
Dougalhas a song calledEmerald
Emeraldhas a song calledDragon Force
DragonForcehas a song calledStarfire
Starfirehas a song calledIsland
Islandhas a song calledMistral
Mistralhas a song calledNectar
Nectarhas a song calledTime Well Spent
Timewellspenthas a song calledEffigy
Effigyhas a song calledMisfits
Misfitshas a song calledDevils Whorehouse
Devils Whorehousehas a song calledThe Raven
The Ravenhas a song calledFireflies
Fireflieshas a song calledThe Dunes
The Duneshas a song calledCalling All Cars
Calling All Carshas a song calledRedline
Redlinehas a song calledBattle Cry
Battle Cryhas a song calledStrength In Numbers
Strength in Numbershas a song calledHoudini
Houdinihas a song calledIris
Irishas a song calledSun Ra
Sun Rahas a song calledJanus
Janushas a song calledCredo
Credohas a song calledSkintrade
Skintradehas a song calledPsalm
Psalmhas a song calledGlenn Miller
Glenn Millerhas a song calledFifth Avenue
Fifth Avenuehas a song calledNight Walker
Nightwalkerhas a song calledJumpstart
JumpStarthas a song calledTadpole
Tadpolehas a song calledCompulsion
Compulsionhas a song calledBurst
Bursthas a song calledInjected
Injectedhas a song calledSherman
Shermanhas a song calledLouie Louie
Louie Louiehas a song calledMad Love
MadLovehas a song calledThread
Threadhas a song calledForever Changed
Forever Changedhas a song calledChapters
Chaptershas a song calledGridlock
Gridlockhas a song calledFront
Fronthas a song calledCold War
Cold Warhas a song calledThe Machinist
The Machinisthas a song calledJaque Mate
Jaque Matehas a song calledEl Cangrejo
El Cangrejohas a song calledBroken Bones
Broken Boneshas a song calledHell Is for Heroes
Hell Is for Heroeshas a song calledQuiet Riot
Quiet Riothas a song calledRed Alert
Red Alerthas a song calledDead and Buried
Dead and Buriedhas a song calledLowlife
Lowlifehas a song calledJaw
JAWhas a song calledParental advisory
Parental Advisoryhas a song calledChina White
China Whitehas a song calledSolid State
Solid Statehas a song calledContinental Breakfast
Continental Breakfasthas a song calledTibet
Tibethas a song calledEagles
Eagleshas a song calledThe Last Resort
The Last Resorthas a song calledRunning Man
Running Manhas a song calledHeavens Gate
Heavens Gatehas a song calledMastermind
Mastermindhas a song calledCode Of Honor
Code of Honorhas a song calledPoem
Poemhas a song calledPenetralia
Penetraliahas a song calledSeelenkrank
Seelenkrankhas a song calledPurgatory
Purgatoryhas a song calledImpious
Impioushas a song calledTrapped Under Ice
Trapped Under Icehas a song calledGemini
Geminihas a song calledSpirals
SpiralShas a song calledripple
Ripplehas a song calledVictorious
Victorioushas a song calledBlack Sun
Black Sunhas a song calledTabula Rasa
Tabula Rasahas a song calledTarantella
Tarantellahas a song calledSouthern Cross
Southern Crosshas a song calledUndisclosed
Undisclosedhas a song calledTBA
TBAhas a song calledDread
Dreadhas a song calledLittle Women
Little Womenhas a song calledAmerican Standard
American Standardhas a song calledBlue Highway
Blue Highwayhas a song calledMidnight Storm
Midnightstormhas a song calledThe Church
The Churchhas a song calledLeverage
Leveragehas a song calledSentenced
Sentencedhas a song calledIn Memoriam
In Memoriamhas a song calledXavier
Xavierhas a song calledLucky 7
Lucky 7has a song calledTiffany
Tiffanyhas a song calledCinnamon
Cinnamonhas a song calledSeaweed
Seaweedhas a song calledOne Inch Punch
One Inch Punchhas a song calledShut Down
Shutdownhas a song calledManipulation
Manipulationhas a song calledGene
Genehas a song calledMan on Earth
Man on Earthhas a song calledSo
Sohas a song calledF
Fhas a song calledFluffy
Fluffyhas a song calledBleach
Bleachhas a song calledSurround
Surroundhas a song calledGlad
GLADhas a song calledPromo
Promohas a song calledRude Awakening
Rude Awakeninghas a song calledHeadhunter
Headhunterhas a song calledThe Haunted
The Hauntedhas a song calledBury Your Dead
Bury Your Deadhas a song calledLegend
Legendhas a song calledNegligence
Negligencehas a song calledShark Attack
Shark Attackhas a song calledHoly Ghost
Holy Ghosthas a song calledGone Fishin'
Gone Fishin'has a song calledDesperado
Desperadohas a song calledEasy Action
Easy Actionhas a song calledOut Cold
Out Coldhas a song calledDeviant
Devianthas a song calledLast Winter
Last Winterhas a song calledNeptune
Neptunehas a song calledBlack Tide
Black Tidehas a song calledBlack Widow
Black Widowhas a song calledArtefact
Artefacthas a song calledReverence
Reverencehas a song calledDignity
Dignityhas a song calledIcarus
Icarushas a song calledCactus
Cactushas a song calledHalogen
Halogenhas a song calledCharged
Chargedhas a song calledInquisition
Inquisitionhas a song calledStrike Anywhere
Strike Anywherehas a song calledDetonation
Detonationhas a song calledInfected
Infectedhas a song calledAnti World
Antiworldhas a song calledTall Man
Tallmanhas a song calledMechanism
Mechanismhas a song calledSiberia
Siberiahas a song calledCircular
Circularhas a song calledPinpoint
Pinpointhas a song calledHospital
Hospitalhas a song calledDon't
Don'thas a song calledGuilt Trip
Guilt Triphas a song calledHeadplate
Headplatehas a song calledRetina
Retinahas a song calledRev
Revhas a song calledSunday Driver
Sunday Driverhas a song calledSpindrift
Spindrifthas a song calledFlex
Flexhas a song calledLevitation
Levitationhas a song calledHangnail
Hangnailhas a song calledBig Business
Big Businesshas a song calledO.G.
O.G.has a song calledArtesia
Artesiahas a song calledAerial
Aerialhas a song calledSauvage
Sauvagehas a song calledCamel
Camelhas a song calledAirborn
Airbornhas a song calledZed
Zedhas a song calledHalo
Halohas a song calledAngst
Angsthas a song calledNancy
Nancyhas a song calledMaya
Mayahas a song calledElement
Elementhas a song calledDuo
Duohas a song calledSection16
Section 16has a song calledScattered
Scatteredhas a song calledLeft Out
Left Outhas a song calledPride Kills
Pride Killshas a song calledThe Scene
The Scenehas a song calledEcht
Echthas a song calledWonderwall
Wonderwallhas a song calledPaper Boy
Paperboyhas a song calledFeel Free
Feel Freehas a song calledThe Story
The Storyhas a song calledAmelia
Ameliahas a song calledJigsaw
Jigsawhas a song calledBuzzkill
Buzzkillhas a song calledVideo
Videohas a song calledBella
Bellahas a song calledCamelot
Camelothas a song calledRise and Fall
Rise and Fallhas a song calledBottom Feeder
Bottomfeederhas a song calledAnonymous
Anonymoushas a song calledEstampie
Estampiehas a song calledSaltarello
Saltarellohas a song calledDuctia
Ductiahas a song calledMikado
Mikadohas a song calledWelcome to the Club
Welcome To The Clubhas a song calledShade
Shadehas a song calledDungeon
Dungeonhas a song calledSteelheart
Steelhearthas a song calledGarden of Delight
Garden of Delighthas a song calledCodex
Codexhas a song calledProzak
Prozakhas a song calledScapegoat
Scapegoathas a song calledSlayer
Slayerhas a song calledNecrophobic
Necrophobichas a song calledBloodthirst
Bloodthirsthas a song calledImmortal Rites
Immortal Riteshas a song calledConstrucdead
Construcdeadhas a song calledDisbelief
Disbeliefhas a song calledPassenger
Passengerhas a song calledThe Race
The Racehas a song calledFeathers
Feathershas a song calledRhapsody
Rhapsodyhas a song calledIn Tenebris
In Tenebrishas a song calledTorch Song
Torch Songhas a song calledField of View
FIELD OF VIEWhas a song calledgift
Gifthas a song calledDrugs
Drugshas a song calledStrung Out
Strung Outhas a song calledIce Burn
Iceburnhas a song calledSoulstice
SoulSticehas a song calledTerra Firma
Terra Firmahas a song calledNimbus
Nimbushas a song calledSahara
Saharahas a song calledAjja
Ajjahas a song calledSpitfire
Spitfirehas a song calledJudy Garland
Judy Garlandhas a song calledThe Last Dance
The Last Dancehas a song calledWithout Words
Without Wordshas a song calledFinal Breath
Final Breathhas a song calledLaw of Nature
Law of Naturehas a song calledSymphony
Symphonyhas a song calledPandora
Pandorahas a song calledSe
SEhas a song calledKardia
Kardiahas a song calledEnne
Ennehas a song calledKnots
Knotshas a song calledKlaxon
Klaxonhas a song calledArde Core
Ardecorehas a song calledChimera
Chimerahas a song calledSlow Burn
Slowburnhas a song calledChester
Chesterhas a song calledGorky Park
Gorky Parkhas a song calledStrike
Strikehas a song calledSquare
Squarehas a song calledMuffin
Muffinhas a song calledSleeper
Sleeperhas a song calledBedhead
Bedheadhas a song calledInhume
Inhumehas a song calledPandemic
Pandemichas a song calledLeech
Leechhas a song calledJinn
Jinnhas a song calledAmnesia
Amnesiahas a song calledDrop Down
Drop Downhas a song calledModular
Modularhas a song calledOvni
Ovnihas a song calledAntena
Antenahas a song calledAchilles
Achilleshas a song calledIvory
Ivoryhas a song calledIncantation
Incantationhas a song calledHell Awaits
Hellawaitshas a song calledNo Exit
No Exithas a song calledMillenium
Milleniumhas a song calledVektor
Vektorhas a song calledDark Nebula
Dark Nebulahas a song calledCarbon
Carbonhas a song calledCopacabana
Copacabanahas a song calledCarnaval
Carnavalhas a song calledUniverse
Universehas a song calledFields
Fieldshas a song calledIsabel
Isabelhas a song calledMountain
Mountainhas a song calledTired Angels
Tired Angelshas a song calledBlue Train
Blue Trainhas a song calledOuter Zone
Outerzonehas a song calledThe Deep
The Deephas a song calledTelescope
Telescopehas a song calledBright Eyes
Bright Eyeshas a song calledHit the Switch
Hit the Switchhas a song calledAphasia
Aphasiahas a song calledFuneral Oration
Funeral Orationhas a song calledBeliever
Believerhas a song calledStoned
Stonedhas a song calledGonzo
Gonzohas a song calledPeeping Tom
Peeping Tomhas a song calledMojo
Mojohas a song calledCarnival
Carnivalhas a song calledAzymuth
Azymuthhas a song calledMimosa
Mimosahas a song calledBadlands
Badlandshas a song calledPrejudice
Prejudicehas a song calledNew Breed
New Breedhas a song calledThink
Thinkhas a song calledThird Eye
Third Eyehas a song calledStrange Attractor
Strange Attractorhas a song calledGyroscope
Gyroscopehas a song calledSnakeskin
Snakeskinhas a song calledMelissa
Melissahas a song calledLanding
Landinghas a song calledHeld
Heldhas a song calledTenfold
tenfoldhas a song calledTolerance
Tolerancehas a song calledRaygun
Raygunhas a song calledTuomio
Tuomiohas a song calledVarjo
Varjohas a song calledSade
Sadehas a song calledSnake Bite
Snakebitehas a song calledThrowdown
Throwdownhas a song calledFalling Forward
Falling Forwardhas a song calledSire
Sirehas a song calledMax
MAXhas a song calledAqua
Aquahas a song calledAn Apple a Day
An Apple a Dayhas a song calledThera
Therahas a song calledBalti
Baltihas a song calledPasse partout
Passepartouthas a song calledIt
IThas a song calledMk Ultra
MK Ultrahas a song calledSanta Maria
Santa Mariahas a song calledCuckoo
Cuckoohas a song calledBlackmail
blackmailhas a song calledMu
MUhas a song calledThe Mothership
The Mothershiphas a song calledPig
PIGhas a song calledWatts
Wattshas a song calledKundalini
Kundalinihas a song calledGazpacho
Gazpachohas a song calledBeach House
Beach Househas a song calledZebra
Zebrahas a song calledSublime
Sublimehas a song calledHouse of Suffering
House of Sufferinghas a song calledTagtraum
Tagtraumhas a song calledContrast
Contrasthas a song calledDare
Darehas a song calledAbandon
Abandonhas a song calledFalling Into Place
Falling Into Placehas a song calledCell
Cellhas a song calledTundra
Tundrahas a song calledBackburner
Backburnerhas a song calledAzure
Azurehas a song calledAt the Gates
At the Gateshas a song calledThe Dying
The Dyinghas a song calledGotham
Gothamhas a song calledLiars
Liarshas a song calledScissor
SCISSORhas a song calledKIND
Kindhas a song calledSwitchback
Switchbackhas a song calledAmadeus
Amadeushas a song calledArizona
Arizonahas a song calledBalloon
Balloonhas a song calledBig Bang Boom
Big Bang Boomhas a song calledGreen Light
Green Lighthas a song calledTsunami
Tsunamihas a song calledThe Spook
The Spookhas a song calledJane Doe
Jane Doehas a song calledSeize the Night
Seize The Nighthas a song calledDecree
Decreehas a song calledScorched Earth
Scorched Earthhas a song calledGormenghast
Gormenghasthas a song calledLocust
Locusthas a song calledNeedle
Needlehas a song calledGod's Army
God's Armyhas a song calledFifteen
Fifteenhas a song calledViolation
Violationhas a song calledCarbonized
Carbonizedhas a song calledSpacecraft
Spacecrafthas a song calledUplifted
Upliftedhas a song calledAntagonist
Antagonisthas a song calledSamsara
Samsarahas a song calledEnslaved
Enslavedhas a song calledIntermezzo
Intermezzohas a song calledThunderbolt
Thunderbolthas a song calledPoland
Polandhas a song calledTransatlantic
Transatlantichas a song calledHer Majesty
Her Majestyhas a song calledBikeride
Bikeridehas a song calledSmall Faces
Small Faceshas a song calledRunning Wild
Running Wildhas a song calledBlack Gold
Black Goldhas a song calledCanyon
Canyonhas a song calledKosmos
Kosmoshas a song calledTetris
Tetrishas a song calledMellow
Mellowhas a song calledViolet
Violethas a song calledGerms
Germshas a song calledManimal
Manimalhas a song calledLaura
Laurahas a song calledLunatic
Lunatichas a song calledLove Craft
Lovecrafthas a song calledRoyal Jelly
Royal Jellyhas a song calledBluebirds
Bluebirdshas a song calledLovebirds
Lovebirdshas a song calledThe Limit
The Limithas a song calledPop
PoPhas a song calledSora
Sorahas a song calledRayuela
Rayuelahas a song calledAéreo
Aéreohas a song calledSol
Solhas a song calledHill
HiLLhas a song calledRogue
Roguehas a song calledAdventure Time
Adventure Timehas a song calledWater Signs
Watersignshas a song calledNess
NESShas a song calledVVV
VVVhas a song calledProject Z
Project Zhas a song calledThe Third Man
The Third Manhas a song calledSedition
Seditionhas a song calledTrail of Tears
Trail of Tearshas a song calledEradicate
Eradicatehas a song calledUppercut
Uppercuthas a song calledDying Passion
Dying Passionhas a song calledThe Creeps
The Creepshas a song calledEl Camino
El Caminohas a song calledFamily Values
Family Valueshas a song calledGet Dead
Get Deadhas a song calledHard Candy
Hard Candyhas a song calledBone Machine
Bone Machinehas a song calledDuplex
Duplexhas a song calledMonotremata
Monotrematahas a song calledMask
Maskhas a song calledMad Professor
Mad Professorhas a song calledDisco Dude
Disco Dudehas a song calledWarning
Warninghas a song calledNew Look
New Lookhas a song calledStage
Stagehas a song calledFlag
Flaghas a song calledEruption
Eruptionhas a song calledFractured
Fracturedhas a song calledBig John
Big Johnhas a song calledLa strada
La Stradahas a song calledOrphan
Orphanhas a song calledMock
Mockhas a song calledPoppy
Poppyhas a song calledTune
Tunehas a song calledConfused
Confusedhas a song calledLord of the Flies
Lord of the Flieshas a song calledNarnia
Narniahas a song calledGround Zero
Ground Zerohas a song calledTurncoat
Turncoathas a song calledFlu
Fluhas a song calledBug
Bughas a song calledAndy
Andyhas a song calledBoombastic
Boombastichas a song calledLeaders of the New School
Leaders of the New Schoolhas a song calledAfterschool
Afterschoolhas a song calledBang!
