I just put up a new version of Pentris which makes the game less "Pentris" and more "Polytris" (but polytris is an even worse word than pentris). By that I mean, every polyomino of size less than or equal to 5 will be spat out at you.

As I had expected, this makes the game a lot easier (on this new version my first attempt resulted in a score of 37, my previous high score being 23). The thing that makes the game tricky is that one ends up with gaps that the pentominos are simply too large to fill. The smaller pieces, however, neatly fill up these gaps, allowing you to clear rows which would otherwise be unclaimable.

Of course, I still suck at it, but I figure at this point it may be too easy (and boring) with a fixed speed. Next features up are next shape preview, and levels.