I've enjoyed maintaining Pentris over the past few years since I first wrote it. It's fun and it has a small following; it gets played a couple thousand times a month, has a bit over 50 unique visitors every day, and has made me about $45 in advertising revenue in 3 years (yeah, I haven't been trying that hard on this front). The fact that people keep coming back to play keeps me coming back to improve it now and then, and recently I decided that it deserves its own domain.

I'm happy to announce that http://www.pentris.net is the now the official place to fulfill all your Pentris-related needs! It even has a cool new logo:

Previously, Pentris was hosted on hjfreyer.com, which ran on Google Sites. Sites is pretty acceptable for hosting a simple personal page, but unfortunately I couldn't stay on Sites if I wanted to make a smooth transition from hjfreyer.com/pentris to pentris.net (Sites doesn't let you do 301 redirects). I had to remake my site from scratch and host it elsewhere. I'm glad I did, though; I turned a bland site with four sparse pages into a single page which looks pretty nice. Compare the old with the new.

Eagle-eyed readers may notice that I completely ripped off the design of about.me (e.g.). I did so because it's a good design. Show me an artist who isn't a thief, and I'll show you a web programmer who isn't lazy.

Check out the new sites and let me know if either of them cause you any trouble.