Bang!has a song calledHyperspace
Hyperspacehas a song calledEuropa
Europahas a song calledDistortion
Distortionhas a song calledThe Tunnel
The Tunnelhas a song calledThe Generator
The Generatorhas a song calledLonely Planet
Lonely Planethas a song calledChinatown
Chinatownhas a song calledSin dios
Sin Dioshas a song calledPoema
Poemahas a song calledSafe to Say
Safe to Sayhas a song calledTrip
TRIPhas a song calledEmpire
Empirehas a song calledFoundation
Foundationhas a song calledCalloused
Callousedhas a song calledMystified
Mystifiedhas a song calledSkyscraper
Skyscraperhas a song calledMillennium
Millenniumhas a song calledMind's Eye
Mind's Eyehas a song calledAssassination
Assassinationhas a song calledVoid
Voidhas a song calledThe Foundation
TheFoundationhas a song calledBread
Breadhas a song calledAubrey
Aubreyhas a song calledStand Still
Stand Stillhas a song calledSoviet
Soviethas a song calledChina
Chinahas a song calledGabriel
Gabrielhas a song calledHawkeye
Hawkeyehas a song calledBun
Bunhas a song calledChoppa
Choppahas a song calledWaga Waga
wAgAwAgAhas a song calledkove
Kovehas a song calledBreach
Breachhas a song calledBlack Sabbath
Black Sabbathhas a song calledShockwave
Shockwavehas a song calledRavage
Ravagehas a song calledThe Shredder
The Shredderhas a song calledGravel
Gravelhas a song calledBarbed Wire
Barbed Wirehas a song calledBrain Damage
Brain Damagehas a song calledCalculator
Calculatorhas a song calledPresence
Presencehas a song calledSterling
Sterlinghas a song calledAcacia
Acaciahas a song calledWire
Wirehas a song calledAdapt
Adapthas a song calledHoly Blood
Holy Bloodhas a song calledThe Patriot
The Patriothas a song calledPatriot
Patriothas a song calledBurn it Down
Burn It Downhas a song calledPaint It Black
Paint It Blackhas a song called365
365has a song calledPamela
Pamelahas a song called11:11
11:11has a song calledTormentor
Tormentorhas a song calledTrance
Trancehas a song calledApocalypse Now
Apocalypse Nowhas a song calledMercenary
Mercenaryhas a song calledAlliance
Alliancehas a song calledWeekend Warriors
Weekend Warriorshas a song calledFireworks
Fireworkshas a song calledThe Midnight Society
The Midnight Societyhas a song calledWidespread Panic
Widespread Panichas a song calledGreta
Gretahas a song calledAnomaly
Anomalyhas a song calledIconoclast
Iconoclasthas a song calledBattlefields
Battlefieldshas a song calledBlueprint
Blueprinthas a song calledSoap
Soaphas a song calledKlaus
Klaushas a song calledTusk
tuskhas a song calledSeismic
Seismichas a song calledOcean View
Ocean Viewhas a song calledSober
Soberhas a song calledItch
itchhas a song calledBurning Bridges
Burning Bridgeshas a song calledEleanor
Eleanorhas a song calledAutomata
Automatahas a song calledThrowback
Throwbackhas a song calledBorder Crossing
Border Crossinghas a song calledTaxi
Taxihas a song calledRevólver
Revólverhas a song calledMestizo
Mestizohas a song calledRumble Fish
Rumblefishhas a song calledThe Lodge
The Lodgehas a song calledMilk
Milkhas a song calledMind Over Matter
Mind Over Matterhas a song calledNorth Star
North Starhas a song calledColossus
Colossushas a song calledLove Child
Love Childhas a song calledCompany
Companyhas a song calledAl
Alhas a song calledPanorama
Panoramahas a song calledBlanco
Blancohas a song calledNew Kids on the Block
New Kids on the Blockhas a song calledFighting Gravity
Fighting Gravityhas a song calledDarling
Darlinghas a song calledThis Charming Man
This Charming Manhas a song calledBleeder
Bleederhas a song calledKnucklehead
Knuckleheadhas a song calledCritical Mass
Critical Masshas a song calledWhirr
Whirrhas a song calledToss
Tosshas a song calledRosebud
Rosebudhas a song calledKalashnikov
Kalashnikovhas a song calledSniper
Sniperhas a song calledKing Of The Hill
KingOfTheHillhas a song calledLisa
Lisahas a song calledOceano
Oceanohas a song calledDepths
Depthshas a song calledText
Texthas a song calledSailor
Sailorhas a song calledJosephine Baker
Josephine Bakerhas a song calledAvec
Avechas a song calledMandragora
Mandragorahas a song calledEl Paso
El Pasohas a song calledMarty Robbins
Marty Robbinshas a song calledBig Iron
Big Ironhas a song calledSuffocation
Suffocationhas a song calledDepths of Depravity
Depths of Depravityhas a song calledCain
Cainhas a song calledLapis niger
Lapis Nigerhas a song calledThe Darkness
The Darknesshas a song calledWarped
Warpedhas a song calledDog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Doghas a song calledUndivided
Undividedhas a song calledVendetta
Vendettahas a song calledEverest
Everesthas a song calledHungry Ghost
Hungry Ghosthas a song calledMan Ray
Man Rayhas a song calledAzar
Azarhas a song calledAva
Avahas a song calledFestival
Festivalhas a song calledValentine
Valentinehas a song calledFeel So Bad
Feel So Badhas a song calledIn Trance
Intrancehas a song calledMosquito
Mosquitohas a song calledLeslie West
Leslie Westhas a song calledSingapore Sling
Singapore Slinghas a song calledDemoniac
Demoniachas a song calledMoonblood
Moonbloodhas a song calledWitchfinder General
Witchfinder Generalhas a song calledEuthanasia
Euthanasiahas a song calledWinter Depression
Winter Depressionhas a song calledBlizzard
Blizzardhas a song calledTake
Takehas a song calledJuniper
Juniperhas a song calledOrchard
Orchardhas a song calledMint
MINThas a song calledSleeping Giant
Sleeping Gianthas a song calledCovenant
Covenanthas a song called20hz
20 Hzhas a song calledHot Pants
Hot Pantshas a song calledGipsy
Gipsyhas a song calledPatio
Patiohas a song calledSyrup
Syruphas a song calledThe Bandit
The Bandithas a song calledSuck
Suckhas a song calledWar Pigs
Warpigshas a song calledLuk
Lukhas a song calledAnton
Antonhas a song calledForm
formhas a song calledEnvisage
Envisagehas a song calledTrance to the Sun
Trance to the Sunhas a song calledRex
ReXhas a song calledAirwave
Airwavehas a song calledAngelica
Angelicahas a song calledBring Back Her Head
Bring Back Her Headhas a song calledMagpie
Magpiehas a song calledAmarok
Amarokhas a song calledWendigo
Wendigohas a song calledEntropia
Entropiahas a song calledRed Room
Red Roomhas a song calledHappy Hour
Happy Hourhas a song calledMisanthropy
Misanthropyhas a song calledDaylight Dies
Daylight Dieshas a song calledThe Morning Light
The Morning Lighthas a song calledThe Sounds
The Soundshas a song calledThe Only Ones
The Only Oneshas a song calledThe Big Sleep
The Big Sleephas a song calledAce
Acehas a song calledMoon Child
Moonchildhas a song calledSadness
Sadnesshas a song calledTalisman
Talismanhas a song calledDelusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Grandeurhas a song calledAlanis Morissette
Alanis Morissettehas a song calledHuman Touch
Human Touchhas a song calledDanny
Dannyhas a song calledIn the Club
In The Clubhas a song calledJust In
Justinhas a song calledCommon Ground
Common Groundhas a song calledThe Great Divide
The Great Dividehas a song calledPowderfinger
Powderfingerhas a song calledControl Freak
Control Freakhas a song calledLish
Lishhas a song calledElastica
Elasticahas a song calledMad Dog
Mad Doghas a song calledDisorder
Disorderhas a song calledFist Fuck
Fistfuckhas a song calledDrop Dead
Dropdeadhas a song calledDirect Action
Direct Actionhas a song calledEat the Rich
Eat the Richhas a song calledBlack Velvet Band
Black Velvet Bandhas a song calledFiddler's Green
Fiddler's Greenhas a song calledPopcorn
Popcornhas a song calledHot Butter
Hot Butterhas a song calledTelstar
Telstarhas a song calledThe Tornados
The Tornadoshas a song calledGranada
Granadahas a song calledHelene
Helenehas a song calledDeath Rattle
Death Rattlehas a song calledVicious Cycle
Vicious Cyclehas a song calledGamma Ray
Gamma Rayhas a song calledMcTee
MC Teehas a song calledNu Sounds
Nu Soundshas a song calledDreams Come True
DREAMS COME TRUEhas a song calledsu ki
Sukihas a song calledViper
Viperhas a song calledBlast
Blasthas a song calledWelter
Welterhas a song calledLindisfarne
Lindisfarnehas a song calledSteppenwolf
Steppenwolfhas a song calledPowerplay
Powerplayhas a song calledAvanti
Avantihas a song calledGirls
Girlshas a song calledLawrence
Lawrencehas a song calledEnvelope
Envelopehas a song calledYou Are Here
YOUAREHEREhas a song calledTape
Tapehas a song calledA Spire
Aspirehas a song calledFrom the Shadows
From the Shadowshas a song calledThe Forsaken
The Forsakenhas a song calledBlackend
Blackendhas a song calledDarkest Day
Darkest Dayhas a song calledDarkest Hour
Darkest Hourhas a song calledThe Hollow
The Hollowhas a song calledMetropolis
Metropolishas a song calledOkay
Okayhas a song calledWe
Wehas a song calledVulpecula
Vulpeculahas a song calledCelestial
Celestialhas a song calledNepal
Nepalhas a song calledKatmandu
Kat Manduhas a song calledThe Break
The Breakhas a song calledThe Distraction
The Distractionhas a song calledPortrait
Portraithas a song calledEdge of Thorns
Edge of Thornshas a song calledRavenland
Ravenlandhas a song calledPresage
Presagehas a song calledThe Illuminati
The Illuminatihas a song calledRain Delay
Rain Delayhas a song calledFulcrum
Fulcrumhas a song calledThe Sweeney
The Sweeneyhas a song calledBatman and Robin
Batman and Robinhas a song calledBatmobile
Batmobilehas a song calledLucie
Luciehas a song calledL'aura
L'Aurahas a song calledDemian
Demianhas a song calledAcid Queen
Acid Queenhas a song calledBang
Banghas a song calledRedman
Redmanhas a song calledThe Head Banger
The Headbangerhas a song calledThe Wishmaster
The Wishmasterhas a song calledStyle
Stylehas a song calledTalk Talk
Talk Talkhas a song calledStump
Stumphas a song calledBuffalo
Buffalohas a song calledKim
Kimhas a song calledNaked City
Naked Cityhas a song calledBlood Duster
Blood Dusterhas a song calledS.I.D.S.
S.I.D.S.has a song calledEl Salvador
El Salvadorhas a song called4am
4AMhas a song calledKingston
Kingstonhas a song calledLunapark
Luna Parkhas a song calledReturn to Forever
Return to Foreverhas a song calledMatrix
Matrixhas a song calledApache
Apachehas a song calledTonto
Tontohas a song calledPara
Parahas a song calledEs
Eshas a song calledClink
Clinkhas a song calledFauna
Faunahas a song calledSyrinx
Syrinxhas a song calledPegasus
Pegasushas a song calledThe Falling
The Fallinghas a song calledCircle II Circle
Circle II Circlehas a song calledThe Black
The Blackhas a song calledAvaritia
Avaritiahas a song calledBars
Barshas a song calledGeorgina
Georginahas a song calledAlways in My Heart
Always in my Hearthas a song calledBent
Benthas a song calledMadhouse
Madhousehas a song calledSix
Sixhas a song calledSolar Vibes
Solar Vibeshas a song calledWeirdo
Weirdohas a song calledFair Warning
Fair Warninghas a song calledDesolation Angels
Desolation Angelshas a song calledFury
Furyhas a song calledHogwash
Hogwashhas a song calledWitch Doctor
Witchdoctorhas a song calledSemiautomatic
Semiautomatichas a song calledExecution
Executionhas a song calledSarcophagus
Sarcophagushas a song calledWrath
Wrathhas a song calledViking
Vikinghas a song calledDo or Die
Do or Diehas a song calledUltimatum
Ultimatumhas a song calledThule
Thulehas a song calledWishful
Wishfulhas a song calledCry Havoc
Cry Havochas a song calledJanuary
Januaryhas a song calledFleece
Fleecehas a song calledVerses
Verseshas a song calledQuest
Questhas a song calledLove Jones
Love Joneshas a song calledHelp Wanted
Help Wantedhas a song calledScooter
Scooterhas a song calledBob
Bobhas a song calledScarecrow
Scarecrowhas a song calledCrematory
Crematoryhas a song calledEwigkeit
Ewigkeithas a song calledCapsule
Capsulehas a song calledGlass Eye
Glass Eyehas a song calledTreefort
Treeforthas a song calledTrina
Trinahas a song calledLame
Lamehas a song calledRipe
Ripehas a song calledThe Most
The Mosthas a song calledMonkey Boy
Monkey Boyhas a song calledWise Guy
Wiseguyhas a song calledAfterburn
Afterburnhas a song calledNorthpole
Northpolehas a song calledRover
Roverhas a song calledLou
Louhas a song calledSpain
Spainhas a song calledSevenfold
Sevenfoldhas a song calledChristian
Christianhas a song calledCara
Carahas a song calledFrida
Fridahas a song calledJaguar
Jaguarhas a song calledNailed
Nailedhas a song calledScorpio
Scorpiohas a song calledAAA
AAAhas a song calledEighth Wonder
Eighth Wonderhas a song calledCross My Heart
Cross My Hearthas a song calledDetermination
Determinationhas a song calledSubject to Change
Subject to Changehas a song calledSincere
Sincerehas a song calledHypothermia
Hypothermiahas a song calledLid
Lidhas a song calledRx
Rxhas a song calledThe Daze
The Dazehas a song calledNeon
Neonhas a song calledHarry
Harryhas a song calledQueen Bee
QueenBeehas a song calledHot Gossip
Hot Gossiphas a song calledHaarp
haarphas a song calledFox
Foxhas a song calledMe Without You
mewithoutYouhas a song calledGentlemen
Gentlemenhas a song calledMuted
Mutedhas a song calledClassified
Classifiedhas a song calledGossip
Gossiphas a song calledSleepers
Sleepershas a song calledFishbone
Fishbonehas a song calledAlcoholic
Al Coholichas a song calledNirvana
Nirvanahas a song calledPaper Cuts
PaPerCutshas a song calledComplete
Completehas a song calledGame Face
Gamefacehas a song calledFun
Funhas a song calledEarthmover
Earthmoverhas a song calledTotal Chaos
Total Chaoshas a song calledBoot Party
Boot Partyhas a song calledTransgression
Transgressionhas a song calledFinal Conflict
Final Conflicthas a song calledCoffin Nails
Coffin Nailshas a song calledHeartbreak
Heartbreakhas a song calledSista skriket
Sista Skrikethas a song calledKäftsmäll
Käftsmällhas a song calledB-movie
B-Moviehas a song calledDisturbed
Disturbedhas a song calledMistress
Mistresshas a song calledShovel
Shovelhas a song calledSmog
Smoghas a song calledFruit Bats
Fruit Batshas a song calledPrimitive Man
Primitive Manhas a song calledAntietam
Antietamhas a song calledPine
Pinehas a song calledSeesaw
Seesawhas a song calledWind
Windhas a song calledLuxury
Luxuryhas a song calledMetropolitan
Metropolitanhas a song calledPreacher Boy
Preacher Boyhas a song calledGun
Gunhas a song calledHobo
Hobohas a song calledMerlin
Merlinhas a song calledAcid
Acidhas a song calledNever Ever
Nevereverhas a song calledBitch Boys
Bitch Boyshas a song calledContinental
Continentalhas a song calledOxbow
Oxbowhas a song calledDaughter
Daughterhas a song calledLandfill
Landfillhas a song calledCesspool
Cesspoolhas a song calledHHH
HHHhas a song calledVida
Vidahas a song calledBig Sky
Big Skyhas a song calledEl Niño
El Niñohas a song calledKnut
Knuthas a song calledEngine
Enginehas a song calledBudgie
Budgiehas a song calledThe Author
The Authorhas a song calledDoubt
douBthas a song calledThe Human Abstract
The Human Abstracthas a song calledFaust
Fausthas a song calledVoltaire
Voltairehas a song calledDummy
Dummyhas a song calledDrowning Man
Drowningmanhas a song calledKerosene
Kerosenehas a song calledKilgore Trout
Kilgore Trouthas a song calledBank
Bankhas a song calledSteps
Stepshas a song calledKyoto
Kyotohas a song calledAnahata
Anahatahas a song calledRonin
Roninhas a song calledPuffy
PUFFYhas a song calledBanzai!
Banzai!has a song calledOdessa
Odessahas a song calledLeila
Leilahas a song calledSodastream
Sodastreamhas a song calledConvoy
Convoyhas a song calledEleventeen
Eleventeenhas a song calledCrestfallen
Crestfallenhas a song calledLion's Share
Lion's Sharehas a song calledRemembrance
Remembrancehas a song calledObsidian
Obsidianhas a song calledIncinerate
Incineratehas a song calledAnathema
Anathemahas a song calledHarmonium
Harmoniumhas a song calledVert
Verthas a song calledPart Two
Part Twohas a song calledCreation Rebel
Creation Rebelhas a song calledBeware
Bewarehas a song calledAnimus
Animushas a song calledBeastmode
BEASTMODEhas a song calledDeadly Weapon
Deadly Weaponhas a song calledRemembering Never
Remembering Neverhas a song calledSelma
Selmahas a song calledWeekender
weekenderhas a song calledat sea
At Seahas a song calledLow Light
Low Lighthas a song calledSoul Side
Soulsidehas a song calledBass
Basshas a song calledAnubis
Anubishas a song calledThe Others
The Othershas a song calledFlapjack
Flapjackhas a song calledThink Twice
Think Twicehas a song calledSluts
Slutshas a song calledBlitzkrieg
Blitzkrieghas a song calledVikings
Vikingshas a song calledBetrayer
Betrayerhas a song calledTribulation
Tribulationhas a song calledSpectres
Spectreshas a song calledNazca
Nazcahas a song calledAntiseptic
Antiseptichas a song calledThe Edge
The Edgehas a song calledDjinn
Djinnhas a song calledDarshan
Darshanhas a song calledDuck
Duckhas a song calledNo Doubt
No Doubthas a song calledAche
Achehas a song calledAcheron
Acheronhas a song calledThou Art Lord
Thou Art Lordhas a song calledWarhammer
Warhammerhas a song calledThe Horror
The Horrorhas a song calledIan
Ianhas a song calledMasters of the Universe
Masters of the Universehas a song calledDoppelgänger
DoppelgängeRhas a song calledVoyage
Voyagehas a song calledFreestate
Freestatehas a song calledMystery Man
Mystery Manhas a song calledTransistor
Transistorhas a song calledEpsilon
Epsilonhas a song calledThe Destroyer
The Destroyerhas a song calledOxygene
Oxygenehas a song calledtest
Testhas a song calledThe Swingers
The Swingershas a song calledFive O'Clock Shadow
Five O'Clock Shadowhas a song calledChant
Chanthas a song calledThe Line
The Linehas a song calledModem
Modemhas a song calledHedgehog
Hedge Hoghas a song calledCoil
Coilhas a song calledBeige
Beigehas a song calledTerapia
Terapiahas a song calledKaamos
Kaamoshas a song calledStrife
Strifehas a song calledOverthrow
Overthrowhas a song calledReact
Reacthas a song calledCallous
Calloushas a song calledSport
Sporthas a song calledNewton
Newtonhas a song calledCulpables
Culpableshas a song calledMotor
MOTORhas a song calledPong
Ponghas a song calledNeil
Neilhas a song calledWayne
Waynehas a song calledHead Up
HeadUphas a song calledZealot
Zealothas a song calledJane
Janehas a song calledMoonstone
Moonstonehas a song calledThe Visitors
The Visitorshas a song calledMoth
Mothhas a song calledSupermodel
Supermodelhas a song calledBlondie
Blondiehas a song calledLittle Caesar
Little Caesarhas a song calledThat Was Yesterday
That Was Yesterdayhas a song calledSinner
Sinnerhas a song calledRunnin' Wild
Runnin' Wildhas a song calledLoretta
Lorettahas a song calledSinking Ships
Sinking Shipshas a song calledExit Strategy
Exit Strategyhas a song calledHex
Hexhas a song calledDana
Danahas a song calledCliffs of Dooneen
Cliffs of Dooneenhas a song calledTouchstone
Touchstonehas a song calledWintercoast
Wintercoasthas a song calledYukon
Yukonhas a song calledMarriage
Marriagehas a song calledTenement
Tenementhas a song calledEarwig
Earwighas a song calledCicada
Cicadahas a song calledOptimus Prime
Optimus Primehas a song calledElephant Gun
Elephant Gunhas a song calledManic Hispanic
Manic Hispanichas a song called12 XU
12XUhas a song calledLa rouille
La Rouillehas a song calledMinuit
Minuithas a song calledIslands
Islandshas a song calledHumans
Humanshas a song calledWitness
Witnesshas a song calledThe Blood
The Bloodhas a song calledMesrine
Mesrinehas a song calledAndré Gagnon
André Gagnonhas a song calledResonance
Resonancehas a song calledSurgery
Surgeryhas a song calledGrandine
Grandinehas a song calledNoi
n o ihas a song calledHolding Pattern
Holding Patternhas a song calledAsparagus
ASPARAGUShas a song calledABYSS
Abysshas a song calledSplatterhouse
Splatterhousehas a song calledMutilator
Mutilatorhas a song calledButcher
Butcherhas a song calledThe Possibilities
The Possibilitieshas a song calledPixel
Pixelhas a song calledBoth
Bothhas a song calledAxel
Axelhas a song calledAmo
AMOhas a song calledSlang
Slanghas a song calledWank
Wankhas a song calledWhite Lightning
White Lightninghas a song calledWilliam Tell
William Tellhas a song calledSounds
Soundshas a song calledWaterfalls
Water Fallshas a song calledThe Idea of North
The Idea of Northhas a song calledAfter All
After Allhas a song calledThe Rapture
The Rapturehas a song calledThe Killing
The Killinghas a song calledRed Head
RedHeadhas a song calledBlaze
B L A Z Ehas a song calledSteel
Steelhas a song calledEraserhead
Eraserheadhas a song calledBonesaw
Bonesawhas a song calledAngry
Angryhas a song calledBound for Glory
Bound for Gloryhas a song calledSiegfried
Siegfriedhas a song calledRheingold
Rheingoldhas a song calledDigital
Digitalhas a song calledDeadline
Deadlinehas a song calledStolen Youth
Stolen Youthhas a song calledWorlds Apart
Worlds Aparthas a song calledTwice
Twicehas a song calledIsm
Ismhas a song calledCreate
Createhas a song calledKaleid
Kaleidhas a song calledCulture Shock
Culture Shockhas a song calledJoyless
Joylesshas a song calledThe Nails
The Nailshas a song calledThe Flesh
The Fleshhas a song calledGallows
Gallowshas a song calledAbandon Ship
Abandon Shiphas a song calledJoshua
Joshuahas a song calledEarthtones
Earth Toneshas a song calledStan
Stanhas a song calledAtomic Bombs
Atomic Bombshas a song calledMia
Miahas a song calledCandida
Candidahas a song calledMeta
Metahas a song calledAmorphous
Amorphoushas a song calledSidestepper
Sidestepperhas a song calledDeja
dejahas a song calledFM
FMhas a song calledHeadroom
Headroomhas a song calledScorch
Scorchhas a song calledEn face
EnFacehas a song calledDe rien
De rienhas a song calledBaignade interdite
Baignade Interditehas a song calledJadis
Jadishas a song calledNeed to Breathe
NEEDTOBREATHEhas a song calledHaley
Haleyhas a song calledDevour
Devourhas a song calledWithdrawn
Withdrawnhas a song calledTainted
Taintedhas a song calledScars
Scarshas a song calledAdultery
Adulteryhas a song calledLast Hope
Last Hopehas a song calledWhat We Feel
What We Feelhas a song calledEarth Crisis
Earth Crisishas a song calledBorn From Pain
Born From Painhas a song calledBehind Enemy Lines
Behind Enemy Lineshas a song calledThe Cure
The Curehas a song calledCloudberry
Cloudberryhas a song calledZig Zag
ZiGZaGhas a song calledEnergizer
Energizerhas a song calledTea
Teahas a song calledPaula
Paulahas a song calledDynamic
Dynamichas a song calledDynamix
Dynamixhas a song calledDirections
Directionshas a song calledShameless
Shamelesshas a song calledFlaming Youth
Flaming Youthhas a song calledThe Planets
The Planetshas a song calledClair de Lune
Clair De Lunehas a song calledBlue Ribbon
Blue Ribbonhas a song calledRadar
Radarhas a song calledArmstrong
Armstronghas a song calledShiner
Shinerhas a song calledBrooks
Brookshas a song calledRed Tape
Red Tapehas a song calledDamage Control
Damage Controlhas a song calledThe Effort
The Efforthas a song calledSteps Ahead
Steps Aheadhas a song calledStaircase
Staircasehas a song calledOpa Tsupa
Opa Tsupahas a song calledLes Yeux noirs
Les Yeux Noirshas a song calledKolo
Kolohas a song calledOval
Ovalhas a song calledMach
Machhas a song calledZillion
Zillionhas a song calledThe Hose
The Hosehas a song calledMagma
Magmahas a song calledOtis
Otishas a song calledDrunken Boat
Drunken Boathas a song calledSpin Around
Spinaroundhas a song calledSay Anything
Say Anythinghas a song calledVexed
Vexedhas a song calledThe Good Fight
The Good Fighthas a song calledGypsy Queen
Gypsy Queenhas a song calledBrown Sugar
Brown Sugarhas a song calledTaal
Taalhas a song calledStratus
Stratushas a song calledThe Leader
The Leaderhas a song calledGoldfinger
Goldfingerhas a song calledSmp
SMPhas a song calledNegative
Negativehas a song calledSwans
Swanshas a song calledVolcano
Volcanohas a song calledBrain Dance
Braindancehas a song calledFireside
Firesidehas a song calledDos
Doshas a song calledNumber Six
Number Sixhas a song calledDBC
DBChas a song calledDeadlock
Deadlockhas a song calledBoredom
Boredomhas a song calledCows
Cowshas a song calledSlap Back
slapbackhas a song calledNode
Nodehas a song calledLevy
LEVYhas a song calledSqueeze
Squeezehas a song calledNight Nurse
Nightnursehas a song calledGolem
Golemhas a song calledDreamweaver
Dream Weaverhas a song calledAurora Borealis
Aurora Borealishas a song calledThe Milkyway
The Milky Wayhas a song calledBond
bondhas a song calledBella Donna
Belladonnahas a song calledPower Trip
Power Triphas a song calledMurderer's Row
Murderer's Rowhas a song calledManitoba
Manitobahas a song calledCherrybomb
Cherrybombhas a song calledSold Out
Soldouthas a song calledThe Box
The Boxhas a song calledCrow Bar
Crowbarhas a song calledPrince of Peace
Prince of Peacehas a song calledGalliano
Gallianohas a song calledThunderhead
Thunderheadhas a song calledFrontline
Frontlinehas a song calledHunter
Hunterhas a song calledIntensive Care
Intensive Carehas a song calledCowards
Cowardshas a song calledScarce
Scarcehas a song calledWide
Widehas a song calledZap
ZAPhas a song calledBig Daddy
Big Daddyhas a song calledSukiyaki
Sukiyakihas a song calledA Taste of Honey
A Taste of Honeyhas a song calledRace
Racehas a song calledGreenday
Green Dayhas a song calledDry Ice
Dry Icehas a song calledOh Darling
Oh Darlinghas a song calledElectrocute
Electrocutehas a song calledZero Gravity
Zero Gravityhas a song calledThunderball
Thunderballhas a song calledSirocco
Siroccohas a song calledIkarus
Ikarushas a song calledEvening Lights
Evening Lightshas a song calledStarless
Starlesshas a song calledSilver Wings
Silver Wingshas a song calledLightning Bolt
Lightning Bolthas a song calledBirdy
Birdyhas a song calledYoung Blood
Youngbloodhas a song calledFinal War
Final Warhas a song calledAntisocial
Antisocialhas a song calledUnion Jack
Union Jackhas a song calledSubmerge
Submergehas a song calledStateless
Statelesshas a song calledInscape
Inscapehas a song calledSecond Skin
Second Skinhas a song calledOmega Man
Omegamanhas a song calledFreejack
Freejackhas a song calledSightless
Sightlesshas a song calledUnleashed
Unleashedhas a song calledThe Witch
The Witchhas a song calledHavoc
Havochas a song calledSouthpaw
Southpawhas a song calledThousands
Thousandshas a song calledHowler
Howlerhas a song calledHecate
Hecatehas a song calledSinistra
Sinistrahas a song calledFunebre
Funebrehas a song calledAngel Tears
Angel Tearshas a song calledShanti
SHANTIhas a song calledChain reaction
Chain Reactionhas a song calledNo Logo
No Logohas a song calledDark Star
Dark Starhas a song calledBlue Murder
Blue Murderhas a song calledBlue Mountain
Blue Mountainhas a song calledGentle Soul
Gentle Soulhas a song calledMarcus
Marcushas a song calledKelly
Kellyhas a song calledShoes
Shoeshas a song calledTorn in Two
Torn In Twohas a song calledSoli Deo Gloria
Soli Deo Gloriahas a song calledJesu
Jesuhas a song calledBroken Home
Broken Homehas a song calledDominoe
Dominoehas a song calledThe Friend
The Friendhas a song calledKayak
Kayakhas a song calledBehind the Scenes
Behind the Sceneshas a song calledRent
Renthas a song calledLa muerte
La Muertehas a song calledBig Trouble
Big Troublehas a song calledTrains and Boats and Planes
Trains and Boats and Planeshas a song calledSpook
Spookhas a song calledPredator
Predatorhas a song calledKnuckleheadz
Knuckleheadzhas a song calledBerzerk
Berzerkhas a song calledPen Pal
Pen Palhas a song calledEtcetera
Et Ceterahas a song calledTau Ceti
Tau Cetihas a song calledGrauzone
Grauzonehas a song calledRaum
Raumhas a song calledBlood Loss
Bloodlosshas a song calledWino
WINOhas a song calledWarsaw
Warsawhas a song calledExercise One
Exercise Onehas a song calledIntensity
Intensityhas a song calledQuench
Quenchhas a song calledFudge
Fudgehas a song calledSalvador
Salvadorhas a song calledWorthy
Worthyhas a song calledMummer
Mummerhas a song calledEvery Little Thing
Every Little Thinghas a song calledSeason
Seasonhas a song calledNext Level
Next Levelhas a song calledSecond Nature
Second Naturehas a song calledDepth Charge
Depth Chargehas a song calledShy
Shyhas a song calledPub
Pubhas a song calledSunshower
Sunshowerhas a song calledWoods
Woodshas a song calledPicking Up the Pieces
Picking Up the Pieceshas a song calledBrenda K. Starr
Brenda K. Starrhas a song calledEsa
ESAhas a song calledBlack Trip
Black Triphas a song calledFirewind
Firewindhas a song calledThe Departure
The Departurehas a song calledBe My Enemy
Be My Enemyhas a song calledAutomaton
Automatonhas a song calledFog
Foghas a song calledCarpathian Forest
Carpathian Foresthas a song calledA Forest
a foresthas a song calledone two
One Twohas a song calledHold Fast
Holdfasthas a song calledHoax
Hoaxhas a song calledDvda
DVDAhas a song calledUncle Fucker
Uncle Fuckerhas a song calledAbilene
Abilenehas a song calledBlackleg
Blackleghas a song calledPhobia
Phobiahas a song calledSingularity
Singularityhas a song calledInvictus
Invictushas a song calledSol Invictus
Sol Invictushas a song calledSomewhere in Europe
Somewhere in Europehas a song calledDivination
Divinationhas a song calledStir
Stirhas a song calledGrounded
Groundedhas a song calledStyle of Eye
Style of Eyehas a song calledClown
Clownhas a song calledAnemic
Anemichas a song calledPhase
Phasehas a song calledAmethyst
Amethysthas a song calledFume
Fumehas a song calledLifelike
Lifelikehas a song calledMachinery
Machineryhas a song calledMurder Inc.
Murder Inc.has a song calledSupergrass
Supergrasshas a song calledTime to Burn
Time to Burnhas a song calledLand
Landhas a song calledShu
Shuhas a song calledSka'd For Life
Ska'd For Lifehas a song calledRebecca
REBECCAhas a song calledGIRL SCHOOL
Girlschoolhas a song calledTear It Up
Tear It Uphas a song calledBattle Scarred
Battle Scarredhas a song calledNo Brain
No Brainhas a song calledRadio Radio
RadioRadiohas a song calledMarathon
Marathonhas a song calledWall
Wallhas a song calledShoestring
Shoestringhas a song calledPlayers
Playershas a song calledEliminator
Eliminatorhas a song calledThe Seer
The Seerhas a song calledAcross the Border
Across the Borderhas a song calledNew England
New Englandhas a song calledDDT
DDThas a song calledStanley
Stanleyhas a song calledZenith
Zenithhas a song calledElectro Dreams
Electro Dreamshas a song calledBlack Ice
Black Icehas a song calledBefore the Dawn
Before the Dawnhas a song calledUnbroken
Unbrokenhas a song calledThe Setup
The Setuphas a song calledTorchbearer
Torchbearerhas a song calledPenumbra
Penumbrahas a song calledNeutral
Neutralhas a song calledRecoil
Recoilhas a song calledChrome
Chromehas a song calledInhale
Inhalehas a song calledVideodrone
Videodronehas a song calledFaceplant
Face Planthas a song calledPostal
Postalhas a song calledYour Demise
Your Demisehas a song calledSolstice
Solsticehas a song calledHalcyon
Halcyonhas a song calledThe Voice
The Voicehas a song calledTYR
Tyrhas a song calledAsgard
Asgardhas a song calledOutworld
Outworldhas a song calledThe Never
The Neverhas a song calledCavity
Cavityhas a song calledAngelrust
Angelrusthas a song calledT.H.C.
T.H.C.has a song calledDip
Diphas a song calledTrampoline
Trampolinehas a song calledGreen Jacket
Green Jackethas a song calledCatharsis
Catharsishas a song calledImago
Imagohas a song calledOtherwise
Otherwisehas a song calledCrimson
Crimsonhas a song calledEchelon
Echelonhas a song calledPlus
Plushas a song calledAusgang
Ausganghas a song calledLick
Lickhas a song calledJawbreaker
Jawbreakerhas a song calledLawn
Lawnhas a song calledBackspace
Backspacehas a song calledHavok
Havokhas a song calledThe Disease
The Diseasehas a song calledSilkworm
Silkwormhas a song calledInto the Woods
Into the Woodshas a song calledBreaking Silence
Breaking Silencehas a song calledSana
Sanahas a song calledLoveholic
Loveholichas a song calledSylvia
Sylviahas a song calledCry Baby Cry
Cry Baby Cryhas a song calledRadiator
Radiatorhas a song calledBlack Shine
Blackshinehas a song calledLifeblood
Lifebloodhas a song calledYouth Enrage
Youth Enragehas a song calledPossibility
POSSIBILITYhas a song calledsanagi
Sanagihas a song calledPorcupine
Porcupinehas a song calledDalto
Daltohas a song calledBillie Holiday
Billie Holidayhas a song calledIll Wind
Ill Windhas a song calledL.A.P.D.
L.A.P.D.has a song calledJames Brown
James Brownhas a song calledChase
Chasehas a song calledHades
Hadeshas a song calledThinktank
Thinktankhas a song calledImprint
Imprinthas a song calledReptilian
Reptilianhas a song calledSleepwalkers
Sleepwalkershas a song calledNetherworld
Netherworldhas a song calledGrim
Grimhas a song calledExaltation
Exaltationhas a song calledDemented
Dementedhas a song calledShaman
Shamanhas a song calledIron Soul
Iron Soulhas a song calledTaurus
Taurushas a song calledMountaineer
Mountaineerhas a song calledAmbassador
Ambassadorhas a song calledMagog
Magoghas a song calledHel
Helhas a song calledOthala
Othalahas a song calledSeid
Seidhas a song calledRed Planet
Red Planethas a song calledAmplifier
Amplifierhas a song calledAirborne
Airbornehas a song calledEarthbound
Earthboundhas a song calledThe Secret
The Secrethas a song calledPretty Girls Make Graves
Pretty Girls Make Graveshas a song calledThe Number
The Numberhas a song calledDissonance
Dissonancehas a song calledCruise Control
Cruise Controlhas a song calledWeather Report
Weather Reporthas a song calledPalladium
Palladiumhas a song calledNorma
normAhas a song calledMicro
microhas a song calledCMYK
CMYKhas a song calledDegraded
Degradedhas a song calledDimitris
Dimitrishas a song calledSlices
Sliceshas a song calledBad Mask
Bad Maskhas a song calledGatekeeper
Gatekeeperhas a song calledHard Attack
Hard Attackhas a song calledAnal Cunt
Anal Cunthas a song calledGuy Smiley
Guy Smileyhas a song calledThe Kids
The Kidshas a song calledNull
NULLhas a song calledTrue Love Always
True Love Alwayshas a song calledTorch
Torchhas a song calledRunnin' Riot
Runnin' Riothas a song calledCaptain Chaos
Captain Chaoshas a song calledChelsea Hotel
Chelsea Hotelhas a song calledWe're All Gonna Die
We're All Gonna Diehas a song calledTrike
Trikehas a song calledKangaroo
Kangaroohas a song calledJune
Junehas a song calledTempter
Tempterhas a song calledDionysus
Dionysushas a song calledThe Orb
The Orbhas a song calledTerminus
Terminushas a song calledDark Carnival
Dark Carnivalhas a song calledBloody Mary
Bloody Maryhas a song calledFallen Christ
Fallen Christhas a song calledAltar of Pain
Altar of Painhas a song calledDecaying
Decayinghas a song calledNew Order
New Orderhas a song calledShellshock
Shell Shockhas a song calledSolitaire
Solitairehas a song calledAlhambra
ALHAMBRAhas a song calledDie Erde
Die Erdehas a song calledLaub
Laubhas a song calledMofa
Mofahas a song calledTiger
Tigerhas a song calledMad Max
Mad Maxhas a song calledKoma
Komahas a song calledLas cruces
Las Cruceshas a song calledSkin Chamber
Skin Chamberhas a song calledMind Grinder
MindGrinderhas a song calledCome Shine
Come Shinehas a song calledLush Life
Lushlifehas a song calledMagnolia
Magnoliahas a song calledThe Audition
The Auditionhas a song calledHave Gun, Will Travel
Have Gun, Will Travelhas a song calledPins and Needles
Pins and Needleshas a song calledSpecimen
Specimenhas a song calledSan Pedro
Sanpedrohas a song calledPostdata
Postdatahas a song calledLazarus
Lazarushas a song calledFront Page
Front Pagehas a song calledScarface
Scarfacehas a song calledFor Real
For Realhas a song calledThe Prayer
The Prayerhas a song calledShiva
Shivahas a song calledUser
Userhas a song calledMuM
MUMhas a song calledKronos
Kronoshas a song calledDismember
Dismemberhas a song calledAfterimage
After Imagehas a song calledNext in Line
Next in Linehas a song calledMichigan
Michiganhas a song calledJuveniles
Juvenileshas a song calledElisa
Elisahas a song calledThe Waves
The Waveshas a song calledSakura
SAKURAhas a song calledSurf
Surfhas a song calledSweet Noise
Sweet Noisehas a song calledGhetto
Ghettohas a song calledMenace
Menacehas a song calledGlc
GLChas a song calledHustler
Hustlerhas a song calledDickies
Dickieshas a song calledGigantor
Gigantorhas a song calledBlind Spot
Blindspothas a song calledClueless
Cluelesshas a song calledPhuture
Phuturehas a song calledSlam
Slamhas a song calledGundog
GUN DOGhas a song calledHonor
Honorhas a song calledGod of War
God of Warhas a song calledIron Man
Iron Manhas a song calledThe Passage
The Passagehas a song calledThe Shadows
The Shadowshas a song calledDakota
Dakotahas a song calledTaking Over
Taking Overhas a song calledHellbastard
Hellbastardhas a song calledThe Pylons
The Pylonshas a song calledRoad Rage
Road Ragehas a song calledMatrimony
Matrimonyhas a song calledPrick
PRICKhas a song calledActress
Actresshas a song calledSlowjam
Slowjamhas a song calledFirewater
Firewaterhas a song calledBefore the Fall
Before the Fallhas a song calledBlood Tsunami
Blood Tsunamihas a song calledKrokodil
Krokodilhas a song calledSkylab
Skylabhas a song calledThe Trip
The Triphas a song calledAtlantide
Atlantidehas a song calledEgg
Egghas a song calledClara
Clarahas a song calledEngage
Engagehas a song calledAmalgam
Amalgamhas a song calledEnds
endshas a song calledSuperior
Superiorhas a song calledUltra
Ultrahas a song calledBizarre
Bizarrehas a song calledDown Low
Down Lowhas a song calledPotion
Potionhas a song calledCirca
Circahas a song calledIda
Idahas a song calledNick Drake
Nick Drakehas a song calledThe Seasons
The Seasonshas a song calledCapital
Capitalhas a song calledDisclaimer
Disclaimerhas a song calledVending Machine
Vending Machinehas a song calledRae
Raehas a song calledWoodpigeon
Woodpigeonhas a song calledLittle Wings
Little Wingshas a song calledThanksgiving
Thanksgivinghas a song calledThe Night in Gales
The Nightingaleshas a song calledSquare Circle
Square Circlehas a song calledDissolved
Dissolvedhas a song calledFoil
Foilhas a song calledSoup
Souphas a song calledGlaciers
Glaciershas a song calledLucky Me
Lucky Mehas a song calledDoc
Dochas a song calledKarussell
Karussellhas a song calledBambule
Bambulehas a song calledThirdforce
Third Forcehas a song calledDeath Breath
Death Breathhas a song calledLycanthropy
Lycanthropyhas a song calledXI
XIhas a song calledLight FM
Light FMhas a song calledStormtroopers
Storm Troopershas a song calledReincarnation
Reincarnationhas a song calledMuzikizum
Muzikizumhas a song calledX-Press 2
X-Press 2has a song calledAC/DC
AC/DChas a song calledSquealer
Squealerhas a song calledNight Wolf
Nightwolfhas a song calledCobra
Cobrahas a song calledNight Creatures
Night Creatureshas a song calledEsc
ESChas a song calledMagenta
Magentahas a song calledPearl
Pearlhas a song calledBenediction
Benedictionhas a song calledCharon
Charonhas a song calledRust
Rusthas a song calledDope
Dopehas a song calledToday Is the Day
Today Is the Dayhas a song calledCrutch
Crutchhas a song calledIllumination
Illuminationhas a song calledAlpha Omega
Alpha Omegahas a song calledLong Distance
Long Distancehas a song calledBushwacka!
Bushwacka!has a song calledHealer
Healerhas a song calledPolarity
Polarityhas a song calledSyntax
Syntaxhas a song calledTower of Power
Tower of Powerhas a song calledClever Girl
Clever Girlhas a song calledElm
Elmhas a song calledYears
Yearshas a song calledArcane
Arcanehas a song calledMirror of Deception
Mirror of Deceptionhas a song calledSole
Solehas a song calledThe Numbers
The Numbershas a song calledGuerilla
Guerillahas a song calledOne Step Ahead
One Step Aheadhas a song calledBreaking the Silence
Breaking The Silencehas a song calledUnder God
Undergodhas a song calledDevil in Me
Devil In Mehas a song calledBack Against The Wall
Back Against the Wallhas a song calledRelish
Relishhas a song calledNatural High
Natural Highhas a song calledNew Mind
New Mindhas a song calledFracture
Fracturehas a song calledGetaway Car
Getaway Carhas a song calledAll Time Low
All Time Lowhas a song calledLullabies
Lullabieshas a song calledJunk
Junkhas a song calledThe Drawing Room
The Drawing Roomhas a song calledSkeleton Key
Skeleton Keyhas a song calledSpider Monkey
Spider Monkeyhas a song calledSponge
Spongehas a song calledThe Crash
The Crashhas a song calledPolar
Polarhas a song calledAirlock
Airlockhas a song calledDangerman
Dangermanhas a song calledMemphis
Memphishas a song calledReservoir
Reservoirhas a song calledHoover
Hooverhas a song calledTNT
TNThas a song calledLionheart
Lionhearthas a song calledReprisal
Reprisalhas a song calledThe Sect
The Secthas a song calledDoublethink
doublethinkhas a song calledMedina
Medinahas a song calledVi to
Vitohas a song calledAcross the Rubicon
Across the Rubiconhas a song calledA Ghost
A Ghosthas a song called151
151has a song calledOut for Blood
Out for Bloodhas a song calledIron Lung
Iron Lunghas a song calledWhite Flag
White Flaghas a song calledWuthering Heights
Wuthering Heightshas a song calledThe Bird
The Birdhas a song calledFirst Light
First Lighthas a song calledLos Lobos
Los Loboshas a song calledVolver
Volverhas a song calledLucy
Lucyhas a song calledgas
Gashas a song calledKlang
Klanghas a song calledAtlantyda
Atlantydahas a song calledMarco Polo
Marc O Polohas a song calledThunderstorm
Thunderstormhas a song calledL
Lhas a song calledLes Hurleurs
Les Hurleurshas a song calledBazar
Bazarhas a song calledTina
Tinahas a song calledVirta
Virtahas a song calledEastwood
Eastwoodhas a song calledMedium
Mediumhas a song calledSerpico
Serpicohas a song calledElixir
Elixirhas a song calledOverlap
Overlaphas a song calledAutopilot
Autopilothas a song calledEvidence
Evidencehas a song calledPest
PESThas a song calledTrova
Trovahas a song calledHorn of Plenty
Horn of Plentyhas a song calledAmalthea
Amaltheahas a song calledRemembrances
Remembranceshas a song calledBlood on the Wall
Blood on the Wallhas a song calledHibernation
Hibernationhas a song calledPlastics
Plasticshas a song calledComplex
COMPLEXhas a song called1990
1990has a song calledEEPROM
EEPROMhas a song calledCaves
Caveshas a song called1917
1917has a song calledKillers
Killershas a song calledParabellum
Parabellumhas a song calledStalag 17
Stalag 17has a song calledSofa Head
Sofa Headhas a song calledDustbin
Dustbinhas a song calledPink Noise
Pink Noisehas a song calledThe Roads
The Roadshas a song calledVienna
VIENNAhas a song calledCaution
Cautionhas a song calledForce Fed
Force Fedhas a song calledFast Forward
Fast Forwardhas a song calledMamba
Mambahas a song calledLiekki
Liekkihas a song calledLulu
Luluhas a song calledMoviola
Moviolahas a song calledHand to Mouth
Hand to Mouthhas a song calledGeorge
Georgehas a song calledAlpine
Alpinehas a song calledAll For One
All for Onehas a song calledThe Receiver
The Receiverhas a song calledGoliath
Goliathhas a song calledPrism
Prismhas a song calledGizmo
Gizmohas a song calledKismet
Kismethas a song calledDot Communism
dotCommunismhas a song calledCave
Cavehas a song calledSicko
Sickohas a song calledLittle
Littlehas a song calledZZZ
zZzhas a song calledThe Movies
The Movieshas a song calledLimousine
Limousinehas a song calledSex Pest
Sex Pesthas a song calledFelix
Felixhas a song calledL I F T E R
Lifterhas a song calledHeadshot
Headshothas a song calledThe Swarm
The Swarmhas a song calledBeyond the End
Beyond the Endhas a song calledImmanuel
Immanu Elhas a song calledKosmonaut
Kosmonauthas a song calledBinary Star
Binary Starhas a song calledFellowship
Fellowshiphas a song calledQuartz
Quartzhas a song calledSmokie
Smokiehas a song calledWild Angels
Wild Angelshas a song calledMatchbox
Matchboxhas a song calledSpringheel Jack
Spring Heel Jackhas a song calledLit
Lithas a song calledDozer
Dozerhas a song calledFrom Mars
Frommarshas a song calledSand
Sandhas a song calledDesert Storm
Desert Stormhas a song calledGoblin
Goblinhas a song calledDeath Dies
Death Dieshas a song calledThorazine
Thorazinehas a song calledTKY
TKYhas a song calledMagnetic
Magnetichas a song calledMagnum
Magnumhas a song calledBack to Earth
Back to Earthhas a song calledAmygdala
Amygdalahas a song calledOzy
Ozyhas a song calledLingo
Lingohas a song calledAgents
Agentshas a song calledKarelia
Kareliahas a song calledTrial
Trialhas a song calledDiabolic
Diabolichas a song calledEntombed
Entombedhas a song calledSome Velvet Morning
Some Velvet Morninghas a song calledThe Nightshift
The Nightshifthas a song calledArch Enemy
Arch Enemyhas a song calledThe Ides of March
The Ides of Marchhas a song calledOgre
Ogrehas a song calledThe Gas
The Gashas a song calledLove Bites
Lovebiteshas a song calledOpen Space
OPENSPACEhas a song calledtricycle
Tricyclehas a song calledBelly Button
Belly Buttonhas a song calledCarlos
Carloshas a song calledGargantua
Gargantuahas a song calledGargoyles
Gargoyleshas a song calledKill City
KillCityhas a song calledStrychnine
Strychninehas a song calledShit Outta Luck
ShitOuttaLuckhas a song calledMulder
Mulderhas a song calledThe Police
The Policehas a song calledTea in the Sahara
Tea in the Saharahas a song calledCosmorama
Cosmoramahas a song calledSpace Odyssey
Space Odysseyhas a song calledMortal
Mortalhas a song calledPura
Purahas a song calledAllied
Alliedhas a song calledIsomer
Isomerhas a song calledMoney Shot
Moneyshothas a song calledKid Vicious
Kid Vicioushas a song calledReForm
Reformhas a song calledAtemlos
Atemloshas a song calledTiefenrausch
Tiefenrauschhas a song calledWeltbrand
Weltbrandhas a song calledCasus Belli
Casus Bellihas a song calledNaked King
Naked Kinghas a song calledLibido
Libidohas a song calledLaberinto
Laberintohas a song calledThird World
Third Worldhas a song calledPyramid
Pyramidhas a song calledBig Dipper
Big Dipperhas a song calledEdith
Edithhas a song calledCommon Man
Common Manhas a song calledGrey Area
Grey Areahas a song calledIon
Ionhas a song calledStamina
Staminahas a song calledBorn Against
Born Againsthas a song calledShroud
SHROUDhas a song calledImpending Dread
Impending Dreadhas a song calledSoul Control
Soul Controlhas a song calledRuiner
Ruinerhas a song calledLockjaw
Lockjawhas a song calledGolden State
Golden Statehas a song calledThe Outsiders
The Outsidershas a song calledFreeway
Freewayhas a song calledEverlast
Everlasthas a song calledWhitey
Whiteyhas a song calledTantrum
Tantrumhas a song calledSoil
SOiLhas a song calledForever Dead
Forever Deadhas a song calledSummoning
Summoninghas a song calledLugburz
Lugburzhas a song calledUruk-Hai
Uruk-Haihas a song calledCirith Ungol
Cirith Ungolhas a song calledAtom Smasher
Atomsmasherhas a song calledGilgamesh
Gilgameshhas a song calledEndo
Endohas a song calledPenicillin
PENICILLINhas a song calledKARA
KARAhas a song calledMister
Misterhas a song calledBelmondo
Belmondohas a song calledJ
Jhas a song calledICONOCLASM
Iconoclasmhas a song calledWolfpack
Wolfpackhas a song calledBastards
Bastardshas a song calledBo Diddley
Bo Diddleyhas a song calledDo the Robot
Do the Robothas a song calledCooper
Cooperhas a song calledRain Man
rainmanhas a song calledFreq
Freqhas a song calledSubmerse
Submersehas a song calledCluster
Clusterhas a song calledRotor
RotoRhas a song calledTransporter
Transporterhas a song calledFrequent Flyer
Frequent Flyerhas a song calledFancy
Fancyhas a song calledMoodswings
Moodswingshas a song calledThe Path Of Least Resistance
the path of least resistancehas a song calledInterstate
Interstatehas a song calledHuman Beings
Human Beingshas a song calledCurrents
Currentshas a song calledCloud
Cloudhas a song calledThe Grid
The Gridhas a song calledInstrument
Instrumenthas a song calledSunday Best
Sunday Besthas a song calledImperial
Imperialhas a song calledWith Blood Comes Cleansing
With Blood Comes Cleansinghas a song calledEternal Reign
Eternal Reignhas a song calledStill Remains
Still Remainshas a song calledHead Like a Hole
Head Like a Holehas a song calledKeith
Keithhas a song calledLucid
Lucidhas a song calledUnsouled
Unsouledhas a song calledToy
TOYhas a song calledOmni
OMNIhas a song calledPaint by Numbers
Paint By Numbershas a song calledLong Weekend
Long Weekendhas a song calledSummit
Summithas a song calledShankar
Shankarhas a song calledAdagio
Adagiohas a song calledSecond Sight
Second Sighthas a song calledTabla Rasa
Tabla Rasahas a song calledHeyday
Heydayhas a song calledUR
Urhas a song calledSofia
Sofiahas a song calledSearch & Destroy
Search & Destroyhas a song calledMadonna
Madonnahas a song calledIsaac
Isaachas a song calledEnjambre
Enjambrehas a song calledViceversa
Vice Versahas a song calledRiot Squad
Riot Squadhas a song calledCry Cry Cry
Cry Cry Cryhas a song calledThe Kid
The Kidhas a song calledPortion Control
Portion Controlhas a song calledSurge
Surgehas a song calledCold Air
Coldairhas a song calledPersephone
Persephonehas a song calledImmersion
Immersionhas a song calledSea Level
Sea Levelhas a song calledWild Side
Wildsidehas a song calledHair of the Dog
Hair of the Doghas a song calledMonto
Montohas a song calledPot Luck
Potluckhas a song calledMaintain
Maintainhas a song calledArsonists
Arsonistshas a song calledBlacklisted
Blacklistedhas a song calledCircuit Breaker
Circuit Breakerhas a song calledPing
Pinghas a song calledBee
Beehas a song calledCommodore 64
Commodore 64has a song calledAmphibious Assault
Amphibious Assaulthas a song calledSynergy
Synergyhas a song calledRedstone
Redstonehas a song calledThe Sword
The Swordhas a song calledApocryphon
Apocryphonhas a song calledSynaesthesia
Synaesthesiahas a song calledEntropy
Entropyhas a song calledPedro
Pedrohas a song calledLung
Lunghas a song calledSub
Subhas a song calledNautilus
Nautilushas a song calledNine Miles
NINE MILEShas a song calledA perfect circle
A Perfect Circlehas a song calledThe Outsider
The Outsiderhas a song calledLack of Afro
Lack of Afrohas a song calledRusty
Rustyhas a song calledTar Water
Tarwaterhas a song calledTesla
Teslahas a song calledJust in Case
Justincasehas a song calledShrapnel
Shrapnelhas a song calledNuclear Warfare
Nuclear Warfarehas a song calledKill
Killhas a song calledMorbid Curse
Morbid Cursehas a song calledPanic Room
Panic Roomhas a song calledNocturnal
Nocturnalhas a song calledSlaughter Command
Slaughter Commandhas a song calledInterceptor
Interceptorhas a song calledLegion of Death
Legion of Deathhas a song calledLeatherface
Leatherfacehas a song calledCracks
Crackshas a song calledSodom
Sodomhas a song calledDeathlike Silence
Deathlike Silencehas a song calledThe Trees
The Treeshas a song calledForest Fire
Forest Firehas a song calledPassengers
Passengershas a song calledSlug
Slughas a song calledAversion
Aversionhas a song calledHung
Hunghas a song calledEos
EoShas a song calledReign of Lies
Reign of Lieshas a song calledDMT
DMThas a song calledBeat Hackers
Beat Hackershas a song calledSystem Error
System Errorhas a song calledBlowfish
Blowfishhas a song calledScope
Scopehas a song calledKaoz
Kaozhas a song calledPia
Piahas a song calledShyam
Shyamhas a song calledShakti
Shaktihas a song calledIsis
Isishas a song calledOchre
Ochrehas a song calledInvolution
Involutionhas a song calledCoin
COINhas a song calledAtlas
Atlashas a song calledRhode Island
Rhode Islandhas a song calledThird Person
Third Personhas a song calledOptic Nerve
Optic Nervehas a song calledReplica
Replicahas a song calledFear Factory
Fear Factoryhas a song calledContagion
Contagionhas a song calledDivinity
Divinityhas a song calledPlasma
Plasmahas a song calledRestricted Area
Restricted Areahas a song calledSummer's End
Summer's Endhas a song calledHeadwound
Headwoundhas a song calledSloppy Seconds
Sloppy Secondshas a song calledJerry's Kids
Jerry's Kidshas a song calledTired Eyes
TiredEyeshas a song calledOrbital
Orbitalhas a song calledTransient
transienthas a song calledDirect
Directhas a song calledSaga
Sagahas a song calledGiant
Gianthas a song calledBadness
Badnesshas a song calledRude Kid
Rude Kidhas a song calledAftershave
After Shavehas a song calledHim
HiMhas a song calledLaw
Lawhas a song calledIncineration
Incinerationhas a song calledReduced To Ash
Reduced to Ashhas a song calledDeath Row
Deathrowhas a song calledBureaucrazy
Bureau Crazyhas a song calledSpooky
Spookyhas a song calledTungsten
Tungstenhas a song calledA
Ahas a song calledDescender
Descenderhas a song calledDesecrator
Desecratorhas a song calledKilling Joke
Killing Jokehas a song calledIn Excelsis
In Excelsishas a song calledMilitia
Militiahas a song calledReveille
Reveillehas a song calledBleed the Sky
Bleed the Skyhas a song calledMinion
Minionhas a song calledDopamine
Dopaminehas a song calledSpunk
SPUNKhas a song calledStrøm
strømhas a song calledDoldrums
Doldrumshas a song calledEgypt
Egypthas a song calledGreenland
Greenlandhas a song calledCaptain Jack
Captain Jackhas a song calledMusic Instructor
Music Instructorhas a song calledBreakdance
Breakdancehas a song calledSlave Unit
Slave Unithas a song calledMold
Moldhas a song calledDysonans
Dysonanshas a song calledProfanation
Profanationhas a song calledConsequence
Consequencehas a song calledShort Lived
Shortlivedhas a song calledMindrot
Mindrothas a song calledClemency
Clemencyhas a song calledVital Signs
Vital Signshas a song calledBazaar
Bazaarhas a song calledSwan Lake
Swan Lakehas a song calledPaper Lace
Paper Lacehas a song calledCelia
Celiahas a song calledSymbol
Symbolhas a song calledExchange
Exchangehas a song calledDune
Dunehas a song calledThe Nerve
The Nervehas a song calledIt Is
Itishas a song calledEggs
Eggshas a song calledCushion
Cushionhas a song calledCornerstone
Cornerstonehas a song calledMother of Mercy
Mother of Mercyhas a song calledUpper Hand
Upperhandhas a song calledBack to Zero
Back to Zerohas a song calledAbomination
Abominationhas a song calledJammer
Jammerhas a song calledMarxman
Marxmanhas a song calledAll About Eve
All About Evehas a song calledFreeze
Freezehas a song calledFractal
Fractalhas a song calledContinuum
Continuumhas a song calledNeurosis
Neurosishas a song calledEnemy of the Sun
Enemy of the Sunhas a song calledParadigm
Paradigmhas a song calledCobalt 60
Cobalt 60has a song calledRainbow Warrior
Rainbow Warriorhas a song calledAbakus
Abakushas a song calledCalifornia Sunshine
California Sunshinehas a song calledWhirlpool
Whirlpoolhas a song calledWindmill
Windmillhas a song calledMark
Markhas a song calledStephen
Stephenhas a song calledEarthrise
Earthrisehas a song calledTitan
Titanhas a song calledDamien
Damienhas a song calledStormwind
Stormwindhas a song calledDynasty
Dynastyhas a song calledWargasm
Wargasmhas a song calledTear Down
Teardownhas a song calledSwindle
Swindlehas a song calledAtomic
Atomichas a song calledRetrograde
Retrogradehas a song calledSerengeti
Serengetihas a song calledSun Tzu
Sun Tzuhas a song called108
108has a song calledWeapon
Weaponhas a song calledOlivia
OLIVIAhas a song calledWinter sleep
Wintersleephas a song calledOrca
Orcahas a song calledRaja
RAJAhas a song calledPumpkin Head
Pumpkinheadhas a song calledVigil
Vigilhas a song calledSecret cinema
Secret Cinemahas a song calledVolt
Volthas a song calledGreen on Red
Green on Redhas a song calledClarkesville
Clarkesvillehas a song calledMoonflowers
Moonflowershas a song calledGoldbug
Goldbughas a song calledAsteroid
Asteroidhas a song calledAnagram
Anagramhas a song calledProbe
Probehas a song calledMicroscopic
Microscopichas a song calledWest On
Westonhas a song calledLiz Phair
Liz Phairhas a song calledHello Sailor
Hello Sailorhas a song calledPassion Play
Passion Playhas a song calledThe Missing Link
The Missing Linkhas a song calledMike
Mikehas a song calledOokla The Mok
Ookla the Mokhas a song calledBeneath
Beneathhas a song calledHeretics
Hereticshas a song calledObscurity
Obscurityhas a song calledMortal sin
Mortal Sinhas a song calledLebanon
Lebanonhas a song calledMegalith
Megalithhas a song calledDie Brücke
Die Brückehas a song calledEyes Like Knives
Eyes Like Kniveshas a song calledHigh Rise
High Risehas a song calledIkon
Ikonhas a song calledIndulgence
Indulgencehas a song calledThrenody
Threnodyhas a song calledDark Ages
Dark Ageshas a song calledHexenhaus
Hexenhaushas a song calledDejavoodoo
Deja Voodoohas a song calledRaised by Wolves
Raised by Wolveshas a song calledStraw Man
Strawmanhas a song calledBallast
Ballasthas a song calledFuse
Fusehas a song calledAlquimia
Alquimiahas a song calledSolar Quest
Solar Questhas a song calledOpposition
Oppositionhas a song calledAlternatives
Alter Nativeshas a song calledWig Wam
Wig Wamhas a song calledDSCHINGHIS KHAN
Dschinghis Khanhas a song calledThe Strangers
The Strangershas a song calledLeningrad
Leningradhas a song calledZenit
Zenithas a song calledPlacebo
Placebohas a song calledPure Morning
Pure Morninghas a song calledDinky
Dinkyhas a song calledWet Hair
Wet Hairhas a song calledTarantula
Tarantulahas a song calledThe Loved One
The Loved Onehas a song calledThe Loved Ones
The Loved Oneshas a song calledArsenic
Arsenichas a song calledConception
Conceptionhas a song calledSilver Shine
Silvershinehas a song calledNowadays
Nowadayshas a song calledThe Unexpected
The Unexpectedhas a song calledToo Strong
Too Stronghas a song calledAbaddon
Abaddonhas a song calledKoniec świata
Koniec Światahas a song calledList
Listhas a song calledSlot
Slothas a song calledVamp
Vamphas a song calledKomet
Komethas a song calledChrom
CHROMhas a song calledMorbid Mind
Morbid Mindhas a song calledAdam
Adamhas a song calledDom
Domhas a song calledFunkturm
Funkturmhas a song calledStrata
Stratahas a song calledThe Brothers
The Brothershas a song calledSantiago
Santiagohas a song calledBosque
Bosquehas a song calledErasure
Erasurehas a song calledVitamin C
Vitamin Chas a song calledGirls Against Boys
Girls Against Boyshas a song calledClick Click
Click Clickhas a song calledElder
Elderhas a song calledThe Alchemist
The Alchemisthas a song calledUnder Siege
Under Siegehas a song calledThe Great Depression
The Great Depressionhas a song calledThe Baltic Sea
The Baltic Seahas a song calledThe Free Design
The Free Designhas a song calledChorale
Choralehas a song calledPlainsong
Plainsonghas a song calledSloth
Slothhas a song calledPez
Pezhas a song calledLa gota
La Gotahas a song calledTractor
Tractorhas a song calledJester
Jesterhas a song calledSolidarity
Solidarityhas a song calledBlack Uhuru
Black Uhuruhas a song calledNatural Mystic
Natural Mystichas a song calledTone
Tonehas a song calledLo
Lohas a song calledStatic Movement
Static Movementhas a song calledNouvelle Vague
Nouvelle Vaguehas a song calledPsyche
Psychehas a song calledRenegades
Renegadeshas a song calledBarking Dogs
Barking Dogshas a song calledNeue Generation
Neue Generationhas a song calledGlashaus
Glashaushas a song calledHerr
HERRhas a song calledCharlemagne
Charlemagnehas a song calledGreyhound
Greyhoundhas a song calledPulse Driver
Pulsedriverhas a song calledP.U.L.S.E.
P.U.L.S.E.has a song calledFolklore
Folklorehas a song calledThe Corrections
The Correctionshas a song calledBarcode
Barcodehas a song calledPussy Galore
Pussy Galorehas a song calledHandshake
Handshakehas a song calledLaika
Laikahas a song calledAlphabet Soup
Alphabet Souphas a song calledZone
ZONEhas a song calledBible
Biblehas a song calledJohn 5
John 5has a song calledHeretic's Fork
Heretic's Forkhas a song calledEater
Eaterhas a song calledHolland
hollAndhas a song calledEdit
edIThas a song calledLaundry
Laundryhas a song calledBlood Clot
Bloodclothas a song calledTurning Point
Turning Pointhas a song calledEstrella
Estrellahas a song calledKeepsake
Keepsakehas a song calledSpace Bound
Spaceboundhas a song calledCracker
Crackerhas a song calledSweet Potato
Sweet Potatohas a song calledWet Willie
Wet Williehas a song calledBaby Fat
Babyfathas a song calledSour Mash
Sourmashhas a song calledThe Blessing
The Blessinghas a song calledRazor's Edge
Razor's Edgehas a song calledThe Freeze
The Freezehas a song calledTerminal
Terminalhas a song calledBrand New Sin
Brand New Sinhas a song calledIce Man
Icemanhas a song calledGATE ZERO
Gate Zerohas a song calledLiving Room
Living Roomhas a song calledLiving Jazz
Living Jazzhas a song calledAlfie
Alfiehas a song calledAwesome
Awesomehas a song calledBeehive
Beehivehas a song calledChemotherapy
Chemotherapyhas a song calledSuicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencieshas a song calledInfectious Grooves
Infectious Grooveshas a song calledThanx but No Thanx
Thanx But No Thanxhas a song calledDamaged
Damagedhas a song calledDreggs
Dr Eggshas a song calledBoost
Boosthas a song calledThe Insane
The Insanehas a song calledBad Brains
Bad Brainshas a song calledRally
Rallyhas a song calledFs
FShas a song calledYup
YUPhas a song calledNero
Nerohas a song calledCondor
Condorhas a song calledSonora
Sonorahas a song calledTierra Santa
Tierra Santahas a song calledApocalipsis
Apocalipsishas a song calledJihad
Jihadhas a song calledSpectre
Spectrehas a song calledEndgames
Endgameshas a song calledStare
Starehas a song calledBell, Book & Candle
Bell, Book & Candlehas a song calledSilversun
Silver Sunhas a song calledImmediate
Immediatehas a song calledMercurial
Mercurialhas a song calledTwile
Twilehas a song calledChiaroscuro
Chiaroscurohas a song calledHertz
Hertzhas a song calledBreaker
Breakerhas a song calledPunto final
Punto Finalhas a song calledSuperego
Superegohas a song calledThe Wicked
The Wickedhas a song calledMaster Pain
Master Painhas a song calledDance or Die
Dance or Diehas a song calledReplicant
Replicanthas a song calledOvercast
Overcasthas a song calledLoom
Loomhas a song calledP
Phas a song calledMichael Stipe
Michael Stipehas a song calledMaps and Legends
Maps And Legendshas a song calledArrows
Arrowshas a song calledMoths
Mothshas a song calledDusty
Dustyhas a song calledTap Tap
Tap Taphas a song calledCodeine
Codeinehas a song calledW
Whas a song calledHolmes
Holmeshas a song calledTrue Lies
True Lieshas a song calledCreamy
Creamyhas a song calledJamaica
Jamaicahas a song calledGentleman
Gentlemanhas a song calledEmpress
Empresshas a song calledKobe
Kobehas a song calledPrimary
Primaryhas a song calledCUBE
Cubehas a song calledOblique
Obliquehas a song calledPopular
popularhas a song calledAsturias
Asturiashas a song calledPilgrimage
Pilgrimagehas a song calledBad Apple
Bad Applehas a song calledSlapshot
Slapshothas a song calledBlameless
Blamelesshas a song calledPlatform
Platformhas a song calledAxis
Axishas a song calledEuphony
Euphonyhas a song calledCarte Blanche
Carte Blanchehas a song calledThe Molecules
The Moleculeshas a song calledCatheter
Catheterhas a song calledChad
Chadhas a song calledArtifacts
Artifactshas a song calledSticks & Stones
Sticks & Stoneshas a song calledSpider Bait
Spiderbaithas a song calledGet Bent
Get Benthas a song calledSleeping Bag
Sleeping Baghas a song calledSlime
Slimehas a song calledA.C.A.B.
A.C.A.B.has a song calledWaffen SS
Waffen SShas a song calledIch Hatt' Einen Kameraden
Ich Hatt' Einen Kameradenhas a song calledThe Western Front
The Western Fronthas a song calledClementine
Clementinehas a song calledTracker
Trackerhas a song calledBlender
Blenderhas a song calledPoint
Pointhas a song calledData
Datahas a song calledCuckooland
Cuckoolandhas a song calledTroublemakers
Troublemakershas a song calledMoloko
Molokohas a song calledRadio Moscow
Radio Moscowhas a song calledDeep Down Below
Deep Down Belowhas a song calledRMB
RMBhas a song calledBrutality
Brutalityhas a song calledEsoteric
Esoterichas a song calledCipher
Cipherhas a song calledChance
Chancehas a song calledIlona
Ilonahas a song calledPojat
Pojathas a song calledMari
Marihas a song calledYawn
Yawnhas a song calledMidnite
Midnitehas a song calledHieroglyphics
Hieroglyphicshas a song calledOpio
Opiohas a song calledAMP
Amphas a song calledNon
NONhas a song calledAbraxas
Abraxashas a song calledTarot
Tarothas a song calledJanka
Jankahas a song calledPunkt
Punkthas a song calledMap
MAPhas a song calledIl était une fois
Il était une foishas a song calledTéléphone
Téléphonehas a song calledFlipper
Flipperhas a song calledLove Canal
Love Canalhas a song calledElevator to Hell
Elevator to Hellhas a song calledMercyful Fate
Mercyful Fatehas a song calledLast Rites
Last Riteshas a song calledResolution
Resolutionhas a song calledTreatment
Treatmenthas a song calledDesigner
Designerhas a song calledVandal
Vandalhas a song calledSky Scrapers
Skyscrapershas a song calledRadio Show
Radioshowhas a song calledPromenade
Promenadehas a song calledJon
JONhas a song calledFifi
Fifihas a song calledSinkhole
Sinkholehas a song calledShinola
Shinolahas a song calledMystery Machine
Mystery Machinehas a song calledPothead
Potheadhas a song calledTroop
Troophas a song calledHot Water
Hot Waterhas a song calledNaïve
Naïvehas a song calledIrene
Irenehas a song calledCold Feet
COLDFEEThas a song calledMercy Me
MercyMehas a song calledMy Glorious
My Glorioushas a song calledHorse
Horsehas a song calledBronco
Broncohas a song calledOro
OROhas a song calledHem
Hemhas a song calledHorsey
Horseyhas a song calledUnderbelly
Underbellyhas a song calledMarble Orchard
Marble Orchardhas a song calledSomething Happens
Something Happenshas a song calledCrow
Crowhas a song calledCage
Cagehas a song calledRadiohead
Radioheadhas a song calledMaquiladora
Maquiladorahas a song calledAvon
Avonhas a song calledContour
Contourhas a song calledCinemascope
Cinemascopehas a song calledExotica
Exoticahas a song calledGovinda
Govindahas a song calledCeltica
Celticahas a song calledSpacecat
Space Cathas a song calledC4
C4has a song calledBellissima
Bellissimahas a song calledDJ Quicksilver
DJ Quicksilverhas a song calledOhm
Ohmhas a song calledDavinci
Da Vincihas a song calledCorina
Corinahas a song calledNoi doi
NoiDoihas a song calledOctave
Octavehas a song calledGamma
Gammahas a song calledKatanga
Katangahas a song calledLemuria
Lemuriahas a song calledDogs
Dogshas a song calledCandy Cane
Candy Canehas a song calledAudio
Audiohas a song calledRecon
Reconhas a song calledGraves
Graveshas a song calledCasket
Caskethas a song calledBlack Mountain
Black Mountainhas a song calledLucy Brown
Lucy Brownhas a song calledBig Sleep
Big Sleephas a song calledMilkman
Milkmanhas a song calledCrusher
Crusherhas a song calledCorporal Punishment
Corporal Punishmenthas a song calledDead Skin
Deadskinhas a song calledCorrosion
Corrosionhas a song calledSinister Dexter
Sinister Dexterhas a song calledBetter Left Unsaid
Better Left Unsaidhas a song calledMarla
Marlahas a song calledDelicatessen
Delicatessenhas a song calledChomsky
Chomskyhas a song calledDoves
Doveshas a song calledCrunch
Crunchhas a song calledDevo
DeVohas a song calledStJarna
Stjarnahas a song calledEvocation
Evocationhas a song calledThe Dead
The Deadhas a song calledSlipknot
Slipknothas a song calledSnuff
Snuffhas a song calledSalad
Saladhas a song calledKent
Kenthas a song calledPetroleum
Petroleumhas a song calledEmerge
Emergehas a song calledFischerspooner
Fischerspoonerhas a song calledTristan
Tristanhas a song calledKraftwerk
Kraftwerkhas a song calledUran
Uranhas a song calledMeatpuppets
Meat Puppetshas a song calledFruit
Fruithas a song calledOne Fine Day
One Fine Dayhas a song calledUncrowned
Uncrownedhas a song calledHeadstones
Headstoneshas a song calledNerve
Nervehas a song calledNihil
nihilhas a song calledless
lesshas a song calledTar
Tarhas a song calledDean Martin
Dean Martinhas a song calledSanta Lucia
Santa Luciahas a song calledMato
MATOhas a song calledGeneration Dub
Generation Dubhas a song calledMars Attacks
Mars Attackshas a song calledLush
Lushhas a song calledThoughtforms
Thought Formshas a song calledSans Soleil
Sans Soleilhas a song calledMoulinex
Moulinexhas a song calledChocolat
Chocolathas a song calledGabrielle
Gabriellehas a song calledZen Garden
Zen Gardenhas a song calledSundance
Sundancehas a song calledSet It Straight
Set It Straighthas a song calledInjustice
Injusticehas a song calledThe Servant
The Servanthas a song calledBody
Bodyhas a song calledDischarge
Dischargehas a song calledDecontrol
Decontrolhas a song calledManufacture
Manufacturehas a song calledTerrorvision
Terrorvisionhas a song calledSchizo
Schizohas a song calledPsycho Terror
Psychoterrorhas a song calledU.S. Bombs
U.S. Bombshas a song calledRockets
Rocketshas a song calledProphecy
Prophecyhas a song calledLiquid Soul
Liquid Soulhas a song calledMercedes
Mercedeshas a song calledJunkyard
Junk Yardhas a song calledExistens Minimum
Existensminimumhas a song calledThe Knees
The Kneeshas a song calledArnold
Arnoldhas a song calledChouchou
Chouchouhas a song calledeterna
Eternahas a song calledResgate
Resgatehas a song calledPríncipe
Príncipehas a song calledCasual
Casualhas a song calledT.
T.has a song calledPostman
Postmanhas a song calledCocktail
Cocktailhas a song calledSha Na Na
Sha Na Nahas a song calledMonster Mash
Monster Mashhas a song calledBleeding Eyes
Bleeding Eyeshas a song calledBarrage
Barragehas a song calledSugar Plum Fairies
Sugarplum Fairieshas a song calledSome Girl
Somegirlhas a song calledDefeatist
Defeatisthas a song calledFalter
Falterhas a song calledCave In
Cave Inhas a song calledFlypaper
Flypaperhas a song calledShepherd
Shepherdhas a song calledHarm
Harmhas a song calledAggression
Aggressionhas a song calledDemolition
Demolitionhas a song calledGirl Trouble
Girl Troublehas a song calledHomework
Homeworkhas a song calledIdlewild
Idlewildhas a song calledLowlights
Lowlightshas a song calledGare Du Nord
Gare du Nordhas a song calledWarm Weather
Warm Weatherhas a song calledPieces of a Dream
Pieces of a Dreamhas a song calledNo Assembly Required
No Assembly Requiredhas a song calledRussia
Russiahas a song calledHora
Horahas a song calledSPINAL CORD
Spinal Cordhas a song calledRamirez
Ramirezhas a song calledBomba
Bombahas a song calledTurtlehead
Turtleheadhas a song calledBoyracer
Boyracerhas a song calledAngle
anglehas a song calledDebaser
Debaserhas a song calledBarb
BARBhas a song calledLeo
Leohas a song calledLake
LAKEhas a song calledRoger Miller
Roger Millerhas a song calledBurma Shave
Burma Shavehas a song calledBS1
BS1has a song calledNightwish
Nightwishhas a song calledNemo
Nemohas a song calledSpacemaker
Spacemakerhas a song calledSlack Jaw
Slackjawhas a song calledBeacon
Beaconhas a song calledOverseer
Overseerhas a song calledHeligoland
Heligolandhas a song calledRed Pocket
Red Pockethas a song calledHappy Family
Happy Familyhas a song calledTab
Tabhas a song calledBoozehounds
Boozehoundshas a song calledRazorback
Razorbackhas a song calledDiwata
Diwatahas a song calledMedicine Drum
Medicine Drumhas a song calledSkeleton Crew
Skeleton Crewhas a song calledAutomatic Pilot
Automatic Pilothas a song calledThe Dark Room
The Dark Roomhas a song calledOmaha
Omahahas a song calledKansas
Kansashas a song calledMagnum Opus
Magnum Opushas a song calledDarkness Eternal
Darkness Eternalhas a song calledDark Salvation
Dark Salvationhas a song calledNachtgeschrei
Nachtgeschreihas a song calledDer Reisende
Der Reisendehas a song calledSpice
Spicehas a song calledTwerk
Twerkhas a song calledOctet
Octethas a song calledDaddy Long Legs
Daddy Longlegshas a song calledNumber One Son
Number One Sonhas a song calledInsert
Inserthas a song calledZen
Zenhas a song calledMass
Masshas a song calledElephant Talk
Elephant Talkhas a song calledLittle Fish
Little Fishhas a song calledBang! Bang!
Bang! Bang!has a song calledSex Beat
Sexbeathas a song calledPump
Pumphas a song calledBrinkmanship
Brink Man Shiphas a song calledSts
STShas a song calledMittens
Mittenshas a song calledLeeway
Leewayhas a song called10 Years
10 Yearshas a song calledThe Recipe
The Recipehas a song calledPinwheel
Pinwheelhas a song calledOrgone
Orgonehas a song calledLone Ranger
Lone Rangerhas a song calledBurial
Burialhas a song calledNear Dark
Near Darkhas a song calledSamhain
Samhainhas a song calledMacabre
Macabrehas a song calledMary Bell
Mary Bellhas a song calledDelerium
Deleriumhas a song calledMythos
Mythoshas a song calledVenice
Venicehas a song calledThe Family Tree
The Family Treehas a song calledSideshow
Sideshowhas a song calledYouth of Today
Youth of Todayhas a song calledKeep It Up
Keep It Uphas a song calledHector
Hectorhas a song calledSyyskuu
Syyskuuhas a song calledSator
Satorhas a song calledTurnpike
Turnpikehas a song calledI Burn
I Burnhas a song calledPeril
Perilhas a song calledMichael Johnson
Michael Johnsonhas a song calledImogene
Imogenehas a song calledNoir
Noirhas a song calledAphrodite
Aphroditehas a song calledBeefcake
Beefcakehas a song calledLensflare
Lens Flarehas a song calledCanopy
Canopyhas a song calledMenhir
Menhirhas a song calledEinherjer
Einherjerhas a song calledNaglfar
Naglfarhas a song calledThe Monolith
The Monolithhas a song calledTrilogy
Trilogyhas a song calledThe Arch
The Archhas a song calledDonor
Donorhas a song calledPortal
Portalhas a song calledOptions
Optionshas a song calledBullshit
Bullshithas a song calledThe Gang
The Ganghas a song calledSuperheroes
Superheroeshas a song calledKarate
Karatehas a song calledBaby Teeth
Baby Teethhas a song calledSwim Team
Swim Teamhas a song calledChalk
Chalkhas a song calledMothra
Mothrahas a song calledBleen
Bleenhas a song calledTide
Tidehas a song calledMud
Mudhas a song calledMurmur
Murmurhas a song calledCut Throat
Cut Throathas a song calledVoivod
Voivodhas a song calledQuantum
Quantumhas a song calledOutrage
Outragehas a song calledReign
Reignhas a song calledCaligula
Caligulahas a song calledI.C.U.
I.C.U.has a song calledRadioactive
Radioactivehas a song calledLiquid
Liquidhas a song calledRothko
Rothkohas a song calledHarold Budd
Harold Buddhas a song calledChet
Chethas a song calledAllerseelen
Allerseelenhas a song calledHeimat
Heimathas a song calledKamp
Kamphas a song calledWeen
Weenhas a song calledNicole
Nicolehas a song calledNadja
Nadjahas a song calledAmniotic
Amniotichas a song calledElectric Sheep
Electric Sheephas a song calledThe Other
The Otherhas a song calledPigeon Hole
Pigeon Holehas a song calledLeonard Cohen
Leonard Cohenhas a song calledBird on the Wire
Bird on the Wirehas a song calledMidnight Society
Midnight Societyhas a song calledMystical
Mysticalhas a song calledGuitar
Guitarhas a song calledAkiko
akikohas a song calledManual
Manualhas a song calledPonderosa
Ponderosahas a song calledPenniless
Pennilesshas a song calledHail of Bullets
Hail of Bulletshas a song calledTobruk
Tobrukhas a song calledColette
Colettehas a song calledLA BIONDA
La Biondahas a song calledHigh Energy
High Energyhas a song calledLooney Tunes
Looney Tuneshas a song calledBass Hunter
Basshunterhas a song calledGPS
GPShas a song calledMilitary Man
Military Manhas a song calledScandal
SCANDALhas a song calledOrange Juice
Orange Juicehas a song calledBlue Boy
Blue Boyhas a song calledSub Dub
Sub Dubhas a song calledGuided By Voices
Guided by Voiceshas a song calledSmothered in Hugs
Smothered in Hugshas a song calledSugar Ray
Sugar Rayhas a song calledOurs
Ourshas a song calledBoxer
Boxerhas a song calledIrrlicht
Irrlichthas a song calledBilderbuch
Bilderbuchhas a song calledGeist
Geisthas a song calledApocalyptica
Apocalypticahas a song calledIncision
Incisionhas a song calledDownload
Downloadhas a song calledIms
IMShas a song calledAlerte rouge
Alerte Rougehas a song calledRodrigo
Rodrigohas a song calledLa trampa
La Trampahas a song calledPeligro
Peligrohas a song calledHellnation
Hellnationhas a song calledWomen
Womenhas a song calledFlashlights
Flashlightshas a song calledSleep In
Sleep Inhas a song calledSOLAS
Solashas a song calledErin
Erinhas a song calledPopeda
Popedahas a song calledKai
Kaihas a song calledD.I.
D.I.has a song calledAmoeba
Amoebahas a song calledOrigami
Origamihas a song calledRepeater
Repeaterhas a song calledLast Exit
Last Exithas a song calledLocomotive
Locomotivehas a song calledMr. G
Mr. Ghas a song calledHigh Spirits
High Spiritshas a song calledWanted Dead
Wanted Deadhas a song calledThe Bats
The Batshas a song calledNine Days
Nine Dayshas a song calledBob Dylan
Bob Dylanhas a song calledSilvio
Silviohas a song calledBus Driver
Busdriverhas a song calledShow of Hands
Show of Handshas a song calledDrake
Drakehas a song calledBedrock
Bedrockhas a song calledForge
Forgehas a song calledAzrael
Azraelhas a song calledShadowdancer
Shadow Dancerhas a song calledSecond City
Second Cityhas a song calledVD
VDhas a song calledArchive
Archivehas a song calledDarkroom
Darkroomhas a song calledVeranda
Verandahas a song calledFaun
Faunhas a song calledSieben
Siebenhas a song calledDaysend
Daysendhas a song calledMindless
Mindlesshas a song calledC2
C2has a song calledConnect
Connecthas a song calledKiki
Kikihas a song calledClassix Nouveaux
Classix Nouveauxhas a song calledThe Unloved
The Unlovedhas a song calledConniption
Conniptionhas a song calledTurmoil
Turmoilhas a song calledThe Locust
The Locusthas a song calledHead Hits Concrete
Head Hits Concretehas a song calledApparatus
Apparatushas a song calledTranscend
Transcendhas a song called2002
2002has a song calledKindred Spirit
Kindred Spirithas a song calledSiren Song
Sirensonghas a song calledSage
Sagehas a song calledDoll Factory
Doll Factoryhas a song calledLunch Box
Lunchboxhas a song calledSwordfish
Swordfishhas a song calledThe Vanishing
The Vanishinghas a song calledIdle Eyes
Idle Eyeshas a song calledTokyo Rose
Tokyo Rosehas a song calledWeapon of Choice
Weapon of Choicehas a song calledBlindside
Blindsidehas a song calledBorn
BORNhas a song calledGARBAGE
Garbagehas a song calledJohn Anderson
John Andersonhas a song calledThe Good
The Goodhas a song calledTen Years After
Ten Years Afterhas a song calledDetroit Diesel
Detroit Dieselhas a song calledSpeak No Evil
Speak No Evilhas a song calledFloor
Floorhas a song calledTwink
Twinkhas a song calledJackalope
Jackalopehas a song calledAnasazi
Anasazihas a song calledUnwound
Unwoundhas a song calledLaszlo
Laszlohas a song calledAs We Fall
Aswefallhas a song calledEx
Exhas a song calledZombi
Zombihas a song calledDigitalis
Digitalishas a song calledRapid Eye
Rapid Eyehas a song calledSanta Cruz
Santa Cruzhas a song calledYakuza
Yakuzahas a song calledDeluge
Delugehas a song calledAube
Aubehas a song calledVent
Venthas a song calledRemedy
Remedyhas a song calledWhiteboy
White Boyhas a song calledAura
Aurahas a song calledThe 5th Dimension
The 5th Dimensionhas a song calledDimension 5
Dimension 5has a song calledIntastella
Intastellahas a song calledFood
Foodhas a song calledMushroom
Mushroomhas a song calledElliott Smith
Elliott Smithhas a song calledStickman
Stickmanhas a song calledAnhedonia
Anhedoniahas a song calledBad Sector
Bad Sectorhas a song calledXela
Xelahas a song calledSpam
SPAMhas a song calledCalla
Callahas a song calledTelevise
Televisehas a song calledKoto
Kotohas a song calledVisitors
Visitorshas a song calledNous
Noushas a song calledCaliban
Calibanhas a song calledThe Revenge
The Revengehas a song calledCurtis
Curtishas a song calledUltravox
Ultravoxhas a song calledWide Boys
Wideboyshas a song calledArcade
Arcadehas a song calledSons and Daughters
Sons and Daughtershas a song calledJohnny Cash
Johnny Cashhas a song calledSixteen Tons
Sixteen Tonshas a song calledManifold
Manifoldhas a song calledTomahawk
Tomahawkhas a song calledTotem
Totemhas a song calledPacifico
Pacificohas a song calledLa fuga
La Fugahas a song calledMadrid
Madridhas a song calledQuick Space
Quickspacehas a song calledMelo
Melohas a song calledPryda
Prydahas a song calledNile
Nilehas a song calledRA
RAhas a song calledSpike
Spikehas a song calledBum
BUMhas a song calledMallory
Malloryhas a song calledDissident
Dissidenthas a song calledOneiroid Psychosis
Oneiroid Psychosishas a song calledCoalesce
Coalescehas a song calledSimulcast
Simulcasthas a song calledLove Drug
Lovedrughas a song calledSpiders
Spidershas a song calledStendec
Stendechas a song calledFeint
Feinthas a song calledSkyward
Skywardhas a song calledDie Happy
Die Happyhas a song calledRed Box
Red Boxhas a song calledSaskatchewan
Saskatchewanhas a song calledDreamboat
Dreamboathas a song calledWild Palms
Wild Palmshas a song calledCaretaker
Caretakerhas a song calledAmorph
Amorphhas a song calledPole
Polehas a song calledModul
Modulhas a song calledMegas
Megashas a song calledHjálmar
Hjálmarhas a song calledSpor
Sporhas a song calledKaori
Kaorihas a song calledCold Play
Coldplayhas a song calledScientist
Scientisthas a song calledRed Shift
Redshifthas a song calledVega
Vegahas a song calledWeiß
Weißhas a song calledMy Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentinehas a song calledLoomer
Loomerhas a song calledBolt
Bolthas a song calledVanilla
Vanillahas a song calledProxy
Proxyhas a song calledDecoy
Decoyhas a song calledThis City
This Cityhas a song calledRomantic
Romantichas a song calledTűzmadár
Tűzmadárhas a song calledCaesar
Caesarhas a song calledC.I.A.
C.I.A.has a song calledHazard
Hazardhas a song calledNena
Nenahas a song calledBloque
Bloquehas a song calledWet Paint
Wet Painthas a song calledLet's Go Bowling
Let's Go Bowlinghas a song calledMayhem
Mayhemhas a song calledDeep Blue
Deep Bluehas a song calledCoral
Coralhas a song calledSuperbus
Superbushas a song calledLe Loup
Le Louphas a song calledSherpa
Sherpahas a song calledTree
Treehas a song calledCemetary
Cemetaryhas a song calledOphidian
Ophidianhas a song calledChromosome
Chromosomehas a song calledScientifics
Scientificshas a song calledBaby Chaos
Baby Chaoshas a song calledSaliva
Salivahas a song calledLackluster
Lacklusterhas a song calledSprawl
Sprawlhas a song calledWilma
Wilmahas a song calledLumo
Lumohas a song calledAina
Ainahas a song calledFrom Head to Toe
Fromheadtotoehas a song calledGuest
Guesthas a song calledFelt
FELThas a song calledC.O.D.E
C.O.D.Ehas a song calledEQ
EQhas a song calledIvan
Ivanhas a song calledWWW
WWWhas a song calledLexicon
Lexiconhas a song calledDeal
Dealhas a song calledMaybe One Day
Maybe One Dayhas a song calledThe Creatures
The Creatureshas a song calledIce House
Icehousehas a song calledDesdemona
Desdemonahas a song calledIn Flames
In Flameshas a song calledMan Made God
Manmade Godhas a song calledPulp
Pulphas a song calledPTA
PTAhas a song calledCat's Eyes
Cat's Eyeshas a song calledObo
Obohas a song calledChing Ching
Ching Chinghas a song calledDirty South
Dirty Southhas a song calledMoebius
Moebiushas a song calledEtwas
Etwashas a song calledWieso
Wiesohas a song calledMellow Mark
Mellow Markhas a song calledHerbst
Herbsthas a song calledAufbruch
AufBruchhas a song calledKrieg
Krieghas a song calledAlarum
Alarumhas a song calledNatural Causes
Natural Causeshas a song calledSurveillance
Surveillancehas a song calledSwift
Swifthas a song calledCharger
Chargerhas a song calledNuance
Nuancehas a song calledTread
Treadhas a song calledThe Lads
The Ladshas a song calledThe Temptations
The Temptationshas a song calledMa
Mahas a song calledTilt
Tilthas a song calledTwelve
Twelvehas a song calledOrchid
Orchidhas a song calledTechnicolour
Technicolourhas a song calledMichael Jackson
Michael Jacksonhas a song calledXscape
Xscapehas a song calledCan't Hang
Can't Hanghas a song calledOne Drop
One Drophas a song calledLittle Black Dress
Little Black Dresshas a song calledRobin
Robinhas a song calledLost Boys
Lost Boyshas a song calledJFA
JFAhas a song calledNowhere Blossoms
Nowhere Blossomshas a song calledCharm
Charmhas a song calledSwiz
Swizhas a song calledParalysis
Paralysishas a song calledCrematorium
Crematoriumhas a song calledUnlearn
Unlearnhas a song calledEmerald City
Emerald Cityhas a song calledThe Advantage
The Advantagehas a song calledFinal Fantasy
Final Fantasyhas a song calledFurniture
Furniturehas a song calledEntrails
Entrailshas a song calledHuman Decay
Human Decayhas a song calledMaterial
Materialhas a song calledEquation
Equationhas a song calledPaper Bag
Paper Baghas a song calledThe Fat Lady Sings
The Fat Lady Singshas a song calledArclight
Arclighthas a song calledHolographic
Holographichas a song calledAeoliah
Aeoliahhas a song calledConsecration
Consecrationhas a song calledAimless
Aimlesshas a song calledJaws
Jawshas a song calledBrain Freeze
Brainfreezehas a song calledAlgebra
Algebrahas a song calledHalfway
Halfwayhas a song calledBig Wave
Big Wavehas a song calledGoldmine
Goldminehas a song calledTales
Taleshas a song calledGodfather
Godfatherhas a song calledJosey Wales
Josey Waleshas a song calledMaxine
Maxinehas a song calledCourage
Couragehas a song called3 A.M.